E-commerce giant Jingdong enters the blockchain, scene empowerment is already on the road


The blockchain brings technical means of efficiency improvement and cost reduction, and provides new ideas for economic and social development and governance. Now, the blockchain economy is already on the eve of the outbreak. The exploration of the financial industry is leading, while the application of other industries is rapidly expanding. The significant advantages of blockchain applications are optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, and improving synergy efficiency. This advantage has been gradually reflected in social services such as financial services, the Internet of Things, public services, social welfare, and supply chain management.

According to media reports, Chinese e-commerce giant Jingdong has applied for more than 200 blockchain patents. Another e-commerce giant, Alibaba, applied for 262 blockchain patents. Chinese Internet giants Tencent and Baidu applied for 80 and 50 patents respectively. Jingdong ranked first in the “Global Blockchain Patent Strength” rankings, and Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu ranked second, seventh and fifteenth.

In addition, at the end of March this year, among the 197 filing services disclosed by the Internet Information Office, Jingdong was filed with four blockchain services, making it the Internet giant with the most blockchain information filing.

“Jingdong Zhiyi Chain” is the technology brand of Jingdong Blockchain. It is committed to providing enterprise-level application solutions, enabling developers and enterprises to achieve one-stop planning, configuration, development, online, operation and maintenance, one-click automatic configuration and deployment. The blockchain network reduces the application cost of blockchain technology, shares the credible value of the blockchain, and provides enterprise-level blockchain services.

The main application scenarios of the blockchain in Jingdong District include five aspects: quality traceability, digital deposit certificate, credit network, financial technology and value innovation. According to the blockchain white paper of Jingdong District, as of the end of February 2019, Jingdong blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform has more than 1.3 billion uplink data, more than 700 cooperative brands, more than 50,000 SKU (full name Stock Keeping Unit, inventory Units), more than 2.8 million after-sales users access the query.

As far as the digital deposit application scenario is concerned, the underlying alliance of the blockchain digital deposit certificate in Jingdong District is being improved, and the underlying technology cannot solve the problem. Therefore, Jingdong is coordinating the Internet Court, the judicial appraisal center, the notary office, the CA institution, and the large-scale Enterprises and other alliances form alliances. Multi-party consensus, storage, and endorsement of data can make electronic evidence more credible, reduce the time required for judges to judge data authenticity, reduce the need for judicial appraisal or fairness, and effectively improve the parties. The efficiency of rights protection.

(Jingdong Blockchain Digital Depository Platform Product Architecture)

At present, the Beijing Xiaoxue credit leasing platform has used the blockchain digital deposit certificate service of Jingdong District to preserve all kinds of electronic data. When the user rents goods on the Beijing Xiaoxue credit leasing platform, the platform obtains important electronic data such as orders and agreements in the leasing business through an automated process, extracts its digital fingerprints through a hash algorithm, and deposits certificates in the blockchain digital deposit certificate platform of Jingdong District. Recorded in the blockchain.

As an e-commerce platform, Jingdong is behind the extensive service of the company, is a strict audit management of the majority of businesses.

In September 2018, JD.com released the first e-commerce e-licensing blockchain application platform in China.

The platform, in conjunction with the Suqian City Administration for Industry and Commerce, Jingdong Mall, and Yi Shi Commercial Service, successfully deployed blockchain nodes, and was actually applied to the application, license, and change of the Jingdong platform merchants. At present, the business license information of the merchants stationed in Jingdong Mall in Suqian City has been successfully launched.

Through the active exploration of the blockchain electronic license, not only can the merchants complete the qualification review of the resident, but also provide more ideas for the government to coordinate the application scenarios.

(blockchain electronic license cooperation program)

On April 9 this year, Jingdong released the "Jingdong Blockchain Technology Practice White Paper (2019 Edition)", but in fact, as early as 2016, Jingdong began to actively deploy blockchain technology applications. Today, FinaceRun is fortunate enough to invite Mr. Yan Xinlei, the head of the blockchain business of Jingdong Digital Science and Technology Business Department, in addition to the application scenarios and technical architecture system of the Jingdong blockchain mentioned in the white paper, what will Mr. Qi bring to us?

The following is the full text of the interview, organized by the running finance (FinaceRun), and made a deletion without changing the original intention:

Running Finance (FinaceRun): On April 9th, Jingdong released the "Jingdong Blockchain Technology Practice White Paper (2019 Edition)". Can Mr. Qi explain to us how Jingdong started to lay out the blockchain?

