Li Bin, CEO of Wuzhen·International Cultural Chain: Opportunities and Reflections on Chinese Cultural Digital Asset Chain

On November 8th, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt was officially opened. The conference gathered more than 100 global blockchains, digital assets, AI, 5G experts and scholars, and technical geeks. Opinion leaders and founders of popular projects, with the theme of “application unbounded”, explored the application of blockchain, technology frontiers, industry trends and hot issues, and promoted blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

The following is the key content of the keynote speech entitled "Historical Opportunities and Practices of Digitalization of Chinese Cultural Assets" by Li Bin, CEO of International (China) Cultural Digital Asset Chain:

Thoughts on the Trends and Directions of China's Historical Development Opportunities

More than 20 years ago, the Chinese government wisely seized the national policy based on the development of information technology. This time, it will inevitably seize the development opportunity of the "trust era" and vigorously promote blockchain technology.

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For entrepreneurs, we understand the current application of blockchain technology, and we know the opportunities for ourselves as participants. At present, blockchain technology application has four main development directions: leading the blockchain technology innovation; the central bank launches digital currency; docking industry, for industrial upgrading services; asset digitalization, asset digital trust basis. We chose the trust of asset digitization based on this key track.

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In the cultural industry, the space for the application of blockchain technology is very broad. Take China's non-cultural heritage buildings as an example. The volume of these cultural assets has reached an astonishing trillions of yuan. Under the "One Belt, One Road" strategic background, blockchain technology promotes international cultural exchanges, promotes the circulation of global cultural assets through digital cultural asset transactions, realizes Chinese cultural output and feeds back cultural industries. This is a major issue in the digital economy era and a giant bonanza that has not been mined. It is worthwhile for the colleagues who are interested in developing culture and blockchain industry to join and work together.

International (China) Digital Assets Foundation United Nations Family Cultural Property Exchange – Shenzhen Wenjiao made asset custody, joint culture "Belt and Road" alliance, local Chamber of Commerce, combined industry experts, research institutes and blocks in various fields The chain of big coffee, etc., jointly established the Chinese cultural digital asset chain. We hold high the banner of digital assets and the banner of innovation and development of the cultural industry, create a banner of soft culture of Chinese culture, and the “Belt and Road” culture will go international . We will use blockchain technology to digitize Chinese traditional culture and national cultural and artistic assets to discover and Activate the true value of Chinese culture, and then let Chinese culture go to the world, let China stand in the forest of world culture, and realize the grand vision of the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture.

The operational framework of Chinese cultural digital asset chain

We will create the “Libra in the cultural world” – the “Chinese Cultural Digital Asset Chain” project. This project includes "four platforms + one public chain": digital identity platform, asset custody platform, digital cultural asset chain transfer platform, financial service platform, national cultural digital asset chain. The ecological structure of this project is to link digital cultural assets through the digital identity platform and asset custody platform. This is similar to the first-tier and half-market, and then through the international digital asset trading platform, the transaction flow in the international capital market.

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Cultural assets shall be held by cultural property owners, or directly transferred or transferred to the asset management platform of Shenzhen Cultural Property Exchange through asset nodes, and then digitally transformed through technology nodes, and third-party appraisal and evaluation institutions are invited to confirm the cultural assets. Reality, confirmation, and price. After the final adoption of the digital identity platform, the transaction flows through the digital cultural asset chain. According to the different attributes of cultural assets, the cultural assets on the public chain platform can be divided into several major categories: China's non-legacy, cultural financial service platform, ancient buildings, cultural IP derivatives, century-old brands, IP (film, game literature) Chain hosting, contemporary artist works, sharing shots on the fun chain, and more.

The main nodes of this project are roughly divided into technical, ecological, media, asset, community, and business. It is estimated that about three months will complete the arrangement of ecology and nodes, and will move to the capital market and digital platform simultaneously. Side chains are created when the nodes and ecology are laid out. The previously mentioned circulation platforms of ancient construction, cultural tourism, sports, games, film and television, copyright, etc., form a complete side chain ecology.

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At present, the project has reached nearly 100 billion yuan of cultural assets anchoring intention, and will anchor more than one trillion yuan of cultural assets in the future. We will establish 1000+ digital cultural asset stores at home and abroad, including cultural sales companies, cultural and creative industrial parks, museums, etc., through the linkage of the chain and offline, promote the national asset chain industry, and promote the prosperity of Chinese culture and international trade.

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The Chinese cultural digital asset chain has been officially launched and is looking for like-minded comrades.

Our project has been officially launched. What we need to do is to digitize assets for global cultural asset blockchain technology and digital identity platforms, and use smart contracts to automate the management of digital assets.

We are cooperating with the head enterprises of the cultural industry and are looking for more like-minded comrades who are interested in digitizing Chinese culture and national cultural and artistic assets.

  • Look for coins and resources in the chain;
  • Looking for partners of the eight modules: China's non-legacy, cultural and financial service platform, ancient buildings, cultural IP derivatives, century-old brands, IP (film, game literature) chain hosting, contemporary artists' works, sharing on the fun chain;
  • Looking for a super node;
  • Looking for community cooperation;
  • Look for domestic and international cultural resource platforms from the cultural world.

We hope to jointly build a cultural circle of Chinese cultural assets and work together to create an ecological environment that is truly conducive to the innovation and development of the cultural industry. I hope more people with lofty ideals will join us, unswervingly hold high the banner of digital cultural assets, and work together to achieve the great goal of "going out" of Chinese culture. Integration and cooperation with international exchanges, international capital, international asset management platform and various parties to participate in the construction of the “Belt and Road” strategy.

Cooperation contact:

Mr. Fu 13510012988

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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