False websites open Libra pre-sales, fraudsters receive IQ tax

Some fake websites appeared last weekend, aiming to use Libra's name to defraud some of the less vigilant investors.

Although Libra has not yet been officially launched, the media's reports on it have attracted the attention of some potential investors. According to Google Trends and Reddit, most users search for how to buy Libra and replace it with BTC, while some scammers want to provide false presale information to defraud traders.

One of the sites, calìbra.com (note the middle of the i) is the counterfeit of Facebook's official website calibra.com.

This website replaces the common English letter i with an accent. Those who are unfamiliar with the relevant language may be misled – even some people think it is dirty on the screen of their device.

true and false

(Compared with the real Calibal website, the picture above is true, the picture below is false)

In addition to the URL, this fraudulent website has some subtle differences in page design compared to the official website. Both sites have the same marketing materials, wording, fonts, color schemes, interactive displays and slogans – but the fonts of this fake site look a bit strange.

In addition, there is a button in the upper right corner of the page that says "Libra Presale" instead of the "Start" set by the social media giant.

Clicking on this button will open another page, claiming that trading Libra can get a 25% bonus. The fraudster warns investors that it is best to take action now because "pre-sales have been completed 93%." The exact number of victims and the funds being cheated are not known.

Traders can choose to replace 600 LBR (Libra) with 2 Ethereum, or 8000 LBR with 20 Ethereum, which is roughly the same as Facebook's.

Although this particular scam is clearly taking advantage of Facebook's overall program inconsistency, some online fraud is more ironic.

QQ screenshot 20190625144140

(Screenshot of Zuckbucks.cash website)

Zuckbucks.cash provides visitors to the website with the option to exchange ZBUX for Taifang. "ZBUX is an ERC20 token, nothing can be done."

There is a paragraph in the website that is:

"Would you like to buy a cup of coffee with ZBUX? Too bad! Need to pay the bill? Best to use another currency! Want to continue investing in Mark Zuckerberg's already inflated bank account? Now we have a bit Eyebrows!" (intended to ironically Libra is useless)

The planners behind zuckbucks promised to use the funds they received to buy gasoline and hand the remaining funds to the development team. they said:

“Like Libra, Zuckbucks doesn’t offer any real benefits other than putting money directly into the developer’s pocket.”

Currently, the number of ZBUX available is 1.5 million, of which more than 900,000 are already in circulation.

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