Mr. Yan Xinlei: Jingdong has been actively deploying blockchain technology since 2016, which has certain objective inevitability. On the one hand, in 2016, the global new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation continued to deepen. As a comprehensive application of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other technologies, blockchain has become the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, etc. The international community and many national governments have studied and discussed the hot spots, and the industry has also increased their investment. The potential of the blockchain to transform and optimize the relationship between the various entities to enhance the efficiency of social operations has been recognized and initially recognized by all walks of life.

On the other hand, the decentralization of the blockchain and the establishment of a new credit system are very compatible with JD's strategic vision of technological transformation and the positive image that has been established in the long-term of consumers. And Jingdong is one of the few e-commerce companies with the most complete and longest retail supply chain in China. There are many combinations of zero supply field and blockchain technology. The natural resource endowment of Jingdong has become the application of blockchain technology. Fertile soil.

FinaceRun: In the world of blockchain, innovation is productivity. After many years of deep cultivation, what is the innovation point of Jingdong’s Zhizhi chain compared with the existing blockchain projects on the market? What problems have been solved?

Mr. Yan Xinlei: Innovation represents difference, and the difference in blockchain products and services comes from the deep perception of the industry. Zhiyi Chain focuses on enterprise-level blockchain products and services. This is the source of all our innovations.

From the beginning of the blockchain technology layout, we will continue to promote the industrial application of blockchain, and hope that the blockchain will better serve the economic development of various industries in China and serve the construction of the real economy. The brand partners' brand partners create value, which makes the important technical elements of the smart business and the brand connotation of people's good life. The first step in the application of blockchain industrialization is to do enterprise-level products and services. This is also the basic principle followed by the design of all blockchain products in the Zhiyi chain. Fully understand the pain points of the industry, ensure that the products come from the industry, and at the same time make the best possible use of product design in order to reduce the threshold of the technology and application of the blockchain, and finally solve the practical problems of the enterprise and let the blockchain Technology is really applied to the industry.

In this general direction and program, Zhizhi chain technology presents the following characteristics:

high performance

A new underlying architecture designed to meet the performance requirements of enterprise applications. Specifically, the transaction processing reaches 10,000 TPS, the transaction confirmation is shortened to the second level; based on the dynamically scalable account book storage design, it can support massive accounts and transaction storage; and supports multi-core parallel high-performance cryptographic algorithms. This excellence will enable the company to support high-concurrency transactions in a variety of complex scenarios to ensure a stable business operation.

Building customization

Enterprises can use any combination of system components like building blocks according to the needs of different businesses. The underlying framework adopts component design, and the consensus, account book, contract, and storage are independent, and interactive communication is performed through standard interfaces, and different cryptographic algorithms can be flexibly switched. Based on this, companies can integrate blockchain technology with the lowest technology and cost threshold according to actual business needs, optimize business processes and increase product added value.

Strong security and privacy protection

Multi-faceted and multi-channel security system, allowing enterprises to balance security and privacy in practical applications. It uses "secure group communication", "safe multi-party computing", "homomorphic encryption" and "zero knowledge proof" to ensure data confidentiality; use "ring signature", "group signature" and "anonymous authentication protocol" to ensure identity privacy; The multi-password system is parallel; and it supports the national secret standard. This meets the needs of government, financial institutions, the medical industry and other business scenarios that have high requirements for information security privacy.

Effective data governance

The data on the chain can be used separately from the blockchain platform, allowing the business data to be more valuable under the premise of real and effective business data. The data book is designed with standardized structure; it supports business data penetration retrieval, multi-dimensional analysis and governance; supports independent backup, archiving, supervision and auditing of data.

Multi-chain collaboration

Effectively solve the problem of interoperability between different organizations in the actual application scenario of the enterprise. Support multi-chain management and parallel consensus by business; support single-chain split and multi-chain merge; support multi-chain data verification and transaction execution, and provide multi-chain hierarchical architecture.

Low cost and easy maintenance

Reduce the barriers and costs of using blockchain technology and simplify access and maintenance. It provides lightweight gateway nodes and embedded minimalist deployment solutions; data is fast-winding, no development contracts are required; contract code reuse and version upgrades are supported; contracts can be tested locally and seamlessly with traditional development processes.

