Crypto Industry Watch | There is no guide to bear markets, success is not limited to the present

The nascent industry often follows this "rhyme"-from rising to falling, then from falling to rising, the cycle repeats until it reaches the peak stage, and this cycle will always go through three or more times. According to Eliot's research, the rise of things will always go through the three processes of underestimation, value discovery and bubbles. The Internet of that year went through these three processes, and today's blockchain is like the Internet of the year.

Talking about the blockchain is always inseparable from Bitcoin. By this year, Bitcoin has gone through 11 years, from the dark web to hacking to supervision, and even subsequent forks. Since the price high two years ago, every rise and fall of bitcoin has always affected the hearts of all investors in the currency industry, especially the astonishing number of declines. Beyond a small climax of the market at the end of November, the current market can only be said to fall: just one word, Bitcoin can be said several times. At present, the price of bitcoin is basically oscillating in the range of 7100-7300 US dollars, and the prices of other currencies are even more needless to say.

2019 is coming to an end, and it is getting closer to the halving of Bitcoin in 2021. Will the bull market brought by the halving predicted become a reality? We still cannot tell. But with more and more new blockchain companies joining, I believe it will definitely bring new changes to the blockchain industry. Many industry practitioners are convinced that spring will not be far away until the bear market turmoil has passed. However, the development of technology and market is always slow, and the myth of wealth creation is constantly attracting the hearts of many investors. While waiting for spring to come, two different forms of projects have begun to emerge in the blockchain industry:

The fame of this type of project is often accompanied by a continuous increase in prices over a short period of time. It is very magnificent to look at the rough, and to the ground with a lot of loopholes. The lavish white papers do not talk about project realization or a few sentences at all, and usually have a special book on price, promotion and fund allocation. Standing on the "northwest vent" of the blockchain, the whole day will be decentralized hanging on the lips or the most prominent place on the official website. When investors want to invest, the usual method is to circle them into a WeChat group, and "irrigate" them daily by shouting orders. When the leeks are full of people, the project party will leave, or leave a robot to respond. At this point, the day when the activist group rose. But even so, most investors are still happy to dedicate to this, and tirelessly hope to return.

And this kind of project, often during the bear market, often arrogant, spend a lot of money on publicity and promotion, until the money runs out, it is time to run. The path of the road basically follows the following three steps: first, the core members of the project party frequently leave; second, the project's paper news announced that the project will return to investors from now on, and its name is to implement community autonomy; finally, the project official website has There was no update in it, and it fell into a dead silence.

In contrast to the above-mentioned projects, there is another type of project where the bear market may perform mediocrely or occasionally swipe the screen. The team continues to work hard, the GitHub code is updated daily, but the currency price has not increased daily, and even Be sideways. Although there are some investors in the community who criticize the currency price, there are always diehard fans and project team members who are constantly working on this technology. Such project teams usually have the characteristics that they do not limit themselves to existing technologies, but actively seek technical solutions for landing scenarios. It will not only combine existing resources and use existing technology to splice the two to produce products, but also use its own research on technology to mine user scenarios to drive the true development of the industry and bring benefits to the progress of society. .

Such projects often do not go to the summit to participate in the summit. Compared to the way of horse races, preaching, road shows, and newsletters, they are more enthusiastic about focusing limited funds, resources and energy on the most important things. on. So, for the current blockchain, the most important thing is probably the large-scale landing of applications. How to achieve this? Only through the research and development of technology can the blockchain truly enter into life, and it is no longer just a loft built in the air. Although it is beautiful, it is crumbling, and eventually collapses and disappears.

In fact, we can observe through observation that the performance of these two forms of blockchain projects in the bear market is very different. Under such a bear market, speculative tactics of some project parties can be described as ridiculous, while funds and model currency are extremely sought after by investors. Frankly, I think this is just the product of the current bottleneck period in the currency circle. When there is nothing to do in the market, it may be the only thing to do for a shouting project.

There is no such thing as an investment guide in a bear market. In my opinion, the everlasting truth of investment: "prices fluctuate around value." When value is generated, price will no longer be a measure. Of course, I do not deny that bull markets are more likely to bring wealth. "Through history as a mirror, we can know Xingtai". From the long history of bitcoin or blockchain prices, the best investment opportunities are often born in bear markets. The bear market is a good time to breed giants. For example, the most popular projects in 2017 are Ethereum, Big Zero, and Ants, all born in this bear market in 2015.


The wheel of history is always forward, unrelenting and fair. The hottest projects of the year seemed to have lost their glory. For example, Ethereum is suffering from congestion problems. The PoW consensus mechanism that Bitcoin has always adopted is also questioned due to centralization and energy consumption issues. Whether it can be achieved remains to be seen.

Fortunately, there are always a handful of people in this world who are not satisfied with the status quo and are not limited to the present. From the enthusiasm of the Mimblewmble protocol at the beginning of the year, to the wide-scale promotion of cross-chain technology, and the emergence of a PoC consensus mechanism that can be mined by everyone. It is not difficult to see that as the blockchain is more and more familiar to more and more people, with the continuous updating and iteration of technology, the blockchain is not only Bitcoin, but PoW is no longer the trump card of the consensus mechanism. Maybe a member of the historical stage.

No beak is allowed. Since the PoC mechanism (capacity proof) has become popular, the benchmark PoW has become one of its biggest highlights. PoC uses idle hard disk mining to perfectly solve the high cost, concentrated computing power, waste of energy, and ASIC of mining machines brought by PoW. Of course, PoC is not without problems. "Senseless storage" is an important problem that plagues many PoC projects. Some projects choose to avoid it, while others only focus on the popularity of PoC.

As a pioneer project in the PoC field, Lava is leveraging the technical power of its own team to cultivate the blockchain for many years. It not only creates its own unique "Firestone mechanism" and "combination of computing power", but also creates richer gameplay. It guarantees the chain's activity and ecological sustainability; on the other hand, it condenses the global storage space consensus, builds the "root of trust" of the decentralized storage ecosystem, and builds a global "top-level index" on this basis to realize the PoC ecosystem Perfect fusion of closed loop.

Since the launch of Lava's mainnet in August 2019 and the release of a full-node wallet, the Lava team has been deeply involved in the PoC field-

  • Connect with 168pool, B3pool, Foxypool and other mining pools and provide technical support for them;
  • Officially open source on GitHub and announce specific rules of LVIP;
  • After the concept of "cold flint" was proposed, the cold flint function was realized through the design of the cold flint architecture and passed the internal test on the test network;
  • Cross-chain atomic level interaction implementation scheme and completion of cross-chain atomic level switch code
  • At present, the computing power of the entire network has exceeded 700P;

In addition to the iteration of technology updates, Lava will also deeply explore the combination between digital currency and the real economy in the future. The Lava team believes that through the bulls and bears, Lava will be able to become a survivor after the big waves, leading the development of PoC ecological projects, and then promoting the high-speed integration and development of the blockchain industry.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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