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The queen of goods on the chain-the first live broadcast of the goods in the blockchain industry is coming, let us wait and see!

Carry the queen of goods on the chain to share good technology items. How big is the air outlet for live streaming? In addition to the head anchors such as Weiya and Li Jiaqi, there are also special scenes of Luo Yonghao and various tricks by little Zhu Peiqi. Live streaming has been hot, but […]

QKL123 Blockchain List | USDT market value jumped to fourth place, transaction popularity dropped significantly (March 2020)

The QKL123 blockchain ranking list includes seven lists of blockchain projects, trading platforms, blockchain public accounts, blockchain mining pools, blockchain mining machines, staking projects, and blockchain wallets. The latest monthly list is summarized in the following table: QKL123 Blockchain General List (March 2020) Source: QKL123 1. Ranking of blockchain projects Blockchain project circulation market value […]

15 million traffic support, 50% high dividends! Babbitt launches industry's first live Queen recruitment plan

Introduction of "Queen Carrying the Queen" "Chain" brings the queen of goods to share good science and technology. "The Queen with Cargo on the Chain" is a live broadcast with cargo created by Babbitt. The program invites the 10 most popular female KOLs in the blockchain industry as moderators to work with companies with both […]

HD Wallet Soul Check! Which wallets can stand the test?

— 作文 | Cobo Treasurer I believe that all students who have used the "decentralized wallet" are no strangers to mnemonic words . Whether it is a hardware wallet or a software wallet, there are two ways to create a wallet: Create mnemonics : The wallet randomly generates a set of mnemonics, and users need […]

Big households have begun to enter a new accumulation stage. Is the ETH rising signal coming?

Some of the largest Ethereum wallets are holding coins, which marks the beginning of a new accumulation phase. These stakeholders may try to avoid selling ETH until they pledge their assets into ETH 2.0. Source: Pixabay Seeing bullish signs from ETH accumulation At press time, Ethereum set its price at $ 232.07, avoiding the fate […]

Read an article about the cryptocurrency smart wallet ecological forerunner

As the starting point of large-scale application of blockchain, many wallets are adopting smart contracts and other technologies to lower the threshold for users to keep private keys. Aside from private keys and mnemonics, you need a smart wallet. Written by: Xiang Xiang Yao, Researcher MYKEY Peter Schiff, a well-known stockbroker who lost his bitcoin, […]

This is the basic ability to ensure that the cryptocurrency does not return to zero. Bitcoin also needs to be continuously improved.

Original: Five Fireball Leaders Source: Vernacular Blockchain Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin must continuously improve their security to face many challenges in future technological development. In the previous article "Can it be like a WeChat wallet? The important evolution direction of digital wallet technology in 2020 (Part 1) ", we introduced the breakthrough in ease of […]

It can be like micro-channel wallet? 2020 digital wallet technology important evolutionary direction

Remember the first time you touch digital currency, felt when you first use the wallet? I also vaguely remember the first time I saw Mnemonic page is rendered in front of feelings: "What on earth is this?" The hearts of big black question mark face. Later, finally found a piece of paper, put twelve inexplicable […]

What kind of development will the crypto world usher in in 2020? Talk about three low-key product trends

Editor's Note: The original title was "Three Low-Key Product Trends in the Crypto World" Foreword: The bear market in the crypto world continues, but the products in the crypto field have never stopped building. The most prominent in 2019 is the progress of DeFi. Compared with the beginning of the year, there has been great […]

New Credit Card SBC Wallet Cards Built-in Cryptocurrency Hot and Cold Wallets, SoftBank Card 3.0 Goes Live

According to a Bitcoinist report on December 2, Japanese telecom operator SoftBank partnered with American wallet card developer Dynamics to launch SBC Wallet Cards (SBC Wallet Cards, SoftBank Card Version 3.0) with a built-in blockchain wallet. (Source: Pixabay ) Higher security This card is both a typical credit card and a digital wallet. In addition […]