Huangpu District 1 billion blockchain industry fund observation: 10 policy escorts have earned the "first barrel of gold"

Source: Daily Economic News, the original title "Blockchain from 0 to 1 breakthrough: 1 billion bullets on the road, "Whampoa Military Academy" entrepreneurs to dry up?

Every reporter, Ren Fei, edited by Xiao Yudong

The news that the Huangpu District of Guangzhou City plans to set up a 1 billion blockchain industry fund has caused a lot of shock in the blockchain and investment community. The industry development pattern of “no-coin blockchain” in the region is deducting the domestic real economy and blockchain technology. A big game of deep integration.

The "winding" art under the Huangpu sample is in full swing. Relevant people said that the application scenarios based on data distributed management technology are increasingly diversified, and the actual requirements for landing can best match the dual requirements of "operation + technology". The opportunity to reach a capital express is the top priority for technology embedded research and localization.

"Whampoa Military Academy" 1 billion "ammunition" storm blockchain


Recently, more and more government researchers, enterprises and institutions leaders and entrepreneurs have been eyeing the Huangpu District of Guangzhou, where they have been escorted by 10 regional policies, 130,000 square meters of industrial incubation sites, and nearly 300 professional concentration centers. attract. In the eyes of many people, this is already the “Whampoa Military Academy” that develops blockchain technology and industry in China.

From scratch, from the blockchain to the currency-free blockchain, Huangpu District is exploring a new trend of blockchain technology to lead the development of the real economy. Relevant local policy guidelines, industrial support and financial support are indeed A microcosm of the development of domestic blockchain.

On October 30 this year, Guangzhou Huangpu District Industrial and Information Technology Bureau and Guangzhou Development Zone Economic and Information Technology Bureau jointly issued a notice on the implementation of certain measures for the accelerated transformation of blockchain industry in Huangpu District and Development Zone (below) Referred to as a notice). For the first time, the formulation of the blockchain industry fund was issued, and the establishment of a 1 billion-scale blockchain industry fund was encouraged to attract social capital agglomeration to form a capital supply effect, providing enterprises with multi-level services such as angel investment, equity investment and post-investment appreciation. "Multi-base + big fund" distributed financial ecosystem.

As an Guangzhou blockchain association involved in formulating policies and coordinating fund management issues in the future, relevant person in charge, Ning Liyan, said in an interview with the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that the organization of the state-owned enterprise-owned capital docking investment blockchain development in Guangzhou It was the first time, and it was the first in the country. “Although there have been 4 billion yuan of financial subsidies in the region and the follow-up of the 200 million subsidy policy 2.0 implementation rules, it is the first time to mobilize nearly 10 state-owned enterprises in the region to set up a special state-owned industrial development fund. ""

In addition, according to the notice, the enterprises that intend to be absorbed into the blockchain industry development in the region and apply for subsidies will be reset to the threshold of 2 million paid-in capital. Ning Li Yan said that this threshold is relatively low, and compared to other industries in the non-blockchain, the paid-in capital should be at least 10 million to 20 million to have the opportunity to apply for relevant subsidies.

It is reported that the financial subsidies do not conflict with the proposed 1 billion industrial funds, and the funds operate independently. This means that in addition to the opportunity for enterprises to get investment in industrial funds in the future, they can continue to enjoy financial subsidies for the development of blockchain industry in the region.

It can be seen that in the development of technology-driven industries and the transformation and upgrading of capital-assisted technologies, Huangpu District has produced real gold and silver. Ning Li Yan told reporters that although the specific implementation rules of the fund have not yet been introduced, it is expected to further advance this year. “Looking inside and outside the province, including Zhuhai, Foshan and Changsha are learning the 'Huangpu model', hoping to win the starting line of regional development, and Guangzhou is building the fashion capital of the blockchain.”

