The blockchain is on fire again: the brokerage conference call continues to be privately held and the road show is full.

The hot scene of the blockchain concept was staged in the A-shares. On March 30th, the blockchain ushered in good news, making the blockchain, which was not focused on many popular concept stocks, once again being popular in the market. It is worth noting that this has broken the major brokerage researchers, they have launched a conference call on the blockchain. In addition, the road show in the private placement circle is full.

Affected by this, in the first trading day of April, 28 blockchain concept stocks rose daily. On April 2nd, the concept of blockchain continued to be hot, and new stocks were continuously discovered.

● Blockchain concept stocks rise and fall

On March 30, the National Internet Information Office released the first batch of 197 blockchain information service names and filing numbers, including blockchain products of Baidu, Jinshan, Tencent, Jingdong, Ant Financial and other enterprises. It is worth noting that this news has completely activated the market enthusiasm. On April 1st, the A-share market blockchain concept stocks rallied, and the stocks and other stocks were up and down. The market sentiment of the blockchain rose linearly, and the wind of “sweet chain” rose again in the A-share market.

Eastern Fortune Choice statistics, as of the close of the morning of April 1, including Chen Xin Technology, Huasoft Technology, easy to see shares and other 18 listed companies collective daily limit. As of the close of the afternoon, the number of daily limit stocks jumped from 18 to 28. Among the daily limit stocks, there are more than ten listed companies' products appearing in the above-mentioned filing list, such as the easy-to-see block of the easy-to-see shares, the "Annie copyright blockchain" of Anne's shares, and the "competition of Chenxin Technology". Cloud" and so on.

The Anxin computer team believes that the blockchain has been warmed up for three years, and the lead is washed out and on the right track. The National Internet Information Office announced the first batch of 197 blockchain information service names and filing numbers, marking the first step in the development of the blockchain industry. We believe that the legal innovation of protecting the blockchain through supervision can achieve the effect of “good chain” expelling “bad chain” and is conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

●The brokerage researcher has a constant conference call

After the blockchain was introduced, researchers from various brokerages used weekends to conduct roadshows and explore related stocks in the A-share market through conference calls. Last weekend, Guosheng Securities issued the "Second Bullet of Blockchain—Talking about Anne's shares, and seeing how the blockchain copyrights landed? The conference call, Guosheng Securities pointed out that on March 30, the National Internet Information Office released the first batch of blockchain information service filing list, and the standardized management of blockchain technology officially set sail. The digital copyright of Anne's shares is also listed in the first batch of records. How to realize "creation and confirmation, use, authorization, discovery and rights protection" through the blockchain? On March 31, they invited senior executives of Anne's shares to answer the questions.

In addition, at 8:00 pm on March 31, the Founder Securities computer team also issued an invitation to the Hailian Jinhui Blockchain Conference. Founder Securities pointed out that the National Internet Information Office released the first batch of blockchain projects legally filed, including the sea. The Jinjinhui (formerly Haili Meida) supply chain financial service system ranked third in all 197 projects, and invited the president of Hailian Jinhui Internet Finance and the chief scientist of the blockchain to interpret the significance of this blockchain project for the market. And the core technology principles and long-term business models.

Interestingly, most of the conference callers who can enter the brokerage are whitelisted institutional investors, but in the major private equity WeChat groups, they staged the climax of the roadshow. At the time, after the favorable release of the blockchain, there was a private placement. Roadshow group, less than 30 minutes, 500 people's WeChat group has been filled. "Daily Economic News" reporter noted that this situation is not a case. On March 31, the reporter has joined three private-sector block link performance groups, some of which are invited brokers to conduct roadshows, and others. Directly create new blockchain investment groups, mainly discuss investment opportunities in blockchains, and other exemptions.

It is worth noting that some private placements have put forward their own optimistic application of the blockchain, and the blockchain stocks that have been excavated are also constantly emerging. In this regard, private equity believes that if at the beginning of 2018, the blockchain whirlwind of the A-share market is the blockchain of some listed companies, the current wave is the state of industrial capital entering the positional battle. Up to now, nearly 100 companies have been involved in the blockchain, including Internet of Things, finance, supply chain, games, digital rights and other content.

Guotai Junan Securities’ previous research report pointed out that the blockchain is divided into six categories according to the direction of involvement, including manufacturing, Internet of Things, finance, software, logistics supply chain, game digital marketing and IP. The manufacturing aspect is mainly related to the production or investment of mining machines; the Internet of Things refers to the provision of traceable applications and hardware products in specific scenarios; the financial aspect refers to the application in terms of bills, financial IT, payment, etc.; the software aspect refers to KYC, digital assets or Cooperation in related industries; logistics supply chain refers to the technology of superimposed blockchain in logistics scenes; game digital marketing and IP, which are classified into one category, the essence of which is the blockchain of digital scenes in the media industry.

Source: Daily Economic News

Every reporter, Yang Jian, edited by Wu Yong

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