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People's Daily Commentary Blockchain: Breakthroughs in Overtaking

Source: People's Daily Author: Li Zheng During this time, the “blockchain” became a hot word of public opinion. In the 18th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “the blockchain is an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies” to “accelerate the development of blockchain […]

Market Analysis: BTC continues to maintain shock consolidation, lowering expectations

The market still maintains a narrow range of volatility, and everyone's mood has calmed down. For the time being, we have not seen any financial trends. I think everyone is waiting, so there is no good news, but I personally think that it is currently in the market. The location is very embarrassing, not in […]

Insurance faucet accelerates the blockchain

China Securities Journal reporter Dai Anqi Source: China Securities Journal A number of insurance companies recently told the China Securities Journal reporter that the application of blockchain in the insurance industry has reached out to various ports. A number of leading insurance companies have successively established blockchain insurance laboratories and invested tens of millions of […]

Bitcoin is inevitable in a battle: "quantum hegemony" between the real and the future

Source: Nuclear Finance, the original title "Bitcoin is inevitable" Author: Vincent In the office of Guomao, Ma Zhibo stepped on and walked around, looking excited. As a Ph.D. in astrophysics and a former financial derivatives investment expert at Goldman Sachs, he has been watching the movements across the ocean for more than a month. As […]

Shanghai Municipal People's Government Counselor: Transforming the real economy with blockchain technology and promoting deep integration between the two

Author: Shengsong Cheng (Shanghai Municipal People's Government counselor, CEIBS Professor of Economics and Finance) Source: Economic Times Editor's Note: The original title is "block chain with more serve the real economy." Blockchain technology has great potential for development and will be widely used in the future. However, for blockchain technology, the first important thing is […]

Viewpoint | The value of Ethereum as a payment platform

Author: Tyler Durden Translation & Proofreading: Min Min & A Jian Source: Ethereum fans In a previous article, I have pointed out the problems in these hot areas of payment. On the one hand, investors underestimated the subversive threat of stable currency in the field of financial technology, and on the other hand overestimated the […]

urgent! BitMEX "accidentally" leaked a large number of user email addresses, please replace them immediately

The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX forgot to use BCC when sending a collective email to the user, accidentally leaking all users' email addresses. The content of this email is the "Index Update Notification" email sent by BitMEX. Many Twitter users (including English, Japanese and other multilingual countries), as well as Xiaobian circle of friends have […]

Investor Perspectives | System, Order and Privacy Protection: Another Perspective on Blockchain

Author: Waterhouse Capital Partners Jiang pure Source: Dong Tu Xi Mo (Public Number) As the leaders of the country spoke at the learning meeting of the Central Political Bureau, the blockchain was in turmoil. But what is the use of the blockchain, and it seems that there is still a lot of controversy. As a […]

The private key is handed over to relatives and friends for safekeeping. Are you assured of such a deposit?

The San Francisco Blockchain Week witnessed the release of a number of new products, and Vault12 is one of them. This is a company that builds a “personal cryptocurrency security” solution that is supported by numerous investors, including Naval Ravikant, True Ventures and Winklevoss Capital. The company claims to be "the first personal cryptocurrency security […]

Introduction | DAI's Deformation Tour

Editor's Note: This article is about a series of financial products with DAIs in the Ethereum network that can be used as financial derivatives of the stable currency DAI. I think that this article can be used as a glimpse of DeFi's new products, or as an empirical study of Ethereum's "combinability." DeFi has reached […]