Huang Qifan, Vice Chairman of China International Communications Center: Digitalization is disruptive, and blockchain technology solves the problem of digital economic infrastructure

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Editor's Note: The original title was "Huang Qifan: Why Digital Is Subversive?" 》

Digitalization mainly includes big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Usually called ABCD: A-Artificial Intelligence, B-Block Chain, C-Cloud, D-Big Data. The general view of the relationship between these two is "integrated development". It is impossible to distinguish between priority and priority, and then you have me and you among me. For example, the Industrial Internet based on blockchain technology includes both blockchain technology, big data technology, and cloud computing technology. The three are integrated, and the concepts of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have been derived. However, some people believe that the status of ABCD is not equal, and its core should be blockchain technology. Because the blockchain technology solves the infrastructure of the digital economy and hits the fundamental problem of production relations. If the digital platform is analogized by people, the Internet, the mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things are like human nervous systems, and big data is like The internal organs, skin and organs of the human body, cloud computing is equivalent to the human spine. Without the network, the five internal organs and the backbone cannot cooperate with each other; without cloud computing, the internal organs cannot be racked; and without big data, cloud computing is the walking dead and hollow skeletons. With the nervous system, spine, internal organs, skin and organs, and the artificial intelligence equivalent to the soul-the human brain and nerve ending systems-the basic digital platform has been formed. Blockchain technology can improve human brain reaction speed, bone robustness, and extremity manipulation flexibility at the DNA level. Under the transformation of blockchain technology, digital platforms will greatly expand basic functions and applications.

In terms of specific functions, the core functions of cloud computing are computing capabilities, storage capabilities, and channel capabilities; the core functions of big data are the size of static data, the size of dynamic data, and the size of new overlay data after data is used; artificial intelligence The core function is to convert data into information after filtering to remove junk, and then push the information to form knowledge after mining and push it, and use knowledge to form decision judgments through intelligent algorithms. Blockchain is a special Internet technology that A management approach for the consensus population. " If it is said that cloud computing and artificial intelligence have brought productivity improvements, and big data makes production materials distribution more efficient, then blockchain is a change in production relations. On this basis, blockchain technology can also greatly expand the breadth and depth of human collaboration through new trust mechanisms.

The reason why digitalization can upend tradition lies in its five complete genes: full airspace, full process, full scene, full analysis and full value. The so-called "full airspace" refers to: breaking down regional and space obstacles, ubiquitous integration from sky to ground, from ground to underwater, and from domestic to international; the so-called "full process" refers to: all human production Every day in the life process, information is accumulated 24 hours a day; the so-called "full scene" refers to: across the industry, all the behavioral scenes of all human life and work; through the so-called "full analysis" means : Through artificial intelligence's collection, analysis, and judgment, it predicts all human behavior information, and generates new cognition, new behavior, and new value different from the traditional; the so-called "full value" means: breaking the closedness of a single value system, Through all value systems, and integrate and create an unprecedented, huge value chain.

The five complete genes of digitalization, combined with any traditional industry chain, will form a new economic organization method, which will have a subversive impact on traditional industries. Combined with industrial manufacturing, it will form Industrial Manufacturing 4.0; combined with the logistics industry, it will form an intelligent logistics system; combined with city management, it will form a smart city; combined with finance, it will form fintech or technology finance. In the process of combining with finance, the massive amount of information and computing power possessed by digitalization can greatly improve the efficiency and security of financial services, and reduce the operating costs, bad debt ratios and risks of financial institutions.

(The author is the vice chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center)

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