Helping to save energy and reduce emissions, Ford uses blockchain technology to track car green mileage

According to Cointelegraph's October 16 report, Ford Motor Company is studying blockchain technology and global positioning systems to accurately track the "green mileage" of its energy-efficient cars.

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Ford uses blockchain technology to analyze the performance of energy-efficient cars

On October 15, Ford announced the expansion of its plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) pilot project in Europe to Cologne, Germany. The goal of the American automaker is to analyze the practical benefits of energy-efficient vehicles for the environment, commercial vehicle owners and operators.

The trial will also be conducted on the streets of London and Valencia to test the performance of nine Ford Transit custom plug-in hybrid vans and a Tourneo custom PHEV freight car in the real world.

By recording all the metadata on the blockchain, the car company wanted to optimize the environmental impact of its PHEV car. Ford European Director Mark Harvey said:

Ford is committed to introducing new, more environmentally friendly vehicles that help solve the transportation challenges facing our city. The plug-in hybrid vehicle test we conducted with our partners in Cologne is based on our electric vehicle project, which helps us achieve our goal of improving urban air quality.

In response to air quality challenges, ensuring that the most polluting vehicles do not enter the city, cities across Europe have introduced low-emission zones, and Ford hopes that this geolocation and blockchain technology pilot will help cities manage these areas. Gunnar Herrmann, chairman of Ford-Werke GmbH, said:

Our blockchain technology, tested in Cologne, provides safe, tamper-proof tracking and recording of vehicle emissions records, making it an ideal choice for PHEV drivers. The safety, trust and transparency of emissions data are critical to all stakeholders in this project and are key to our vision to achieve cleaner urban air.

Ford tests blockchain payments

Cointelegraph previously reported that Ford, BMW, General Motors, Renault and Honda will begin testing the blockchain identification and payment system for cars in the United States in November.

The collaboration of the five major automakers is aimed at testing vehicle identification systems developed under the Mobility Open Blockchain initiative. As part of the project, each car will be assigned a unique digital ID that is tied to the owner's identity, service history and wallet so that the car can automatically pay for it without the need for dedicated hardware.

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