How many blocks of the blockchain company have a daily limit of more than 100 in the “chain”?

Source of this article: Securities Daily

Author: Xing Meng

On October 28th, the blockchain became a popular star in the capital market. As of the close of the day, the capital of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges inflows, more than 100 blockchain concept stocks daily limit. At the same time, the issue of blockchain on the investor interaction platform has exploded. On October 28th alone, on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform, the interactive question and answer on the blockchain exceeded 1,000, exceeding the sum of the first half.

In fact, after the release of major industry positive news, the discussion of blockchain on the investor interaction platform has increased significantly. The concept of the East Fortune Blockchain has also risen from more than 80 to more than 170. Which blockchain businesses in these concept stocks do well? From the financial report, you can see it. The "Securities Daily" reporter combed the relevant announcements and found that most of the listed company blockchain business did not generate operating income, only a few of Yuanguang software, accurate information and other real income.

A number of industry experts said that the country has released a positive signal from the positive blockchain industry. The rise in concept stocks reflects investors' preference for the blockchain industry. At the same time, it does not rule out irrational speculation. Rationally treat the blockchain and combine it with the main business to find a suitable scene for landing.

Listed companies "follow the trend" chasing chain

The number of concept stocks doubles in one day

On October 25th, as the country released a significant positive signal from the blockchain industry, blockchain concept stocks became the market's sweet spot. The blockchain was first warmed up on the investor interaction platform, and the number of related topics skyrocketed. According to relevant media statistics, on the interactive platform of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, from October 25 to October 27 at 8:00, there were 468 questions asking about the blockchain, and the problem of the blockchain in the first half of this year was 1000. The remaining ones.

The reporter found that with the continuous advancement and deepening of the topic, many listed companies intentionally or unintentionally revealed their own "winding" actions or intentions, and wished to catch the blockchain concept stock express. According to the Eastern Fortune Choice data, the number of blockchain concept stocks doubled overnight, from more than 80 stocks to more than 170.

The blockchain is treated in the capital market today, and the listed company was once "only afraid to avoid it." According to the statistics of the reporters, 23 of the 80 blockchain concept stocks in 2018 were subject to regulatory inquiries, accounting for up to 30%. At that time, 13 of the 23 companies that were inquired had no blockchain results, and the relationship between the block and the blockchain indicated that the blockchain business did not have the ability to have a substantial impact on performance.

On October 28th, the blockchain concept stocks set off a strong rally. According to Eastern Fortune's Choice data, as of the date of publication, more than 170 blockchain concept stocks have over 100 stocks daily limit. At the same time, the blockchain ignited the enthusiasm of investors and also stimulated their curiosity. The “blockchain” on the investor interaction platform frequently screened. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform shows that there are more than 1,200 questions and answers on the blockchain on October 28.

For investors, compared with the reply of listed companies, the financial report data is more able to truly reflect the blockchain business of listed companies. From this, it can also be seen whether the listed company is speculating in the “selling and drinking” or developing the blockchain business.


Only a few achieve business revenue

This year, the blockchain industry has gradually moved towards healthy development. The capital market began to return to rationality. Although most of the blockchain concept stocks are still suspected of speculation and there is no actual product, there are still several listed companies that have ploughed into the field and have generated actual income.

The reporter found out that Yuanguang Software, accurate information, and easy-to-see shares have real income. Taking Yuanguang Software as an example, according to relevant announcements, the company's blockchain and artificial intelligence realized sales revenue of 16.25 million yuan in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase of 393.61%, mainly due to the company's accelerated blockchain and artificial intelligence industry layout and product promotion. , help blockchain and artificial intelligence application projects. In this regard, an informed source disclosed to the "Securities Daily" reporter that the actual blockchain related business of Yuanguang Software has exceeded 10 million yuan.

Huang Zhaoci, general manager of Yuanguang Software Blockchain Application Division, told the “Securities Daily” reporter that “currently, the main layout direction of Yuanguang Software Blockchain Business is in the field of supply chain finance and data deposit, facing B-end customers, Yuanguang Software. We have always attached great importance to R&D investment in blockchain business, and established a relatively mature blockchain product development, operation and maintenance, and testing system. This year, the company's development strategy for blockchain is mainly focused on two aspects, one is to continue to polish the blockchain. Products, focusing on the performance of the underlying platform, and the other is to promote applications."

Accurate information and the blockchain business of the two companies have also achieved results. According to the semi-annual report of accurate information, its holding subsidiary Fuhua Yuhao completed a new blockchain business order during the reporting period and is developing new customers. The reporter found that Fuhua Yuyu established the blockchain technology application research and development department in 2016, and has been doing research and research on the basic technology of the blockchain basic technology, and won the bid for China on March 9, 2018. Iron Tower Co., Ltd. purchase contract of 1.569.29 million yuan, which is also one of the few blockchain business orders in the industry; according to the semi-annual report of 2019, the main layout direction of the easy-to-see blockchain is the “easy-to-see block” platform. The “visible block” platform of the easy-to-see stocks for half a year has accumulated a total of 8.5 billion yuan in trustworthy transactions, and the trustworthy data assets in the first half of the year increased by 2.172 billion yuan.

However, it is worth noting that whenever a blockchain trades well, many listed companies, including EasyShare, usually say in the announcement that “the blockchain has not had a significant impact on performance”.

Many listed companies have packaged themselves into blockchain concepts in a short period of time, and can achieve a handful of revenues from blockchain business. Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC blockchain committee of the Ministry of Commerce and dean of the Digital Economy Business School "Securities Daily" reporter said, "The blockchain of listed companies should start from learning and training, and need professional team consultation to avoid blind projects, resulting in a serious low quality surplus at the supply end. It should also be combined with the company's main business to establish a block. The chain project team or business unit will promote the application of the blockchain."

“The listed company's layout blockchain business needs to blend with its main business, and in the landing scenario of the main business, the blockchain can really play a role, or increase revenue or reduce costs.” Founder of the Computing Intelligence Library Yan Li analyzed the reporter of Securities Daily. "From the perspective of strategic investment, in the context of the blockchain enabling the real economy, in view of the important role of the alliance chain in the deep integration of blockchain and industry, the technology is leading. The alliance chain blockchain company is a good investment target."

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