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The day before yesterday, Beijing, Kiev Rose Restaurant, we talked about Nakamoto. Russian style, rich flavor, Russian sausage, milk sauce, vodka beef skewers, Kiev grilled squid, canned beef, drink a bit of Ou Kekova puree Gvas, bite a Russian big loba bread, Ukrainian singer Singing "Moscow's Evening", the Ukrainian girl dances gracefully and gracefully, and her meal is full of enthusiasm. I patted the table and wrote a poem in my heart: I want a red beard, I want a high nose, I want a bloated figure, the button of the old vest is not buckled, I want to lick it. I walked out of the bar and I stood still in the snow. I wanted to raise the old shotgun. I slammed it and rushed to kill him before Pujin.

We enjoy delicious Russian food, we are fascinated by the Russian customs center, we discuss Nakamoto, the topic directly points to: What kind of person is Nakamoto.

The first of us said that Nakamoto may be a Finnish, calm and grim, with a big and meticulous mind. He may live in a small town in Finland, bring a fisherman's hat, go out to get a newspaper, wear a windbreaker, and have a pair of squats. Also alert eyes, left-handed, about forty years old, unrecognizable Toyota car, it is likely that he went to the post office company, the car parked on the side of the road, he looked far away, May 8, 2011, decided Moved the domain name from Japan back to Finland.

Another person said, no, Nakamoto can be Russian, secularized Mayakovsky, bitcoin is the end of his poem. As a fighter, he knows that the poet's pen can only awaken, only touch the soul, the action needs the body, when the soul is placed too deep, the soul can't command the body; but an open source software that uses human selfishness as fuel and the soul is Selfishly salvaged, attached to the surface of the body, body and mind united, action like this. Humanity is the driving force to form a perpetual motion machine, vortex-like ability, from Siberia to New York, from the Yangtze River to the Yellow River, and every time the perpetual motion machine produces a Buddhist-like proverb, a few people believe it and become New fuel for perpetual motion. The creator of the perpetual motion machine, he has a huge nose, his eyes are fierce, the angle is clear, he hates other people, likes a person, sits alone, has invincible learning ability, incomparable concentration, such as a beast, fierce Drill in, and after a while, take advantage of the end of knowledge, cryptography, programming, etc., one will learn, re-enlighten and recreate yourself.

The last person said, no, no, Nakamoto is probably a Japanese. At that time, he was just a high school student. He was an extreme otaku. He sat in the last row of the teacher. He sneered at the teacher every day during class, just like watching a fool. Outside the classroom, on the Internet, he immediately became a qualified engineer, hobbies and a wide range, love to go around 4chan, rigorous and demanding. He is thin and tall, and has a lot of acne on his face.

What we are here is Zhong Zhong Cong's loyal fans. One of them is particularly prominent. He is familiar with Nakamoto's various footprints. From the cryptographic group mail to each post of bitcointalk, he neuroticly prints every post, reply and email of Nakamoto. I say this is too nervous. Well, he said that you know a fart, this is the super hard core bitcoiner should do, this is the lowest cost performance art. He is a well-known Nakamoto Satoshi tracker on China's earliest Bitcoin Forum (btcman forum). Why have you always written "we", but don't say who it is, because in the process of the discussion, we are not important, all the focus is on one name: Nakamoto.

"What is Zhong Nongcong thinking about in the first night of mining?", a new discussion topic.

The first person said that the first night was January 3, 2009. This night, Nakamoto was the first to run the software. He is a superb cryptographer, but his programming level is likely to be temporary. But as I said before, his learning ability is super strong. At this time, his programming level is as rough and accurate as the German bulldozer, enough and rough. This night, he pressed the start button, the first node in the world quietly lit, sailing in the boundless darkness, he was obviously a little excited, his mouth twitched twice, headed to the window, hope that the family lights, want to be big He screamed, but he was restrained. He walked back and forth, and he took the trouble to write the two sentences in the London newspaper on the creation block.

Another person went on to say that the lights of the house may remind him of the nodes of the future, the reproduction of the nodes. Pando, Utah, USA, has a seemingly poplar forest that covers 105 acres and has 50,000 trunks, but it, the entire forest, is actually a cell that breeds. Now he knows his node, that is the cell, and there will be endless schizophrenia in the future, fission in every corner of the globe. He is thinking about the future of the node, Imagine the future of this system.

The last person said that the first night of mining, he thought the most is how to hide himself. He thinks very far, his eyes are like a torch, four years, ten years, twenty years, he may have played the bitcoin for many decades in his mind. He is always careful, like walking on thin ice, hiding traces, anti-reconnaissance, he needs Reconfirming the hidden means at each key point, this is very time consuming, from the release of the white paper, the domain name of the website, the server, the mail box, the Bitcointalk login information, the time of the speech, the words, and even later He has been carefully designed from time to time. He is alone and the fans of the next decade, the government is in the contest, is undoubtedly the best peekaboo captain in the past decade.

