Frightened for 1 hour, BTC, BCH once again started to accelerate the rising channel, are you afraid or excited?

Too irritating, the heart can't stand it anymore.

At 6 o'clock on the morning of April 3, Bitcoin opened the puncture market again and stood at a high of $5,000. BCH is more exaggerated, has exceeded 280 US dollars, 24% increase in 24 hours. At present, the USDT price of the offshore currency has reached US$6.92, with a premium of over 2%. The enthusiasm of the market is unabated, and the incredible expression is on the face of all trading participants.

This sudden rise in the market began on April 2, at about 12:30 on the same day, the bitcoin price instantly broke through the resistance of 4,200 US dollars. Subsequently, the blockchain industry's major market and information APP repeatedly issued early warning pop-ups. From the QKL123 data, the price of bitcoin rose to 5238 dollars in 50 minutes, an increase of more than 20%, and then gradually fell back to about 4,700 dollars. . More detailed data shows that Bitcoin's 24-hour turnover is about 62.1 billion, and the turnover rate is around 10%. WeChat screenshot_20190403062235

This wave of market not only led to the rise of other currencies, but also caused short-term downtime for exchanges such as the fire currency, and even a bitcoin spread of up to $200 between different exchanges. On Weibo, "Bitcoin has gone up" is also on the hot search.

Since Bitcoin fell to $3,151 on December 15, 2018, its price has been oscillating between $4,000 and $3,300. The $4,200 position is considered an important resistance level. As a result, multiple breaks have been made in one hour. The integer mark, which surprised the market, is the bull market really coming. Li Xiaolai wrote on Weibo: "A person who is shocked is a patient who has no patience."

what happened? Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the currency, quickly sent a Twitter message: "Does anyone know any news? Many people ask me, I really have no clue."

Even Zhao Changpeng was at a loss, and others were even more aggressive. In the sudden market, the public is trying to find some reasons, even if those reasons are either far-fetched or unfounded. After all, the world that can be understood is much safer than knowing nothing.

For example, a piece of news is circulating in a circle of friends: the SEC passes the Bitcoin ETF. A person who knows a little about cryptocurrency knows that it is a fake message. If the SEC wants to go to the ETF, it needs to first solve the problem that the cryptocurrency is skyrocketing and there is no price manipulation, but this problem is now unsolved. Later, the news was rumored, and it turned out to be a fake news released by the April Fools' Day. Li Xiaolai called it "The April Fool's Day in the blockchain world, which seems to have been delayed for 25 hours." This also proved the sentence: rumored pull, the currency features.

Some people have speculated that it is not a mining pool. Because in May this year, the Yunguichuan area ushered in a flood season, and the price of electricity fell. This gave the miners hope for survival in the Jedi. A large number of mining machines in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang rushed to the southwest. According to Zhu Xi, founder of the coin printing, it is expected that the bitcoin computing power will exceed 50E, and it is possible to reach 60E or even 70E. Bitcoin output is still 12.5, but the increase in computing power will increase the difficulty, and the increase in difficulty will affect the income of miners. In order to make a big profit, pull the plate? The captain of the Minerals Club Yu said, "There are no money in the mines and mine pools. How do you pull them?"

In fact, in 2018, the construction of the mines flocked. As a result, the price of the coins fell sharply, the mining machines were shut down in large quantities, the investors' funds were quilted, and the mine owners were constantly selling the positions for the mines. However, Captain Yu said that the surge in computing power in the second half of the year is the bottom, he is optimistic about the second half of the market.

At present, reports from Reuters are generally considered to be relatively reasonable, but they are not necessarily true. According to reports, the CEO of London's cryptocurrency brokerage firm BCB Group said that the bitcoin price hike was probably due to a mysterious buyer. The buyer used a computer algorithm that triggered the purchase of $100 million worth of bitcoin on multiple exchanges. “On the three trading platforms of Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp, there has always been a single order managed by an algorithm that has purchased about 20,000 bitcoins,” he said.

In 2019, although the entire cryptocurrency market was recognized as not completing the conversion of the bulls and bears, the spring is full of awareness among all practitioners. The IEO is hot, the platform coins have risen and even doubled, and the mainstream currencies including EOS have also ushered in a general increase.

According to QKL123 , on April 2, the Babbitt Composite Index (8BTCCI) soared 15.02% to 9009.26 points, far exceeding the NASDAQ's 7828.91. The 8BTCCI index is at 0:00 on December 7, 2018 Beijing time. The point of the Nasdaq Composite Index (7028.94) is the base point, which directly targets the Nasdaq Composite Index. The difference between the 8BTCCI and the Nasdaq Composite Index can directly reflect the pace of innovation and development of the blockchain industry and the global high-tech industry, and can serve as a barometer for venture capital investment in the entire blockchain industry.

Chen Lei, secretary-general of the Block Chain Club of Peking University, said in an interview with Babbitt that the judgement of short-term market depends on the buyer and seller. The $4,000 has accumulated a very thick bottom. The medium and long-term funds are in the same mood at 4200. It is easy to pull. Up to five thousand and less, there is not much history to buy the savings, so it is easy to pull more than 5,000, but the selling pressure of 5,000 to 6,000 US dollars is very large, this thick top is difficult to pass.

It can be seen that this round of skyrocketing has ignited the investment sentiment that has been suppressed for a long time, and it has also exploded a lot of short positions. A lot of big v shouted on Weibo: There will be a good market in the market, but the vigilance is that the rebound is not a bull market, because there is no incremental fund for the game of funds in the field. In one sentence, it is "the amount of blood sucking."

"In the medium and long term, the bear market is not over yet, and the price will not keep rising. Bitcoin, as the world's largest and safest and most stable blockchain application, finds the value mapping export of the application and realizes the friendly legal currency entrance. There is a very large appreciation space, but the current bear market fundamentals are not over, the industry should still focus on the business, the business model is still a long way to go," he said.

At present, the market sentiment has been like dry wood, and it burns at a point. The emotions of excitement and fear are circling around, making people restless. Are you afraid or excited?

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