Conflux founder Long Fan confirmed attending the World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen, he said to build a world computer beyond Ethereum

On November 8-9, 2019, the second blockchain conference hosted by Babbitt·Wuzhen will be held as scheduled. Conflux founder Long Fan confirmed attending the conference.

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Long Fan, who studied at the “Yao Ban” of Tsinghua University, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2017 and then as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada.

This year, Long Fan was invited to return to his alma mater to represent a cryptography class, which allowed him to discuss with Mr. Yao class about the scalability of the blockchain.

"Semi-national talents gather in Tsinghua University, and Tsinghua half of the talents are in Yaoban." This group of schoolmasters talked about high, and then experimented and verified, it is really feasible. In May 2018, they published the results of the discussion as a paper entitled " Expanding Nakamoto's Consensus to Thousands of Transactions Per Second." In the paper, the program can achieve a throughput of 6400 TPS, far exceeding Bitcoin (7). ) and Ethereum (20).

On paper, the final feeling was shallow. In July 2018, Longfan began to form a team to discuss financing. Sequoia China, Shun Capital, IMO Ventures and other Internet VCs. Turing Award winner, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yao Banzhi, founder of Yao Ban, is the chief scientist, Long Fan is the CEO, and Wu Ming is the CTO . In short, this academically-recognized team is extremely luxurious in the world of the public chain.

Long Fan once said that Conflux wants to be an open and secure world server belonging to China and facing the world . In a word, it goes beyond Ethereum.

Why do you say this? Conflux is a POW public chain. Based on the Nakamoto consensus, it proposes a scalable consensus algorithm based on DAG (Directed Acylic Graph) structure. Conflux can achieve high TPS without sacrificing decentralization and security. .

When the industry generally tried to reduce the number of nodes to improve throughput, Longfan chose to break through the technical limit from the consensus mechanism and touch the limit of the three corners of the impossible triangle.

According to Long Fan, the bottleneck of the Conflux system will no longer be the consensus mechanism, but the network itself. As long as the network is fast enough, system performance can continue to climb.

At Conflux's first anniversary celebration, it measured the transaction data of the first seven months of Ethereum in 25 minutes.

Long Fan did not say anything. He said that the current blockchain world is a casino, and ICO is a game of drumming and flowering. The reason is that the blockchain world and the real world are out of touch. " We want to take advantage of Conflux's higher throughput to connect the real world to the virtual world. "

According to Long Fan's vision, Conflux's data carrying capacity and decentralized oracle can truly graft the real world's low cost into the blockchain world. As a result, the road that Ethereum failed to achieve saw the dawn on Conflux. .

Long Fan said that we are in an important historical moment from the computer "centralized operating system" to the "decentralized distributed system" iteration.

Who is the real king of the public chain? In Wuzhen, you can listen to Longfan to talk about the blockchain technology. The Conflux team is known for its poisonous tongue roaring pseudo-blockchain. Are you also fighting with him in Wuzhen?

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The 2nd World Blockchain Conference· Wuzhen Countdown

On November 8-9, the 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen will be held as scheduled, with the theme of “Application Unbounded”. There are 6 major theme forums, and more than 50 well-known guests will be on stage. Internet giants such as Microsoft and BATJ have come, and blockchain projects such as Jianan Zhizhi and Chainlink have come. They will stage a wonderful speech.

The conference also has a large professional exhibition area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters, and many small gatherings brought by various partners. By then, Wuzhen is expected to welcome more than 4,000 guests.

2 days and 48 hours, Wuzhen, a millennium water town, this feast of air will be scattered out of the taste of the block chain, are you ready?

World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen official website (with registration link) : For business cooperation, please contact: [email protected]

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