Who will continue to close the daily limit tomorrow? Blockchain, ultimately see which listed companies are running longer

Author: Qu Hongyan

Source: Shanghai Securities News

There is no suspense, blockchain has become the strongest market in today's A-share market, and hundreds of stocks have daily limit.

At the close, the company's shares of Fuguang shares rose 20%, 2,345, 恺英网络, Guangbo, Jinglan Technology, Culture Great Wall, Meiyingsen, Alloy Investment, Zhongyuan, Xinhu Zhongbao, Gao Weida , Omar Electric and other hundreds of stocks daily limit. Not only small-cap stocks soared, but even the big market value of the three or six zeros, Hang Seng Electronics and the Great Wall of China also went up.

Most hot spots

The disk is very lively, but many market analysts interviewed believe that the real blockchain technology is only in the hands of a few companies, such as Tencent, Ping An and Ali, and most listed companies that claim to have laid out blockchains, It is not excluded that it is based on hot spots.

Some of the "small experts" who are used to hot spots have also been smashed by investors. For example, Mei Yingsen is called "nothing" by investors, and it integrates industrial hemp, artificial meat and blockchain.

Some market participants believe that the blockchain concept market may fly for a while, but for most investors, it is not appropriate to follow suit and participate in speculation.

For example, the concept stocks with a face value of less than 2 yuan, the transaction is scarce, if the market is not strong, sudden bad news, or suddenly suspended, investors may encounter liquidity risks that cannot be sold.

The concept of speculation, which is purely fund-driven, is bound to last for a long time. As the stock market said, “Every bubble has a waiting needle.” The wind is coming, the pig can fly, but if the wind stops, the pig may fall to death.

Dive research company

So, how should investors find real gold in the blockchain market of fire cooking and not be hot?

From the perspective of the market, companies with large market capitalization and companies with long-term reputation are more reliable, and those companies with negative entanglement and weak liquidity may allow investors to buy on the hills.

For example, in the blockchain concept section, four ST companies are also among them. These companies have taken care of their daily operations, and there are energy and resources to lay out the blockchain. At the time of purchase, if you simply do not have a heart in the company, it is very likely to step on the thunder.

From a fundamental point of view, ordinary investors may not be able to identify the gold content of the blockchain, but can rely on the power of professional researchers.

Essence Securities has been studying the blockchain for more than three years.

Since 2016, the blockchain companies tracked by Essence Securities include: Feitian Integrity, Donggang Shares, 2345, Donghua Software, Monternet Group, Sifang Jingchuang, and Yijian Shares. In 2016, Essence Securities released “Flying Integrity: Layout Blockchain Technology, Stabilizing the Status of Identity Certification”. In July 2017, it released “Donggang Shares: Policy Implementation Promotes Business Promotion, and Integrates with Blockchain to Build an Electronic Invoice Ecology 》 and other research reports.

Tianfeng Securities' TMT research is also well-known in the industry. Tianfeng Securities recently stated that the blockchain technology has been upgraded to the height of the important breakthrough of independent innovation, and the communication industry chain is expected to benefit in the long run:

Server/switch is the core hardware for blockchain deployment. It is recommended to focus on StarNet Ruijie, Focus on Ziguang Shares, and Inspur Information. The data center is the core bearer for blockchain deployment, focusing on the new optical network. It is recommended to pay attention to Baoxin Software. City shares, data ports, etc.; marginal ecology is expected to become an important part of the blockchain deployment, focusing on China Science and Technology, Tianyuan Dike, China Tower; blockchain technology application targets, it is recommended to pay attention to Monternet Group, Hongxiang shares.

In addition, according to the requirements of the website, the blockchain service information providers should be filed, and the filing information that needs to be submitted includes the main body of the record, project materials, structure drawings, and even some project pages. Viewing the first batch and the second batch of filings of the website, there are also some application cases of blockchain in the fields of payment and settlement, credit financing, financial transactions, securities, insurance, leasing, and traceability and anti-counterfeiting.

The following are the A-share listed companies involved in the first batch and the second batch of blockchain filing projects of the Network Office (Source: Everbright Securities Research Institute)

640 Image from Everbright Securities TMT Team WeChat public number

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