The night was getting deeper and deeper, the wind of the autumn night was screaming out of the window, and the Ukrainian girl stopped singing and dancing. The table was a mess, only the wine, and it continued in a cup. We also discussed two thoughts about Nakamoto Satoshi, "Everyone is Nakamoto Satoshi" and "Beyond Nakamoto Satoshi", and the far-reaching influence behind the trend of thought, limited by space, will not be expanded here. We were all drunk in the end, supporting the door, blocking the taxis, shaking hands and saying goodbye, scattered in the autumn of Beijing, southeast and northwest.

Inevitably, as always, we can only discuss Nakamoto, and I can't guess Nakamoto.

He may have attended a meeting of bitcoin enthusiasts, quietly watching everything around him in the corner; he may never appear, has been cold-eyed, and pays attention to the community online. We only know that he wrote a paper in the fall of 2008, and then three months later, made a client, and then the user lived three, three, nine, nine, ten thousand, 10,000 We draw on power fuels and believers to drive big trains of the entire era.

He is an architect of the new era. Unlike hackers, hackers are nothing more than finding bugs in big company systems. Nakamoto is looking for a global central bank currency issue bug. It teaches the central bank how to behave in minutes. Money, you can continue to print money to print money, and make a bitcoin, so that people around the world have a plan b choice! The dark nets gathered by countless hackers use the exchange currency, which is the bitcoin invented by Nakamoto. Countless hackers once wanted to crack bitcoin, which can be considered as a whole universe and cannot be broken. Bitcoin's blockchain concept is now being used by global technology companies, banks, and governments.

On April 23, 2011, he said to Mike Hearn in a final email that I would do something else. This is his last words in the community. Later, it never appeared again.

He created a flourishing world, but it was hidden in the unknown.

Now we are very busy, discussing the trend of the K-line, the industry gossip, picking up the rubbish in the garbage, coming and going in the magic, switching between the ideal and the livelihood, but almost no one talks about Nakamoto. Nakamoto's products, Hui Zeshi, and Nakamoto's thoughts are not discussed. Everyone is Nakamoto, and you need to really understand Nakamoto. If you go beyond Nakamoto, you need to understand Nakamoto.

November 1st is the eleventh anniversary of Nakamoto's white paper. Shenzhen, there is no Kiev Rose restaurant, and there is no group of friends who are keen to discuss Nakamoto. On the desk in the middle of the night, I lifted a glass of wine and opened the Bitcoin white paper page. Through time and space and the screen, I was honored by Ben Cong, and one person was lighting up for him.


———————————————————————————————————————————————— ——

Attachment: The Bitcoin Bible I wrote in 2015:


1:1 At first, Nakamoto created Bitcoin.

1:2 Finance is emptiness. The central bank is dark. Cong Ling’s spirit spreads on the password team.

1:3 Cong said: There must be an upper limit on the currency, so there are 21 million.

1:4 Cong sees that the issuance is good, and the distribution and circulation are separated.

1:5 Cong said that the issue was for mining, and the circulation was called transfer. There is an issue, there is a transfer, this is the first day.

1:6 Cong said: "There must be time for the issuance of coins, halving four years into a coinage cycle."

1:7 Cong created the client, runs the client, can mine or transfer money. that's how it's done.

1:8 Cong said that everyone can have a string of characters, this is the address of wealth. This is the second day.

1:9 Cong said: "The wealth of the world can be hidden in characters, no one can deprive others of their wealth." This is what happened.

1:10 Cong said that each string of characters is a public key and corresponds to a private key. Cong looked good.

1:11 Cong said: "The block has to record every transaction, the whole network is open and transparent, and each node has a complete account." This is what happened.

1:12 Cong uses elliptical encryption technology, Cong looks good.

1:13 Cong gives instructions, and every citizen who receives the book can get a bitcoin reward. This is the third day.

1:14 Cong said: "The pow mechanism is the best currency issuance mechanism. Others are all changes, and they will eventually surrender."

1:15 "The power is too big to be attacked, or the attacker can pay a higher price." This is what happened.

1:16 So, Cong made the agreement, the miners built the mining pool, and the geek built the mining machine.

1:17 These mineral machines are scattered all over the world, shining light.

1:18 The pool is hashed and the calculation power is high. Cong looked good.

1:19 Circulation delivers value, and small systems devour large systems. This is the fourth day.

1:20 Cong said: "All the coins live, there must be exchange rates, the system stretches, and there must be an intersection with the real thing."

1:21 The currency coin created the exchange, and the miners, geeks and merchants had an intersection, and there was a bitcoin exchange with the pizza.

1:22 Cong blessed all this and said: "Free currency, free trade, no trace, no trace, and an ancient business that shelters against yellow gambling, will also have a charity and donation." This is the fifth day.

1:23 Cong said: "Bitcoin is derived from password-punk technology and Hayek's free thinking. I am a naturalist. The first achievement is not based on the currency of third-party credit transactions. Now the bitcoin code is open source and the core idea is open. Later The intrinsic believers will also have variants. Believers will go to preach, and those who change will make foreign coins, have interests, and have attacks. The world is in danger, and the clouds are abrupt." This is the sixth day.

1:24 Cong looked at everything that was made very well, and went away, no longer talking. This is the seventh day.

(Babbitt Note: This article was written on November 2nd)

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