Articles of SWIFT

I want to use the blockchain to innovate my SWIFT, but I still can't resist the subversion of the blockchain.

On July 19th, SWIFT announced the global test results of integrating SWIFT gpi Instant (cross-border instantaneous payment service) in Singapore's domestic instant payment service FAST. Among them, Australia pays the shortest time to Singapore, which takes only 13 seconds. But even with 13 seconds, SWIFT's interbank settlement system will eventually be replaced by the blockchain […]

Global cross-border remittances take only 13 seconds, SWIFT is not subversive, but to make yourself stronger

SWIFT, the security financial information service, announced the results of its global cross-border instant payment trial, which showed that the fastest payment in the trial took only 13 seconds. Image source: pixabay SWIFT's cross-border payment service SWIFT gpi instant and Singapore's domestic instant payment service Fast and Secure transfer (FAST) payment test showed that a […]

SWIFT will allow blockchain companies to use the GPI platform for real-time payments

According to Coindesk's June 25 report, global interbank communications giant SWIFT announced that it will allow blockchain companies to leverage their global payment innovation (GPI) platform for near real-time payments. (Source: Coindesk ) A report released by SWIFT last weekend said that it will "will soon enable gpi payments on a distributed account book technology […]

Visa responds to Ripple, SWIFT lays the gun

Following IBM World Wire, JP Morgan Chase's JPM currency entered the field of cross-border payments, Visa also announced that it will not clear and transfer through the agency. This will bring new shocks to Ripple, who has been focusing on cross-border payments. On June 11, the US commercial version of Visa B2B Connect was officially […]