8 moats for blockchain entrepreneurship and investment in the 2020s

In October 2019, the key word for China's political and economic circles was "BlockChain". I didn't expect the bet to be right.

The Chinese are well-behaved in their work, and they are recognized at the top. The next step is the tactical issue of implementing details.

I will continue to pay attention to the ecology of the blockchain chain multinational financial holding group (Chae), especially the Ali, Ping An, and Wanxiang. Ali is too special to be difficult to copy, the Ping An is relatively low-key, mainly said that the chain does not say coins, but the universal system (distributed capital) currency chain double repair layout is relatively high-profile, its blockchain digital currency ecological full coverage of the game, most of China The private consortium can still refer to the imitation.

A flower alone is not spring, and a hundred flowers bloom in spring. In the next eight centuries, the sea will show its magical powers, and the future can be expected.

What about the 2020s? If I can only bet once, I don't know what other people are betting on, anyway, I bet "robot".

The robot industry is not the same as the Internet industry that is familiar to Cats and Uncles, but it is also necessary to build a “moat”.

Enterprises must have their own moat. This concept we all know is invented by Buffett.

All professional investors, even if they have not read his book in their entirety, have at least heard of the word.

The concept of a moat is also a top priority in guiding us to make investment decisions.

What is a moat? Simply speaking, it refers to the unique competitive advantage of the company. This advantage allows the company to survive the long-term competition and maintain its original profit margin and market share.

Why do ideal companies need to have their own moat? Because based on people's general understanding of the market, the high-margin market will attract investors to enter, the price war will eventually bring income and cost closer, and eventually a profitable market will become a mature low-margin industry, and the market will be very scattered. It is difficult to have a giant who makes money.

So in order to make money efficiently and efficiently for a long time, natural investors and entrepreneurs like to have a real moat.

The classification of the moat (barrier) that Buffett himself said was not detailed enough. Later, everyone made a lot of supplements with Chinese characteristics.

I collected and sorted out various statements:

First , technical barriers

A typical example of technical barriers is Google. Through the mastery of technologies such as search and ranking, Google has developed rapidly since its birth and has long occupied the big market of search portals.

The characteristic of technical barriers is that it is difficult to achieve, because often technology is a non-zero or one thing, either success or no result for many years. But once it is successful, it will have an impact on an entire era.

Second, the network effect

Typical examples of network effects are WeChat and Facebook. The so-called network effect is that the more users on the platform, the higher the benefits each user gets. For example, the more users on Facebook, the better everyone can connect to their friends, so the more people there are, the more valuable they are. For example, the early calls are actually the same. The more people use the phone, the more useful it is for everyone who has a phone. So the phone is a reflection of the earliest network effects.

The advantage of network effect is that it has natural transmission and monopoly. Within the same network, once there are enough users, it will naturally attract other users, and finally there will only be one network in one platform.

In fact, bitcoin is also.

Third, the scale effect

The scale effect of the Internet industry can be counted as a kind of “bilateral network effect” or “secondary network effect”.

A typical example of a scale effect is a drop, and the more cars there are, the more benefits each user has. Many times, people tend to confuse scale effects and network effects.

One argument is that the scale effect is that the more the supply, the better, and the network effect is that the more users themselves, the better the user.

The scale effect is often put on the funds, so this field is prone to giants, such as Didi, Mobai, but at the same time the monopoly of scale effect is not as good as the network effect, so there will be Didi, UBER, Moby, OFO. Such as the simultaneous existence, financing, and competition at the same time.

Digital currency exchanges can also be classified here to a large extent.

Fourth , data barriers

For example, Ant Financial has mastered the data of various users, which can selectively recommend products, build a credit system, and so on. The more data, the more the system understands the user, and the more users are inseparable from the platform.

Today's headlines can also be attributed to this type.

With more data, the more accurate the model algorithm is, the more accurate the final result will be, and finally it can be realized, such as e-commerce recommendation, Internet finance, and so on.

V. Channel barriers

This barrier is easily overlooked, but many times the channel is important. Many of China's companies rely on channel revenues. The most famous is Focus Media, which has mastered various channels of office buildings.

Sixth , GOV barriers

This Chinese character, GOV relationship is indeed a very important part of some industries, and has a strong exclusivity, had to serve.

In addition, industries dominated by central enterprises, such as finance, electricity, telecommunications, oil, tobacco, and railways, are essentially GOV barriers.

In fact, the blockchain project that really landed in China, this barrier is the core competitiveness.

This is why Cat Uncle has always encouraged the blockchain start-up team to go out to sea.

