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Domestic block chain policy release intensive in January: 10 ministries and commissions of the central government issued 11 documents to support 12 places in government reports

Article | Interlink Pulse Institute Starting in 2020, there will be more obvious differences in domestic and foreign blockchain policies. Interlink pulse statistics. In January, the number of domestic policy information was as high as 35, and the focus was on support; while foreign policy information was 16 in total, focusing on supervision. At the […]

2019 Global Blockchain Policy Annual Report: China focuses on support, and the US mostly regulates

The blockchain has ushered in a more "sci-fi" year of 2020. Looking back at the development of blockchain in 2019, it is impossible to ignore the blockchain policy information published by various countries. Interchain Pulse counts more than 600 blockchain policy information from 82 countries, regions and international organizations worldwide in 2019. The policy information […]

Huangpu District 1 billion blockchain industry fund observation: 10 policy escorts have earned the "first barrel of gold"

Source: Daily Economic News, the original title "Blockchain from 0 to 1 breakthrough: 1 billion bullets on the road, "Whampoa Military Academy" entrepreneurs to dry up? 》 Every reporter, Ren Fei, edited by Xiao Yudong The news that the Huangpu District of Guangzhou City plans to set up a 1 billion blockchain industry fund has […]

Blockchain policy half-year inventory: 112 policy information, 75% support

More than half of it has passed in 2019. As a year of rapid development of the blockchain industry, both the enterprise and the government are in action. In order to make the blockchain develop rapidly and healthily, the government is supporting the application on the one hand and regulating illegal activities on the other. […]

Fuzhou introduced measures to accelerate the development of blockchain industry

Recently, Fuzhou City based on the development needs of the blockchain industry, issued the "three measures to accelerate the development of the blockchain industry." Support high-quality enterprises (institutions) to land. Blockchain enterprises or institutions settled in Fuzhou Software Park and Southeast Data Industry Park, renting office space and using it for their own use. Each […]