Goddess, KOL, Super Awards – Wuzhen, Babbitt and "TA" friends are coming!

In the blockchain era, traffic is king.

If a meeting is "not good at seeing propaganda and not looking at security", it is the passing line of judging the holding of conference activities in the last century, then the word "flow" is a special rule for evaluating today's international large-scale events. .

On November 8-9, 2019, the series of "Babbit and TA Friends" curated by Babbitt will meet with you at the 2nd World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen site of “Application Unbounded”.

The most popular KOL in the industry, the goddess with beauty and materiality, the sharing of creativity and dry goods, the creative RapShow, the mysterious prize-winning link… this event with beauty, materiality, talent and goods Expectations of "traffic action".

In "Babbit and TA's Friends", I heard the most popular heartbeat in Wuzhen!

Preview of the event characteristics 1: "Dili Hot" combination for the first time, see how Babbitt is a family

This event will be hosted by the co-founder of Babbitt Accelerator Hu Mengdi and the host of "8 Questions", Jia Xiaobi, and the "Dili Hot" combination C will debut! Friends who often pay attention to Babbitt are no strangers to their names. When the "Do not" gentle and intellectual collision on the "Di" elegant and generous, the two Babbitt headed the first time, I believe that their humorous, enthusiastic host, will be able to attract your applause!

Preview of the activity characteristics 2: The goddess talks, the ladies and sisters who are in the circle, the talents, the talents and the temperament all come.

"Goddess is coming" is the biggest keyword of "Babbit's friends of TA". It spans the exchange, the venture capital circle, the media, and the market. We have specially invited the big cousin including the blockchain, the contractor CMO butterfly, and the fire. Co-Operation Account Manager Xiao Tong, HashKey Hub Market Leader Molly, Coin Founder Xiao Wei, TAMC Founder Lou Yiyue, Gate CPO Wine and other blockchains, talents and temperament in the blockchain "Goddess" Visit the site.

Online to play CALL silently, it is better to interact with the goddess on the spot! On the afternoon of November 8th, the dialogue of the goddess of the "8 Questions" on the live version of the field was not expected. You must not miss it.

Activity characteristics foresight 3: Cai Wei, Cang Gongzi airborne Wuzhen, gold medal analysts on the sword market situation, you most want to listen to this

Blockchain circle famous "anti-referring to the king" Cai Wei, "Zhengzhi Wang" Cang Gongzi will bring their personal show in the afternoon of November 8th and the morning of November 9th, in the "Super KOL" sharing session Accept the torture of everyone's soul. You can: Ask Cai Wei to open more air on the spot? Does Cangzi have a girlfriend? Their cryptocurrency investment is unique? Nothing you can't ask, only you can't think of it!

In addition, we specially selected the pirate "Golden Analyst", which is most popular among the readers of Babbitt, as the guest event site, and we will look forward to the follow-up cryptocurrency market for everyone. They are the coin founder & CEO Song Shuangjie, Hash CEO Billy, OKEx chief industry analyst Kong Deyun, Xiaoshang analyst Yu Wenshuai, QKL123 analyst Liu Qing. Don't miss out on friends who are interested in the market.

Activity Features Preview 4: Real Brothers, Really Please Accept the Blockchain Survival Guide from Community KOL

Traffic comes from the community, and traffic is inseparable from the community. There are also two special plans for community dialogues in the "Babbit and TA Friends" event.

Among them, in the morning of November 9th, we specially planned the dialogue of "Chain Node: Forum under the old gun line", the dialogue guests are accompanied by chain nodes (formerly Babbitt Forum) for many years, crossing the bulls, laughing (bao) Look at the (jing) wind (feng) cloud (shuang) community brother.

As the finale of this event (not to be seen), the leader of the Credit Research Institute, Xiong Yue, Hashtrend founder Audrey Tang, blockchain KOL Wenbin, Lu Bingzhen and Andy. Ten years of a dream, please accept this "Blockchain Survival Guide", in the story of them flying or disillusioned, or crazy or painful, or relaxed or difficult, you can find your own shadow, gain your own sentiment .

Activity characteristics foresight 5: Exchange new gameplay, high salary or high risk? Please pick up

From 2018 to 2019, the exchange's play can be described as numerous and numerous, and people are caught off guard. In 2020, what "routines" have they prepared?

We invite DFG Crypto partner Ni Kuang to host the round table, talk to Tamc founder Lou Yiyue, Zhen Ben Cong community barley, BitAsset managing director Wang Qingjin, BlockArk co-founder Warren Fang (captain), Gate wine, Comprehensive analysis of the exchange's various new ways of playing, foreseeing new routines next year.

Event Highlights 6: IM GODA WE ARE GODA, we also have Rap Show!

Hip-hop advocates the spirit of truth and innovation and the spirit of the blockchain coincides with each other. In such a lively event, how can the Rap Show be lost.

At the opening of the 8th and 9th events, we invited the blockchain culture label GODA manager Max and his team, who will bring an extraordinary audio-visual feast to the scene!

Ta friends

This is a cross-species friendship. Let us talk about the chain and do everything.

Let's talk about blockchain,until we love it.

November 8-9, friends, Wuzhen see!

Written at the end

The second world blockchain conference “Using Unbounded” hosted by Babbitt·Wuzhen is currently under intense and orderly preparations. Tickets for this conference are about to be sold out, and pre-orders are fast!

Official website of the conference (check the latest agenda, register for the ticket): https://www.8btc.com/wbc-2019

For business inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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