Market Analysis: Bitcoin faces the test of the 15th moving average of the sky, and the key points are coming!

[Yesterday market review]

Bitcoin 15 minutes

Yesterday, Bitcoin went down a wave of declines within the four-hour triangle shock range, and it seemed to be short-selling; but then pulled up to the upper pressure line and slowly turned it by the pressure line. Empty, began to fall.

From the point of view of maneuvering, it is a common trick used by large institutions to induce and seduce short-selling stops before this wave falls.

From a purely technical point of view, it is after the four-hour small triangle converging and oscillating, and then going back to measure the counter-pressure action of the uptrend line.

From the four-hour point of view, this wave of decline is to test the horizontal support of the 7500 below, probably to borrow again before the rise.

It can be seen that the 15-minute manipulation range can only be moved within the range of the four-hour chart, and the movement of the four-hour chart can only be limited to the range of the sky map.

This is like a dimensional strike in the "three-body" world. Invincible water droplets in the three-dimensional world can only be traversed in the three-dimensional world; once entering the four-dimensional space, invincible water droplets can also be cracked.

Then the short-term ups and downs can only be seen in a larger cycle to see more clearly! The bigger cycle is the process of thinking about the dimension, and seeing the three-dimensional world from the four dimensions!

[market analysis]

Bitcoin weekly chart

On the weekly chart, we are psychologically doing such an expectation: in the future period, it may be back to the area because of the impact of certain events; then this is a place for soldiers! If you don't have a chance, be prepared! Just like the 4200's support has not been tested! Be prepared in advance to be prepared! Remember one thing: never stud, always have the prepared strength to rush to the battlefield at key times and expand the results!

The most important thing about a good general is that at any time, you can be calm and unpredictable! If you are always suspicious, panic and confusion; it is possible to be a soldier, and ultimately defeated!

Bitcoin sky map

Looking at the sky map from the history, at the end of the convergence, I am always used to getting out of a Yinxian, causing dark clouds, the feeling of torrential rain!

But then God did not know how to rely on the 15 moving averages, one step back and three times, when you don't pay attention, rushing!

So this time? Will it repeat history?

A: I don't know! But we can do it a bit: don't short, don't guess! If you fall, look at it; once it appears in a similarly long form in history, follow up!

Bitcoin for four hours

Although the four-hour out of the short-term small convergence, but did not immediately break through, but first down the lower trend line and the 7500 level support, and the phenomenon that the moving average is about to die!

But the 7500 is an important short-term and long-term watershed. As long as it doesn't close below 7500 for four hours, then everything goes down to the illusion! The biggest possibility is to use the power of 7500 before going up, so that you can attack again!

The upper 8050 is an important pressure belt tested in the early stage. As long as the market climbs above the 8050 and closes above, the probability of going up more space will increase!

In summary, the technical focus of Bitcoin in the medium and long term is in the mid-term long-short watershed. The short-term sky chart 15 moving average and the 7500 level support the price of Bitcoin. It is possible to repeat the history first. Roots big Yinxian, then slowly turn to the bulls, and then go up the situation! "Missing shorts, waiting for the bulls, etc." is still the main idea!

The above is purely a personal point of view, not as an investment basis!

Article source: Tan Xue blockchain (public number)

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