Why should the development of the next generation blockchain platform be led by the community?

Foreword: Margaret J. Wheatley once said, “The attention and needs of the community are stronger than any transformative force.” The blockchain is the result of a joint effort. What is the difference between the next blockchain platform that will become the “star of tomorrow”? The author Vladislav Dramaliev, translated from the first class, will explain why community opinion is the key to the future and mainstream adoption of the blockchain.

People find problems, after in-depth discussions, and finally work together to solve it. Great sports are often opened like this. In the 10 years since the birth of Bitcoin, the most groundbreaking blockchain projects have also been mainstreamed through such a process.

The third-generation blockchain platform is designed to improve Bitcoin's innovative technology and make it more commercially attractive. However, they also face many challenges. Instead of relying on a single team, sacrificing decentralization, and facing phased failures, it is better to present the problem to the “think tank” community and solve these challenges in a “blockchain approach”. This makes community building an important part of the development of public blockchain projects, and a strong and active community will become an important transition tool for mainstream adoption.

Adapt and achieve adoption

The community is critical to the success of the project, from contributing inspiration to feedback experiences, from development practices to advocacy projects, and the community has never been as important as it is today. Everyone in the blockchain industry is looking for unique ways to achieve mainstream adoption of technology.

The first step to successful implementation of large-scale adoption is to adapt technology to people's needs and aspirations. This means being both scalable and user-friendly, creating unique incentives for users. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to attract a diverse range of global developers, UX/UI designers, entrepreneurs and users who can express their future to the public blockchain platform through tangible means—tokens, applications and code. Vision. Social media and digital content have become less important as a means of expression. In the world of blockchain technology creation, “expressing ideas with tokens, code, and applications” will be the default method of opinion support.

Blockchain 3.0 is designed to be sustainable, and adapting to existing technologies to meet the needs of a diverse community is a key first step.

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Community correctors

Encouraging community-led development can be a daunting task, but discovering and correcting problems with technology is absolutely necessary, and there are many ways to encourage community members to participate.

First, technology should be open to anyone interested in improving or creating technology. This is a must. An open source code base that is free to access but no one can understand is simply useless. In order to solve this problem, documentation, tutorials, and tutorials must be developed and kept up to date as they progress. Of course, you can also prepare and update in a collaborative way, with experienced community members and code development teams involved. Currently, Aeternity developers and application teams are fully community-driven and research the resource base.

Second, let the community interact with code and applications as often as possible, either through programming, application-related challenges, or online hackathons. The rewards may vary, but token rewards are usually the most popular. s Choice. Assigning tokens to community members who create value for the platform (such as improving efficiency, improving functionality, and increasing usability) is a great way to create a healthy community. Looking forward to the event held by Aeternity this year!

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Third, holding meetings and election ambassadors is the easiest and most effective way to promote blockchain projects, allowing users to be interested in the ideas and technologies behind the project. Members can also become communities by submitting ideas, code or any other kind of effort. a piece.

Finally, bounty is an important tool for creating communities in the digital world, from reporting/repairing vulnerabilities to creative contests and application inspiration. Bounty is often used as a token-based incentive to reward diverse global users. Participate in the community.

One of the basic ideas of Bitcoin and public blockchain projects is to clarify and test new approaches to consensus across the globe. After all, people in the world are constantly creating macro or micro values. The core of the technical mission is to empower these people, especially those who cannot fully realize their potential because of the concentration of wealth and power. If you want the blockchain to really make a difference, you must focus on those who make the most of technology, improve technology, and benefit from it.

New powers bring new responsibilities, and cryptocurrencies and tokens are also proving this. For users, some governance models are losing their appeal, year-round feedback/voting cycles, inefficiencies, corruption and lack of questions. Responsibility has been annoying. By providing modern tools, users can participate directly and in real-time in the governance process, ensuring that project development is guided by the community in a transparent manner.

Aeternity's governance mechanism is implemented by proxy voting and is weighted by the number of tokens held. It is a direct, fluid form of democracy that allows the community to comment on any relevant topic, including platform development. Members of the Aeternity community formally present their opinions using native tokens and simple mobile applications, which is the future of decentralized governance.

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Potentially fulfilled

In order for the blockchain to reach its full potential, it is necessary to inspire creativity in any way that can be thought of—ideas, visual creativity, programming, content and action. With the opening of 2019, we have also come to a key point in the development of blockchain: the widespread use of blockchain 3.0 core team can play a limited role, we need an active community. Powered by well-connected, collaborative, and creative systems that are relevant to project interests. To achieve this goal, documentation, guidelines and tutorials must be developed, along with award-winning activities and value creation activities. User-friendly governance tools can be installed on mobile applications, complemented by new communication tools that are anonymous, secure, and user-friendly.

The blockchain has been around for more than a decade, and some projects are already trying to push their solutions to the forefront and mainstream adoption. It is undeniable that these technologies have achieved great success. But as the dawn of the next generation of blockchains approaches, revolutionary ideas need more than just concepts. They also need community leaders to uphold the goals set on the blockchain technology ten years ago and ensure that they are In the next ten years, even in a shorter period of time, we will fully realize our potential.

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