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QKL123 market analysis | USDT this thunder, will become black swan? (1106)

Abstract: In a short period of time, Bitcoin has a slight correction, but the market has rebounded slightly. The altcoin has performed strongly. Recently, there have been articles about the USDT manipulation market, and investors do not have to worry too much. Another two industries have good news today, and may be fermented in a […]

Who is the "golden master" behind the Bitcoin developer? Read the history of bitcoin development funding in a text

In this article, we explore the importance of funding open source development, existing funding mechanisms, and the trade-offs they bring. We apply the research results to Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency field. We analyzed how the past bitcoin development was funded and how it might develop in the future. Modern digital infrastructure basically runs on […]

Ethereum encounters a "happy honey pot", DeFi may help it never split again

Whether the inertia of Ethereum and the accompanying accumulation of DeFi applications make it “indivisible”, for example, even if Ether Square (ETC) and Ethereum (ETC) reappeared Will the differences not split? Image source: Two researchers believe that this is possible. This is the position of Dragonfly Capital's Leland Lee and Haseeb Qureshi, who published a […]

Hu Zhenping, Unicom Institute of Internet of Things: New Development of Internet of Things + Blockchain

Source: Universal Blockchain Editor's Note: The original title is "[The 10th phase of the Wanxiang Block Chain Hive Academy] Hu Zhenping: The New Development of the Internet of Things + Blockchain" This article is Hu Zhenping, General Manager of Consumer Application Development Department of Unicom Internet of Things Research Institute, at the 10th (October 25th) […]

Hodling VS DeFi: What is the best posture for investment?

Written in the front: This article is a analysis of the benefits of Compound, Uniswap Pools, TokenSets, and simply holding Ethereum and Bitcoin. The author of this article is ZFion CEO Evgeny Yurtaev for DeFi, so there may be conflicts of interest when analyzing and comparing the two benefits; in addition, the analysis of this […]

Libra has become a catalyst for the reform of the mothers? The central bank governor told the reality

The Governor of the Swedish Central Bank said that Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency Libra has become the driving force behind the reform of the global central bank, reflecting the digital age. Image source: “When the Libra suddenly appeared, it was a very important catalytic event, which forced us to seriously think about what we did,” said […]

The SEC issued a temporary restraining order to prevent Telegram from issuing Gram tokens

According to official sources from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency "takes urgent action and obtains a temporary restraining order" against two entities behind the first currency issue (ICO) of the news company Telegram's TON network, which identified Gram It is an unregistered security and cannot be sold to US investors. The […]

A paper on the role and advantages of Bitcoin in institutional portfolios

On Wednesday, investment management company VanEck released a report on the Investment Case for Bitcoin for investors. The report pointed out that Bitcoin, as a means of storing value, deserves a place in the institutional portfolio. In addition, Bitcoin has a “currency value” that has the potential to become a digital gold and can improve […]

Data Analysis: Do miners "manipulate" bitcoin prices?

The latest data shows that miners may be the driving force behind the large fluctuations in bitcoin prices. The miners had sold off before they bottomed out On October 11th, blockchain analysis firm Token Analyst released its latest analysis on social media, saying that miners selling bitcoin directly affected their price movements. This statement was […]

Viewpoint | DeFi era is coming, bitcoin dynasty will end

Former Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik said stable currency will push DeFi into the next era, but Bitcoin remains the most important cryptocurrency until then. Stabilizing coins and Layer 1 era Former Bitcoin core developer Jeff Garzik previously said that stable currency will push DeFi into the next era. “As far as products are concerned, […]