How deep is the water in OneCoin? Former US President George W. Bush was accused of collecting money for the meeting

According to law360, Neil Bush, the former president of the US President George W. Bush, got Ruya Ignatova for attending a conference on cryptocurrency scam OneCoin. ) paid $300,000, the latter being one of the heads of Vikco.


Mark Scott, a former attorney for Locke Lord, an international law firm, was arrested for collusion with Ignatova, nicknamed "The Queen of Encryption," and his brother Konstanin Ignatov. The Ponzi scheme OneCoin money laundering is facing a US court trial. Ignatova is currently accused of money laundering and her brother was arrested earlier this year and signed a confession last month or will face up to 90 years in prison.

Returning to Scott, he does not admit the charges against him and claims that he believes everything is legal. Scott's lawyer, Arlo Devlin-Brown, told US District Judge Edgardo Ramos, the younger brother of former President George W. Bush and the third son of former President George W. Bush. Neil met Ignatova, which is why Scott is reassured by the deal. They want Neil to testify in court.

Investor Neil is a member of the board of directors of Hoifu Energy, a company of Chinese businessman Dr. Xu Zhiming. The FBI agent who was responsible for investigating Vicat has contacted him. The company was involved in a $60 million cash loan transaction, which, strangely, was provided by Vikco.

Devlin-Brown said that Neil can prove that the deal is not a scam by the US government.

Judge Ramos asked Scott's legal counsel David Garvin:

“Ms. Ignatova, Mr. Bush and Mr. Xu really had a meeting?”

Garvin gave a definite answer, saying that Neil got $300,000 because of the meeting.

The FBI interviewed Neil about the meeting in Hong Kong, and Garvin read out some of the interviews. Investors will benefit from this oilfield transaction. According to the FBI report:

“Neil recalls that Dr. Xu Zhiming, President of Hoifu Energy, received some cryptocurrencies in an oil deal in Madagascar. Bush obtained the residual interest in cryptocurrency from oil trading. Dr. Bush and Dr. Xu met in Hong Kong. The woman of the cryptocurrency company Ruja Ignatova."

Garvin quoted the FBI document as saying that he told Neil that if he could sell the cryptocurrency, Neil would be entitled to 10% of the deal. However, the deal failed.

Neil's lawyer, David Gerger, admitted that his client had attended Ignatova's meeting, but he was not a director of Hoifu Energy and had nothing to do with Scott. Gerger explained:

"He didn't make that choice, and he didn't invest. After he attended a meeting, I thought he asked a few more questions, and that's it."

Gerger said that Neil's testimony would have no effect, especially if his interview had been recorded.

Finally, the judge agreed that Neil's testimony had nothing to do with Scott's defense and refused to investigate further.

In October, Ignatov, the brother of the "Encryption Queen", pleaded guilty and may face up to 90 years in prison. He was charged with money laundering and fraud. Although his plea agreement was signed last month, it was made public on Thursday.

Ignatov was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in March this year.

Investigators estimate that so far, the Vicat Ponzi scheme has raised about $5 billion, and the Bulgarian entity behind it is still operating today.

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