IRISnet delivers cross-chain presentations and opens the Internet with DEX

IRISnet today achieved two important technical milestones: (1) completed the Cosmos Cross-Link Communication Protocol IBC's Pass-to-Transfer module (submitted to the Cosmos SDK code base) and released a visual demonstration version of the Rainbow Wallet for this feature; The San Francisco global blockchain hacker started to publicly demonstrate in the week; (2) officially opened the two-way charging gateway of IRIS Hub and the coin-based DEX, users can recharge IRIS to the coin-safe DEX through the Rainbow wallet, and view the two public Cross-chain transfer records between chains.


IRISnet's goal is to be a trusted bridge linking the digital economy to the real economy, providing a next-generation public-chain infrastructure for building complex, distributed business applications. IRISnet supports seamless integration between public, federated, and traditional business systems, enabling data and complex computing to interoperate across heterogeneous networks for cross-chain calls to services.

Founded in 2016, IRISnet's core development team “Boundary Intelligence” is a high-tech enterprise in China. It masters the cutting-edge technology in the blockchain field and is the most in-depth practice of cross-chain technology in China. Boundary Intelligence is the first member of the Trusted Blockchain Alliance led by the China Institute of Information and Communications. In recent years, it has received support from many countries and Shanghai including the “Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan”. , has a number of blockchain core intellectual property rights and patents. The company not only contributes to the innovation and development of cutting-edge cross-chain technology, but also actively promotes the application of industry applications. Based on IRISnet technology, it has created alliance chain solutions in different fields and won awards, including encryption intelligent analysis that can protect data privacy. The service network BEAN, jointly developed by Fosun's Xingkang chain, provides customers with a big data platform for credible circulation of medical health data, and a cross-chain service hub ISCH that supports regional financial service interaction and value exchange.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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