Competing for "5G+ blockchain"! The relevant person in charge of China's three major telecom operators confirmed to attend the World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen

The 5G and blockchain are the two most exciting technologies of 2019. As a new generation of mobile communication technology, 5G will open a new era of Internet of Everything; the blockchain will not only bring a new credit model to the telecommunications industry, but also make its digital services more competitive. The great potential and value of the combination of the two is increasingly prominent.

From November 8th to 9th, 2019, the second world blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt will be held in Wuzhen.

We invited relevant leaders or experts from China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, ZTE, and China Science and Technology University to discuss the topic of “ 5G+ blockchain ”.

Confirmed that the guests present are:

Guo Manxue China Mobile


Guo Manxue, Research Fellow, Institute of Business, China Mobile Research Institute. As one of the three major operators in China, China Mobile has a business presence in the fields of 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and edge computing. In July 2018, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom jointly led the establishment of the Trusted Blockchain Telecom Application Group, and Guo Manxue was elected as the joint leader. She is low-key and brave in innovation. What kind of "5G+ blockchain" will she bring to the Wuzhen Summit? let us wait and see!

Liang Wei China Telecom

5-Liang Wei

Liang Wei, Ph.D., Head of R&D of China Telecom Blockchain Business, Director of China Telecom Group Blockchain and Digital Economy Joint Lab, Director of 2025 Lab of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute. Liang Wei has profound and unique insights into 5G and blockchain. He is the author of “Introduction to Blockchain: Core Technology and Project Analysis”. He once said that "5G, blockchain and the Internet of Things have built an iron triangle that integrates technology. The development of each technology will boost the development of the other two."

Xue Yu China Unicom

1- Xue Yu

Xue Wei, senior engineer of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute . China Unicom has done a lot of useful exploration and practice in international standards in 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, edge computing, SDN/NFV, cloud computing, and Internet of Things. In January 2019, according to the statistics of authoritative organizations, China Unicom's blockchain patents reached 113, ranking sixth in the world, ranking second in China, and ranking first in central enterprises. Xue Yu has extensive experience in technology development and has published many papers on blockchains. I look forward to his sharing at the Wuzhen Summit!

Zheng Jinrong ZTE Corporation

3-Zheng Jinrong

Zheng Jinrong, Director of Blockchain Product Planning, Zhongxing District. In recent years, ZTE has applied blockchain technology to telecommunications, 5G+ Internet of Things, digital services and other fields. In May 2019, the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program Telecom Application Project Team officially released the world's first "White Paper on the Application of Blockchain Telecom Industry", which was led by three major operators. ZTE is one of the main authors. Upon completion, Zheng Jinrong is one of the main writing team members. I look forward to sharing Jinrong at the Wuzhen Summit!

Fang Zhaoben Zhongkeda

4-square megabyte

Fang Zhaoben, former member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Anhui Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, is currently the dean, professor and doctoral tutor of the School of Management of the Chinese University of Science and Technology. Professor Fang Zhaoben is the most senior of the round table guests. He received his Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986. His research interests include financial engineering and financial technology. He has published more than 70 representative articles in the fields of statistics, economy, insurance, financial technology, and financial engineering. He once said, "Some people dare to think that everyone knows that the Internet also knows www. Now that the hyperblockchain platform has been considered. The superblockchain platform is where all blockchains are brought together in one platform."

The conference has a total of 13 round tables in 6 sub-forums, covering classic topics such as exchanges, mining pools, investment, security, and supervision. It also includes hot topics such as Staking, DeFi, Libra, Web3, 5G, and privacy computing. The mysterious link of the new decade and fireside talks.

"The world is so new, everything has not yet been named", the tomorrow that leads to the blockchain will be one of you!

World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen official website:


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