Cross-cloud networking

It can effectively support the architecture to deploy the underlying network of blockchains between BaaS platforms at different resource levels. This cross-cloud networking capability enables JD BaaS platform to serve more enterprises and decentralize with blockchain. The features complement each other.

FinaceRun: The future of the blockchain is that there is no blockchain. In fact, the blockchain has been developed so far. One of the major obstacles hindering the widespread application of its technology is its high level of cost from the concept level to the actual user interaction and experience. How does the Jingdong blockchain work in this respect?

Mr. Yan Xinlei: The application of blockchain technology is ultimately to serve the practical application scenarios of various industries. We hope that the blockchain is not only a technical capability that can be used as a promotional gimmick, but a ability to enable enterprises to make consumers Really benefiting, optimizing or refactoring the value ecology, and enhancing the experience of an "unknown hero", which is also determined by our original intention of doing trustworthy enterprise-level blockchain services.

In the actual product development, we have made a BaaS platform deployment, and packaged the technical capabilities of the blockchain into JD BaaS (Jingdong blockchain-as-a-service platform) as an enterprise blockchain infrastructure for output. There is no need to have more cost and time consumption in the development of blockchain technology, no need to pay attention to technical details, only need to integrate its own business into such a mature and stable blockchain basic framework, only the block is perceived. The multi-agent's convenient interaction and information verification brought by chain technology enjoy many business-related functional services brought by blockchain technology such as non-tamperable, trusted certificates and smart contracts.

In addition, in order to better integrate blockchain technology with various industry scenarios, we also create SaaS application-level services for typical application scenarios, anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, medical traceability platform, digital depository platform, blockchain financial ABS standardization. The solution is a mature service platform that has been formed and verified by actual business scenarios. If you have the right business needs, you can buy it right away. The simple platform interface and targeted functional design enable the enterprise to quickly put into use under the guidance of the system manual or the operation and maintenance personnel, whether it is compared to the original manual offline management method or the partial use information. The working system of the system, the system optimized based on the blockchain technology will be more convenient and easy to use. What they see and use is just a series of platform features that we developed based on blockchain technology, rather than complex technical code.

FinaceRun: What is the difference and innovation between Jingdong Steel and traditional points in the value innovation application mentioned in the “Jingdong Blockchain Technology Practice White Paper”?

(Jingdong Steel Co., Ltd. Service Process)

Mr. Yan Xinlei: Jingdong Steel 镚 Carmi Block Service utilizes blockchain technology to write card-generated data into the alliance chain according to asynchronous write mode, generating, acquiring, distributing, verifying, binding, writing off, and querying Applied in seven steps. After the steel shovel user logs in to the Jingdong account, the card binding operation can be performed. This makes Jingdong Steel Truss make up for the lack of digital asset management technology compared with traditional points, showing the following two characteristics:

(1) Tamper-proof and traceable. The integral information (including generation time, value, transaction party, valid state, expiration date, unique identification ID, etc.) is written into the blockchain, and the decentralized consensus mechanism of multi-party signature and multi-party authentication can be used to achieve consistent system data. Sexuality and authenticity will make the information between supply and demand more transparent, ensure that the data is unique and cannot be tampered with at any transaction level, solve the problem of integral anti-counterfeiting, improve the transparency of regulatory process in the circulation process, and help the healthy development of digital marketing.

(2) Digital asset verification. The information in the process of digital asset circulation needs to be open and transparent. After using the blockchain-based point management system, the B-end users can obtain the points without having to log in to the platform for verification, which improves the user experience, and also ensures that the verification result is unique and cannot be tampered with, effectively reducing the occurrence of disputes.

From the perspective of supervision, blockchain technology can be applied to the process of integral transactions, and all processes can be processed in the chain. By introducing CA certification and special settlement endorsement mechanism, it can meet the separation supervision under different scenarios and ensure the process of integral transaction performance. Open and transparent, not tamperable.

Running Financial Blockchain Research Institute Comments:

Some people will say that the blockchain is a new outlet for the Internet and the most ideal technical solution to solve the current trust problem. As far as enterprise application scenarios are concerned, the layout of the blockchain in Jingdong District is driving the formation of its own future retail system. For the innovative technologies of the current era, practice is always the only criterion for testing truth. Blockchain technology has nothing to do with K-line. After all, it is linked to the business scene. Jingdong is gradually opening up a new era of innovative trust economy.

Source: Running Finance

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