General's Dream: Entrepreneurs Explore the Art of "Chaining"


The soldiers and horses did not move, and the grain and grass first. If capital is regarded as one of the basic production materials for industrial development, then the unit that uses data to create value is the enterprise on the vertical chain, and the core is the entrepreneurial blockchain entrepreneur. In Huangpu, following the development of bio-pharmaceutical and information interconnection companies in the region for technology development and platform application has become a problem that most entrepreneurs are thinking about.

The core lies in how to “wind up”.

According to the statistics of the association, Huangpu District currently gathers nearly 300 blockchain enterprises. Among them, 104 companies have been identified by blockchain enterprises or institutions. Among the identified blockchain enterprises, the number of enterprises engaged in financial services, blockchain underlying technology research, Internet of Things, data services, and electronic depository application research is the largest, accounting for 12%, 11%, and 11% respectively. 8%, 7%, the total proportion is nearly 50%.

In the interview, the reporter learned that the most critical part of the development of the blockchain industry is to solve the encryption and the uplink. The equipment support and technical processes of the other links are basically the same as the existing network operation and maintenance technologies. To put it simply, the key to entrepreneurial entrepreneurship in the blockchain business is to find application scenarios with technical encryption requirements and hope to create opportunities for realisation.

And these jobs, the entrepreneurs in Huangpu District have begun to do, and some have already earned the "first bucket of gold."

Zhongyu Data is the technical support platform (company) of the Education Card Working Group of the Education Management Information Center of the Ministry of Education. It mainly deals with the storage and storage of credible data for primary and secondary school students. In 2016, it entered the Huangpu Development Zone in Guangzhou. In his interview with the reporter of "Daily Economic News", Wang Gang, a technical doctor of the company, talked about the essence of the current blockchain entrepreneurship.

"Different from traditional information Internet access, after the information is chained without special decoding, even the information itself is invisible. It is a globally acquainted and secure encryption measure." Wang Gang explained the results of the company to students. First-hand information such as files and files are encrypted and chained. The so-called encryption is authorized by the National Cryptographic Authority to transcode a set of "hash values" (which can be understood as password digests), and then can be stored or retrieved at multiple nodes (which can be understood as device terminals). Since the entire encryption process is not easy to tamper with, it can support the authenticity of the original information to the maximum extent, and thus perform random verification.

Wang Gang said that the control of the node is still similar to the IT operation and maintenance foundation under the support of “web server + database + software system”. "Only there is an encryption link in the rules of information storage, but based on this technology, some application scenarios can be commercialized and extended according to security requirements, resulting in economic benefits." He told reporters that the company is this year. Guangdong Province’s college entrance examination transcripts have been “trusted” data services, using blockchain technology. According to reports, because of the form of cooperation in procurement services through the education authorities, their scenario application has created real money.

Coincidentally, Digital Age Blockchain Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., which settled in Huangpu, applied technology to the artist's identification and traceability of his original works on the platform. Zheng Yangjin, the general manager of the company, said that due to the long history of the development of art, the verification method and the expert confirmation information are mixed, and it is easy for Zhang Li Li Dai to form false information. “Collecting the information on the rights of artists and artworks through blockchain technology in multimedia form, then encrypting the data and finally going to the blockchain platform.”

Zheng Yangjin told reporters that although the company is still in its infancy, he believes that based on the prospect of encryption commercialization, if the encryption of the right information is in the future, it is also a new type of revenue. “Currently, only the business model of 'e-commerce + blockchain + art sales', the company now has more than 300 artists on the platform, with a monthly turnover of over one million.”

It can be seen that the key to exploring the entrepreneurial model of the blockchain is to use the "winding up" trick to realize the transformation from "Whampoa recruits" to "generals." It is understood that in the past two years, many of the blockchain industries that have settled in Huangpu have already had mature products for marketing. "A lot of products are already on the line, the key is to be able to integrate the development of the park industry and market demand to embed the needs of the development of the real economy." Ning Liyan said.

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