Can blockchain technology avoid the recurrence of visual Chinese events?

The whole incident was a series of chain reactions triggered by a photo. A human photo of the first "black hole" made the country's largest photo provider, Visual China, into its own "black hole." At present, the crusade is incessant, and in addition to the excitement of justice and condemnation, we should calm down and try to think about some points of concern behind this incident. Finally, let's talk about whether blockchain technology can effectively protect copyright and better serve human beings. The picture below shows the first black hole photo of human beings.

On the evening of April 10th, the International Organization of Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), through the coordination of a global press conference, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) announced that it had successfully obtained the first direct visual evidence of the oversized black hole. Then the photo of the first black hole of human beings was announced.

On April 11th, Visual China announced that it had copyrights for photos and sold them publicly. Some netizens went to find visual Chinese communication and said that they must be purchased before they can be used. And kindly remind the users of the media to use with caution. This time it blasted the pot.

This photo was taken by the European Southern Observatory and was first launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China. At the same time as the debut, the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the photos were shared by humans and should be copyright-free. So you can use it. This remark made the people who originally wanted to save money to use the photos to feel the anger. The anger has pointed to the visual China.

The first climax of this incident was a microblogging slogan in the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, which completely brought things to a climax. As shown below.

Originally, everyone was not very clear about the definition of the use of photos, so that this matter was exposed at once, and everyone began to slap on the visual.

From the fundamental analysis, this matter is another kind of withdrawal of online copyright. If it is the early years when the Internet network does not have such a strong awareness of rights protection, it is good for pictures, video or audio. Too much care. Or because of the increased awareness of copyright. Everyone has a different degree of emphasis on intellectual property. This has become the mass base of this controversy.

I still remember that in the early days of the development of the domestic Internet, the contents of various illegal copyrights flew, and I wanted to listen to the songs, watch movies and TV shows and download them casually. Unsupervised. The situation is completely different now, and the copyright of all content items is strictly regulated.

However, in this case, the visual itself is not a problem to maintain copyright, but the fact is that it is a bit of a meaning to take the copyright that others do not belong to. Moreover, whether it is reasonable to sell at a high price in the case of copyright, and whether it is appropriate to use copyright to do the so-called "copyright guardian" is also a question worth considering.

Speaking of it, people can't help thinking about whether there is a better solution, all the text, audio, video, pictures, or other intellectual property content posted on the web. Is it possible to store, capture, trade, and circulate in a more convenient, more convenient, and more secure way? The answer must be yes.

The basic feature of blockchain technology is traceability. After storage, it can be checked and verified at any time, and the transaction is convenient, and it can be confirmed at any time. Let's imagine if these graphics can be protected if we use blockchain technology.

Store the photos at the same time as the European Southern Observatory releases the photos, and use smart contracts to price the photos at zero, which is free to download and share. Using the principle of blockchain traceability, this image can be used to query the real producer of the image through the traceability mechanism. And because the price tag is 0 yuan, the download does not have any thresholds and obstacles, and it can be shared more quickly. It also avoids the use of black-hearted merchants as a profit tool.

Even if the property rights goods have price restrictions, as long as the intelligent chain system of the blockchain is used, it is automatically purchased and sold on the network, and then it can be downloaded and used. It can also avoid the problem of so-called middlemen earning the difference and protect intellectual property rights. It also reduces the cost of users. In the end, it is ideal to solve some problems existing in current copyright.

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