Extreme market challenges major contract exchanges, BTCC contract performance is outstanding

On Friday, Bitcoin ushered in three surges in a short period of time, with a gain of more than 20%. The currency circle has opened more than 20 transactions in contract transactions. In the case of volatile market conditions, which exchange experience is the smoothest? Which exchange rules are fair and protect the actual income of users?

The skyrocketing market has been divided into three phases, each of which is within 5 to 15 minutes, and the unilateral rapid increase of more than 6%. This extreme market is the best time to verify whether a contract platform is fair. After comparing the five major contract trading platforms of Coin, Fire, Bitmex, OKEx and BTCC, the performance of BTCC is very bright in terms of stability, price authenticity and order transaction speed.

Below we will analyze and compare the above-mentioned several major exchanges from the points that the contract trading users are most concerned about:

First, the stability of the service

There are a lot of cloud services available on the market, and the exchange can easily build a trading platform using only templates or third-party services. However, the stability of such exchanges cannot be guaranteed in the face of major market conditions. Relying on its own powerful technical team, BTCC has invested heavily in research and development of the trading system. Under this market, the long tail advantage has gradually become prominent, and it has easily passed the test of this market, opening and closing the silky experience, no Caton. There was no black swan incident in which the merchants "pull the cable".

Second, the authenticity of the contract price

The BTCC index combines the spot prices of major head exchanges with the quotations of BTCC's global liquidity providers, effectively preventing the price manipulation of one or two exchanges and the impact on the index price. The index of other contract exchanges is only used for display and reference. The price of BTCC index is the price of the actual transaction. After each contract, there is a corresponding digital currency to support the real thing, and the user can initiate delivery at any time.

BTCC is an innovative trading mechanism through BTCC index + physical delivery to ensure the true and reliable contract price.


It is not difficult to see that the spot prices of various exchanges are not the same, but it can be seen that the spot price of the fire currency is closer to that of the currency. The highest spot price of OKEx also deviates from other transactions. Therefore, comparing the price of the perpetual contract with the spot price of the fire currency and the currency, it is not difficult to find that the price of BTCC and the currency is closest to the spot price.

Third, the market depth under extreme market conditions

Due to different trading models and contract rules, BTCC can still guarantee top liquidity under unilateral market conditions. In this big market, the same order that the BTCC initiated to be long or short can be instantly sold at the same price, and there is no case where the same order is partially sold.

Fourth, the implementation principle of wearing a warehouse 0 share

When the domestic and foreign mainstream traditional futures exchanges handle the position of the trader whose margin is lower than the required margin rate, the trader is first notified to pay the margin to the initial margin rate as soon as possible, or the trader is notified to close some positions to make the deposit. The rate is restored to the initial margin rate level. Otherwise, the exchange may force the position of the trader to close the position, and charge a certain closing fee, and the balance deposit still belongs to the trader's account. The BTCC contract has introduced the successful model of traditional finance into the digital currency field, which has better prevented this problem. When the user's balance can't make up for his or her loss, the user's profit will become negative, which is what we usually call "wearing the position." At present, most of the digital currency exchanges inject the strong surplus funds into the “risk reserve” to share the amount of “short-selling”, instead of the futures exchanges in the traditional financial markets, which classify the surplus surplus funds into trader interests. In this way, the trader's account equity will be zero after the tie.

Unlike other platforms that use a strong surplus to carry out a position-sharing allocation, BTCC takes the initiative to “share the position” for the user. BTCC provides top-level liquidity, even in extreme market conditions, to ensure that users can close the position at the optimal price, so the negative balance (ie, the amount of wearables) that users can generate is very small. BTCC is currently a user for each month. Bear the cost of 200,000 positions.

Undoubtedly, under the test of such an extreme market, whether in terms of the security and fluency of user transactions or the protection of user assets and interests, the performance of BTCC contracts is compared to the “play” of peers. Very good. As an established exchange with an 8-year history, BTCC has been adhering to the "customer first" service concept since its inception. It is under the spur of this concept that platform construction always puts users' sense of experience and assets and interests on First, this is why BTCC can give users the most fluent and comprehensive trading experience and security in every extreme market.

At the same time, BTCC will also follow the pace of national policies, strengthen the layout and research and development of blockchain technology, continue to innovate and break through the technology, and contribute to the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. Under the guidance of the policy, we will continue to improve the compliance construction of the platform, and continue to provide a more professional and fair investment environment for each user of the platform through the upgrade of blockchain technology, maintain the leading position of BTCC in the contract transaction field, and promote the contract. Construction and development of industry rules.

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