In particular, the CEO of the program is very easy to become a scapegoat for others on this domestic circuit. You know.

Seven, IP barriers

IP is not a new concept. IP is a group of people. It is a group of people who have a special form and content tonality. This group has a high sense of identity for such content, and the subsequent behavior is transformed. Consumption conversion shows a high conversion rate.

IP formation is difficult, once formed, you can lay down and make money. Foreign countries include Disney, Marvel, the domestic Journey to the West, the Three Kingdoms, Shaolin, and so on.

Uncle Cat as the seed round investor gave the founder the first check to accompany the first project on the market. This barrier is there. The story is also very exciting. I have a chance to talk again.

Eight , financial barriers

This is well understood, and many barriers to money can be built naturally. For example, a Xuanfa company with a strong capital background can use the “provisional issue” to obtain the opportunity to declare, which can naturally become a barrier.

Strictly speaking, China's Internet giants, such as Tencent Ali, now have all the eight types of moats mentioned above. It is the so-called super giant BigTech.

It is only in the various stages of their development that the barriers have different focuses.

Then, a robot entrepreneurial team, starting from scratch, step by step, how to build your own moat?

There are some answers in the uncle's mind, but I don't want to write it for the time being. I hope that the founders of these teams will think about it first and then discuss it with me.

These eight articles listed by the uncles of the cat are already commonplace for mature entrepreneurs, but there is not much that can really be known.

The ability of the founder's ability to learn determines the ultimate height of the team.

About ten years ago, when the uncle was working at Sina, in the third pole building next door, there was a shy siege lion who started his business for the first time and often talked to me (it seems to be the uncle of the cat, Tao Ning, or the school girl, Cui I introduced it, the time is too long to remember).

His looks are the favorite type of cat uncle, and the founding process of mobile microblogging is very similar to Xiao Tiantian, especially smart and hardworking.

More than once, the cat uncle told him that in the first three projects of the innovation workshop, others are optimistic about the other two, but I am most optimistic about you.

At first, the questions he asked were very basic, and I could answer them one by one. As time passed, his cognition increased rapidly, and the uncle could no longer give him more guidance.

Once he came to ask if the uncle can help him to be the CEO of their team. I said that your success will be far more than me, and you will try to move forward.

Later, the uncle came to Shenzhen, and he also broke contact.

Later, I happened to know that his company had been acquired by Ali.

Later, seeing his name appear in the position of “Taobao and Tmall President”, he is most hopeful to become the next head of Ali Group.

When I wrote it here, Uncle Cat can imagine that the cat is too much to see and then jump out and say, what is so good, what do people do well with you?

Yes, failing to be his shareholder to support him and share his success is also the incentive and motivation to encourage Cat Uncle to enter the investment industry to serve the young siege lion.

The CEO of the Cat Tai team is also an excellent siege lion, and Jiang Fan is the brother who ate in the same pot in the same period. The growth rate is fast. Although I will give the face a "senior brother" when I see me, I actually have nothing. Can help them.

In any case, the direction of the advancement has been greatly made. The local governments will soon convene the sea-going enterprises to discuss the blockchain and digital currency. Every outstanding sea-going enterprise has the opportunity to get the “private license” of the “multinational digital financial holding group”.

As for the profit model of “multinational digital financial holding group” (this is the essence, don’t entangle the name is called the exchange or other), look at the “Baoeng Department”, “Universal System” and “Haihang Department”. Billion big players (I will not write even more exciting), and recently recruited a few clear people from the new money, such as the currency security, the fire coin, and the OK, and quickly figured out.

Shareholders Feng Bo and Ma Bo are both hands-on figures. In the past few years, N billion real gold and silver global layout blockchains have been used. They must be said to be fools and mad. I don’t know if you believe it or not. Anyway, I am definitely not convinced. .

The only thing to note is that you have a user who builds an exchange, a wallet, a public chain, and a DAPP multinational digital financial holding group. The exchanges that others actually control are not yours.

The project of a 80 million overseas users initiated by Uncle Cat is taking this road. There is also a week of global official announcements. Welcome everyone to Wuzhen.

the above.

Someone asked who is the uncle?

I can only say that the uncle cat is the IP of the Shenzhen spirit. Regardless of the black cat and the white cat, it is a good cat that can catch the mouse.

This year, the civil mobility has been basically drained. The fund of the uncle has not invested in new projects. It has written more about the two key areas of investment, such as AI robots and BlockChain digital currency, and has exchanged ideas and exchanges for the upcoming global currency. Prepare for the release of water and science and technology.

Email [email protected], WeChat 125064351, please leave a message or provide a news thread.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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