Haidian District promotes “one network through” by means of blockchain technology

Xinhuanet Beijing April 15 (Liu Xuwei) On the 15th, Haidian District took the lead in launching a new initiative for the simultaneous registration of “real estate registration + electricity transfer” in Beijing, so that citizens and enterprises can apply for electricity when they register for real estate. Transfer, save time and effort.

It is understood that this is the Beijing Haidian District Government Affairs Administration Bureau, Haidian District Real Estate Registration Affairs Center and the National Grid Beijing Haidian Power Supply Company closely cooperate, through the process optimization innovation and the application of blockchain technology, open up the government service and public services In the field, in the service items with the theme of second-hand housing transactions, the services related to the theme are handled in a linked manner, so that the working people “just need to run once”. This practice of linking government services with public services is the first in Beijing.

Theme service innovation enhances “getting feeling”

In the construction of "Internet + Government Affairs", all departments of Beijing have always adhered to the people as the center, putting "the sense of gain of enterprises and the masses" in the first place, constantly innovating and reforming, and launching measures to reduce the benefits of the people. As a high-tech innovation center in Beijing, Haidian District promoted the construction of the “Internet + Government Service” system with new technologies, deepened the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and innovatively proposed the opening of government services and public services.

In the theme service of second-hand housing transactions, the District Administrative Service Bureau will use the service theme to pull the service links, and sort out the contents of the affairs based on the requirements of the scene, with the goal of “reducing matters, reducing links, reducing materials, and reducing time limits” without changing the original approval. Under the premise of the process, improve the efficiency of approval.

The Haidian District Real Estate Registration Center makes full use of the results of “one network, one door, one time” of the second-hand housing transactions realized by Beijing, and actively cooperates with Haidian District to promote the government service and public service practice.

At the same time, the State Grid Beijing Haidian Power Supply Company took the lead in proposing the service concept of “government-enterprise linkage, one-stop handling” in the optimisation of the power business environment, hoping to integrate the electricity transfer business into the real estate transfer hall, “Let the data Run more and let customers run less errands."

Blockchain technology helps "one network through"

As a high-tech innovation center in Beijing, Haidian District has continuously applied new technologies and new methods to the construction of “one network through”.

As an emerging technology with high security and mutual recognition of information sharing, blockchain has been widely used in finance, insurance, electronic depository and other fields, and has played a role in efficient data sharing, secure transmission and credit support. More importantly, the application of blockchain technology in the field of government can realize real-time sharing of data in various departments, effectively assisting window personnel and approving personnel to verify the authenticity of materials.

Haidian District is committed to exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of government service. Under the premise of not changing the original approval process, the company aims to reduce the number of items, reduce the number of materials, reduce the time limit, and reduce the time limit. The use of technical means such as the chain of events establishes a mutual trust recognition mechanism for data calls and opens up the "data chimney". In the handling of matters related to second-hand housing transactions, the integration of various examination and approval procedures, realizing the registration of real estate registration and electricity transfer services, greatly improving the convenience of the masses and improving the effectiveness of government services.

Contribute to the "Beijing Experience" to optimize the business environment

In fact, through the blockchain technology to open up the government service and public service areas, realizing the "one network management" is not only the requirement of "Internet + government service" construction, but also an effective path to optimize the business environment.

In the World Bank's Doing Business Report, electricity acquisition and property registration are two important elements. This time, Haidian District effectively improved the registration efficiency of real estate and the handling efficiency of power services through blockchain technology, and improved the sense of satisfaction and satisfaction of the masses and enterprises, which became a specific practice of Haidian District in optimizing the business environment. With the comprehensive and in-depth application of blockchain technology in Haidian District in the fields of enterprise start-up and construction permit handling, it will contribute to Beijing's “Beijing experience” which continuously summarizes and optimizes the business environment.

Zhang Nandi, deputy director of the Center for Government and Enterprise of the National Development and Strategy Research Institute of Renmin University of China, and associate professor of the School of Public Administration, said:

Haidian District's attempt to apply blockchain technology to government affairs is at the forefront of the country. The application of blockchain technology in “one network management office” can solve the problem of multi-sector collaboration, and truly realize the approval process “reduction, reduction, material reduction, time limit”, significantly optimize the approval process, and further enhance the acquisition of enterprises and the masses. sense.

Zhang Nandiyang also said that for enterprises, the improvement of the business environment means providing enterprises with convenient full life cycle services, which not only requires the improvement of government efficiency, but also the improvement of services in the public domain. If the government and multi-sector collaboration can be realized through blockchain technology under the premise of ensuring safety, it is of great significance to improve the business environment.

(Source: Xinhuanet)

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