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Learn about Utreexo, an improved MIT Bitcoin solution in 5 minutes

Write in front: Utreexo was proposed by Tadge Dryja, one of the authors of the Lightning Network (LN) paper. It is a hash accumulator scheme suitable for Bitcoin. At present, the scheme is mainly funded by the MIT digital currency program. The author of this article Calvin Kim is one of the active developers of […]

Technical Guide | How Do Digital Contracts Decentralize Ownership?

Author: Giacomo Zucco Translator: Tiandao Reward Source of this article: blockchain_camp In this article, we will explore the concept of currency based on the idea of ​​using digital puzzles as a way to reproduce scarcity, and based on supply control mechanisms to give digital currencies a certain degree of hardness. Proof of ownership through signatures […]

QKL123 Data Analysis | Bitcoin UTXO Age Distribution: Market Underground?

Abstract: The age distribution of Bitcoin UTXO hides the behavior of various market participants. The performance of different entities at the bottom or near the top of the market is very different, which has important reference significance for market cycle judgment. It can be speculated that if it were not for the recent global black […]

About 42% of Bitcoin has not had any on-chain transactions in the past 2 years, or has become an important driving force for the rise in the price of coins

According to Bitcoininisit's report on March 4, 42% of Bitcoins have not had any on-chain transactions for at least two years, the highest percentage since June 2017. (Image source: pixabay ) Is Bitcoin preparing for the big bull market? As of March 1, about 42% of bitcoin has not moved on the chain (that is, […]

Blockchain data analysis lets you see the counterparties

By analyzing the blockchain data set, we will have a better and clearer understanding of cryptocurrencies. (Image source: pxfuel ) Understanding counterparties is one of the arts of capital market trading. Investor composition for specific assets, such as demographics, trading activity, and even popularity data may be important indicators for predicting asset behavior. In traditional […]

Dry Goods | What is UTXO Merger?

Source: BixinInstitute , original title "UTXO Merger" By David A. Harding This article was originally compiled by the Coin Trust Research Institute, the original link: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, which only represents the author's own opinion, and does not represent the opinion or position of Cointrust or Cointrust […]

Bitcoin network UTXO reaches 64.5 million, continues to grow and hits record high

(Image source: pixabay ) According to a Bitcoinist report on January 3, the number of Bitcoin UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) continues to grow and hit a record high. Here are a few explanations of why it is growing: Reasons for UTXO growth Every Bitcoin transaction (input) generates UTXO (output), which redistributes the bitcoin of the […]

Broker giant TD Ameritrade supports, ErisX will open bitcoin futures trading at 10pm tonight

ErisX, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform supported by brokerage giant TD Ameritrade, plans to launch bitcoin futures trading today (10 PM, December 17, Beijing time). The New York-based company issued an announcement to investors and traders informing them about the futures offering. The details of the futures products provided so far are unclear, only knowing […]

Chip giant AMD joins blockchain game alliance to empower blockchain gaming

Cointelegraph reported on December 16 that American multinational IT company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance and has established two new partnerships to help advance blockchain technology Application in the industry. Image source: visualhunt A press release on December 12 revealed that the chip manufacturing giant is working with blockchain technology […]

Pan Chao: 4 Common Mistakes in DeFi Governance

Finishing: Ruby Source: DAOStep This time at DAOFest Shanghai, we were fortunate to have Pan Chao, the head of MakerDAO China, share his knowledge of Defi governance. He shared with us from a macro perspective the four false allegations of Defi governance in his eyes, many from practitioners. The viewpoints and speculations are of great […]