God V's latest speech: Ethereum "can definitely survive" without me

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Translation: Odaily Planet Daily Yu Shunsui, original title "V God's latest speech talks about DeFi, ETH 2.0 and the Ethereum community"

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, spoke on Saturday (February 15) at the annual blockchain hackathon conference ETHDenver held in Colorado, USA, sharing his views on decentralized finance, Etherum 2.0 development, An overall view of the Ethereum community.

Regarding decentralized finance, V God said that as it continues to grow, the simplest products will gain the most users. "I think the most used DeFi applications are the easiest … stablecoins, synthetic assets, decentralized exchanges."

Speaking of the topic of Etherum 2.0, V God expressed his optimism about the release date, adding that he "certainly believes that ETH 2.0 has been advancing rapidly and regularly over the past few months."

However, he also noticed that while testing and developing Etherum 2.0, new scaling solutions (such as Optimistic Rollup, etc. ) are emerging, which can provide some additional space for the continued development of Ethereum.

God V said, "I hope that ETH 2 will be released as soon as possible … but even if it takes five years, these rollups will give us some room to maneuver before the sharding (online)."

Asked if Ethereum can survive without him, V God has two views. From a technical point of view, V God said that because there are a large number of new researchers contributing to Ethereum, Ethereum "can definitely" survive. From a social point of view, God V is a bit uncertain.

God V said, "I'm trying to get the community to debate." He added that he did not intervene in most of the community's debates, such as whether to unlock funds in the Parity multi-signature wallet .

He concluded: "There is solid evidence that the community is capable of solving (its problems)."

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