Contentos launches DApp content to support the first shot

“As a member of the Contentos content creation community, the blockchain has gained a certain popularity and recognition.”

– Vladimir Tomko, Blockchain Meng Chong CEO

The global content public chain Contentos teamed up with Blockchain Cuties to open up huge content resources to promote mass participation in the blockchain world, and started the first shot of DApp content support.


Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain, said: “I am very pleased to work with Contentos. We believe that the Contentos platform will revolutionize the way people create and enjoy online content. As a member of the Contentos content creation community, the blockchain Meng Chong has gained a certain popularity and recognition."

Tomko revealed that they have begun to get attention from Contentos eco users and community members. Users from Contentos Eco even spontaneously produced Vietnamese subtitles for the promotional video of Blockchain Cuties, and translated relevant cooperation news to facilitate more Vietnamese users to understand the blockchain cute pet game. He said that there are a lot of reports on the Internet about the cooperation between the two sides, including small languages ​​such as Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean. For the Contentos eco "exclusive cute pet", the community members showed great enthusiasm. The discussion topics were mostly around the name of Meng Chong, Meng Chong adoption, Meng Chong combat skills, etc. The related topics reached more than 80% of the day.


Caption: Contentos eco users create Vietnamese subtitles for Blockchain Cuties promotional video

In the past year, the cold winter of the encryption market has brought unfair criticism to the underlying blockchain technology, and it has also brought a rare "catch period". Aside from the sputum and foam, the high-quality blockchain project began to go out of the experimental verification phase and continued to land in various industries.

According to RatingDapp data, the total number of DApps based on ETH, EOS, and TRON is around 2,000, with blockchain games exceeding 30%. Blockchain games are seen as a breakthrough that is likely to be the first to break the monopoly and reshape the gaming industry. Compared to traditional games, blockchain games have absolute advantages in virtual asset ownership, liquidity, and specificity, but they are still in the early stages, requiring more low-threshold and fun products to attract mass users. Contentos partner Bryan Wu explained: "Content live broadcast is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of chain users pulling new and simplifying game operations."

The news of the global content public chain Contentos and blockchain cute pets Blockchain Cuties has been reported by many technology and financial media, and expressed affirmation and expectation for Contentos to solve the new promotion mode of blockchain DApp. The traditional App distribution platform does not support blockchain DApps, which are not compatible with each other.


Caption: Media reports contentos to solve the new promotion of blockchain DApp


Caption: Blockchain Meng Chong recognizes the Contentos eco-community

In order to celebrate the cooperation between the two parties and thank the contentos for their considerable recognition, the blockchain Meng Chong revealed that it will launch 10 exclusive Contentos communities in the near future. The exclusive Meng pet indicates the arrival of a new wave of online content creation, which is fashionable, thought-provoking and playable. At that time, the top ten COS consumer players in the game will receive this unique cat.

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