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As the originator of Chinese online games, Legend has led the take-off of Chinese online games. It is the game enlightenment of millions of first-time online game players, accompanied by many people from youth to middle age. From 2001 to 2019, in 18 years, some people said that "the legend has changed from a trend to a symbol, becoming a symbol, and being weathered as a memory." Now, the emergence of blockchain has injected new vitality into the legend.

Today, the blockchain version of the RPG game – IOST legend officially launched, will be officially opened at 14:00 Beijing time! IOST Legend is a blockchain end-game product independently developed by BlockGame in the classic legend 1.76 version. While saving the 1.76 version of the classic gameplay, the Token stimulus mode was added.


The launch of this IOST legend is a prelude to IOST's collaboration with BlockGame, a global borderless blockchain gaming platform. In the future, IOST will provide a rich ecological application scenario for the blockchain with more game development teams. Through the development of the blockchain industry in the gaming industry, the blockchain and the game industry will be perfectly integrated.

Users can not only experience the traditional gameplay of end-games, but also get the game's ingots or equipment by killing BOSS and attacking sand. They can also experience the characteristics of blockchain games and get Token rewards through mining. The IOST legendary mining game will be open at certain times of the day, and a total of 300,000 RMB will be waiting for you to mine!

Epic title special props are preemptive

To celebrate the official launch of the IOST legend, the BlockGame platform sent a limited edition IOST exclusive title and special item "Hezui Hammer" to members of the IOST community.

IOST exclusive title

Forward the WeChat public account "IOST News" article "Come on! The IOST legend is on the line, the epic title special props have the first | DApp Express to the circle of friends, and the screenshot is sent to the IOST public number "IOST News", you can get the "IOST Ares" title redemption code.

With IOST exclusive title "IOST God of War", players can get additional attribute bonuses.


"IOST Ares" title attribute

Special props

The crane hammer is a durable prop. After being equipped, it is durable with the player's use (mining, attack). When the durability is 0, the crane hammer will disappear automatically. With a "nozzle hammer", players can mine in the game.


Picket hammer preparation effect

Add IOST "IOST999", reply to "Legend", join the "IOST Legend" community, the number of people in the group reaches 300, all users in the group will receive the "Hezui Hammer" redemption code.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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