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The currency market and the stock market fell, and the bitcoin that was suddenly sold out was caught up in the "oil war"?

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost Introduction: "The stock market plummeted" and "Bitcoin plummeted" have been listed on Weibo. Neither the stock market nor the currency market escaped the plunge. "We are entering a period of extreme turbulence and fear in the global market," said Hodlonaut, founder of the Lightning Torch. Since yesterday, the price of […]

Global assets under the "epidemic": BTC rose over 12% to become the best in the world

Analyst | Carol Production | PANews In the Spring Festival of 2020, the war against "epidemic" will begin nationwide. Affected by the new crown epidemic, the first day of the year of the rat opened, the Shanghai Composite Index opened 8.42% lower, the lowest record in nearly 23 years. As of the close of the […]

European Securities and Markets Authority to introduce digital currency legal framework to address growing cyber threats to retail customers

According to Finance Magnates, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced on January 9 that it intends to focus on the data security of the financial industry, especially the data security of encrypted assets. In the Strategic Direction 2020-2022, ESMA revealed plans to introduce a legal framework for digital currencies. (Source: Pixabay ) The […]

The official blockchain stock selection list is here! Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the first blockchain index in the two cities, the most beef stocks rose 310% during the year

Author: Huang Lingling Source: China Securities Journal The blockchain sector is welcome again. Earlier today, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the first blockchain index in the two cities, the Blockchain 50 Index. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Blockchain 50 Index is based on companies listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, whose business areas involve the upstream, […]

Encrypted currency reproduces madness: capital inflows, blockchain sector has risen 60% this year

On April 2, Bitcoin rose sharply in the short-term, and it rushed to the US$5,000 mark. The daily increase once expanded to 19%, which was a big increase of 800 US dollars from the low point of the day. This price also hit a new high since the end of November last year. Driven by […]