Demystifying Blockchain Funds Routines: Launching Projects to Promote Spoiled Coin Price

Whether it is a variety of “blockchain” platforms that claim to be highly profitable, or a variety of smart arbitrage tools that “make bricks to make a difference” and blockchain trading with “open and fair” You can see the moderation of the operating mechanism: a small game + drums and flowers, the ultimate goal is to let the latecomers take the price and then run the road.

Industry insiders told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that the current encrypted digital currency market is in the "deep bear" range, and many "blockchains" and "cryptocurrencies" have become the object of speculation, not only have not been applied, but also appear in practice. Use this as a banner for fraud. The reporter combed the operation mode of such scams and unveiled the mystery of the blockchain fund: launching projects, doing promotion, scrambling currency prices, and running the road.

Attracting investors to “enter”

Some insiders told reporters about the operation mode of most platforms with blockchains: with the banner of “XX can make money”, attracting a large number of investors to enter the game, and formulating a series of “game mechanics” to enable those who participate in the game. Get free tokens (which can be redeemed for the platform's platform currency), and these people can get additional tokens for project promotion. At the same time, the use of a simple exchange mechanism to achieve the purpose of platform currency and legal currency exchange. The more active the intruder is, the easier it is to attract more followers, the non-investment users can contribute to the gains of the head, and the investors can earn income by buying low and selling high.

In order to achieve the purpose of an active community, the project side will hire professionals to run its community. The very high proportion of users in the community is the “own person” of the project side. Once the user enters the office, they will be guided by the investment step by step. In addition, all platform coins are in the hands of the project parties. At the beginning of the project, they have a certain amount of platform coins in their hands. These platform coins are sold to the receivers in the later stage.

At the same time, the project party can not only terminate the sale at any time, but even the authenticity of the “fixed quantity” of the platform currency is questioned. How long can the project operate? It is unknown how long the market can be active. "There is risk and there is risk" is more of an excuse for "running the road to collect the net." The reporter found that the projects that have recently run the road are basically the funds of the scorpion such as "games, moving bricks to make the difference". Take Moretoken as an example. There are several posts in the post about "stopping operations, unable to open the app", and the wallet can not be opened so far. Moretoken claims to be smart to arbitrage, as long as the valuable digital currency is deposited, you can enjoy high dividends every day. In addition, you can get high rewards by inviting others to enter. Through layer-by-layer design, the user's money was scammed in, and finally ran, and falsely claimed that the hacker attack caused the APP data to be unrecoverable and the digital assets were stolen.

Routine of funds

There are many projects in the currency circle. Many virtual currency communities have experienced an easy name every once in a while. Although the name has been changed, the owners and administrators have not changed. It is still a group of people. However, the project has changed one after another, and the leek has been cut one after another.

In the few months of the reporter’s “undercover”, the current project called “Fortune” has been renamed at least twice, from “Conservatory Alliance” to “ATC” to “Fortune”, inviting journalists into the group management. One of the "Kites" of the staff has always been in the group. The same routine appears in the “Fortune” project: first, such as “to earn a few hundred dollars a day, tens of thousands of dollars per month” and so on, and supplemented by a copy of the yield table; then the project The touts, from the platform to relying on high-tech, are all high-profile publicity materials; then, some people began to scream for the price of money, from a few cents to a few dollars, the number of sellers is less than the seller; It is a round of discussion about the project.

At this time, the carefully watched leeks may still be wary. An occasional question will lead to several people's answers, and their answer is: let you go to a platform to register for free income (ie platform currency) ), then tell you that you can get more platform coins by completing a series of tasks/playing games (the purpose of this process is to increase the activity of the project, to entice more people into the game), and to indicate to other users. Buy/sell platform currency, and then tell you that the platform currency price is in the rising stage and recommend the coin. When there are enough receivers to enter the market, the “running the road to cut the leeks” will be implemented.

The industry insiders told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that all funds have common characteristics, advertised zero investment to make money, can pay dividends, the number of platform coins is fixed, and require members to promote the development of the downline to find the receiver. In addition, the lifespan of these projects is very short, there are several days of operation to run, and there are also a few months of operation to collect the net, and the "drum-and-drum-style" gameplay is ultimately in the hands of investors.

In September 2017, the central bank and other departments issued the “Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Subsidy Issuance Financing”, which stated that the tokens or “virtual currency” used in token financing are not issued by the monetary authorities, and are not legal and mandatory. Sexual currency attributes, which do not have the legal status equivalent to currency, cannot and should not be used as currency in the market; any so-called token financing trading platform may not engage in legal currency and tokens, or "virtual currency" Exchange business, may not buy or sell or as a central counterparty to buy and sell tokens or "virtual currency", may not provide pricing, information intermediary and other services for tokens or "virtual currency."

At present, China's laws and regulations have not allowed Security Token to be issued in China. Recently, the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association issued the "Risk Tips on Preventing Illegal Financial Activities in the Name of "Virtual Currency", "ICO", "STO", "Stable Dollars" and Other Variants, pointing out that some media, social platforms, The research group takes “financial innovation” as its gimmick, and the purpose of issuing money for money is to increase the value of the trading speculation. It uses the name of “research” and “forum” to promote “ICO”, ​​“IEO”, “STO”, “stable currency” and “integration currency”. "Digital currency", etc., in order to carry out training, project promotion, financing transactions and other forms of online and offline activities. Such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but take the opportunity to speculate on the concept of blockchain, which seriously disrupts the normal financial and economic order and brings social risks.

Every reporter, Pan Ting, edited by Liao Dan

Source: Daily Economic News

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