Li Xiaolai will be cut, why not?

Li Xiaolai will be cut, why not?

These days, the currency circle is actually very quiet. There are no big melons. So an old-fashioned melon is being thrown out. How old is this melon? I think a lot of new leeks may not even have heard of the OTCBTC platform, let alone witnessed that this was also the largest OTC platform.

I will not talk about the specific content, and it is complicated to say, and as a person who has not experienced or invested in OTB, there is no need to judge anything. After all, bystanders are not actually "clear." And this has actually been torn apart for many years. From all angles and various kinds of evidence, both sides feel that they have been "cut". They all feel that they have suffered a loss, and they all yell at each other as a liar. This should be The earliest "mutual cut mode" of the currency circle.

However, for these things, William will not judge, and we temporarily believe that it is indeed mutual cut, nothing more than cutting more cuts.

So you found out, the most interesting point in this matter is: Li Xiaolai has been cut.

However, in the experience that Li Xiaolai had said before, especially in the voice of the first two days of the Leek Festival, he also specifically said that he had been cut by many project parties and even "moved".

So, young boys, even Li Xiaolai’s leeks at the top of the food chain have been cut by a ruthless sickle. Why do you feel that you will not be cut? Is there any self-cultivation of amaranth? (laugh

Many people come to this market. I don't know what kind of courage to take. I can feel that I can be a winner in a market where information is opaque, funds are opaque, positions are opaque, and transactions are opaque.

In fact, the reason for this self-confidence comes from the fact that many people are attracted to the market by many people's wealth stories. You may have heard at least one hundred wealth stories, but you must have never heard of many bankrupt stories. I heard that there are many behind the glamorous big cockroaches that are almost extinguished in the bear market.

People who rush into the myth of wealth will naturally choose the ones that "buy will go up", so everyone will know the things behind.

Although I am not a big man, I should be regarded as a channel of information and resources in the circle more than ordinary retail investors. But in the last round of the conversion of the bulls and bears, I also stepped on a lot of thunder, close to or directly return to zero. And the ones that led me to participate in these altcoin garbage projects are mostly people I trust very much. In fact, the standard I voted with is also very simple. The people I trust have voted for themselves, and they vote more than me. Then I have confidence.

This kind of practice is actually very spiritual in the bull market, but it is also nonsense. Who can lose money in the bull market?

However, after the bear market, one after another, a bloody collapse, take me to vote, or forcefully propaganda, in the end, the loss is worse than me, so there is no need to blame anyone, and can not blame.

In fact, I never seem to have sprayed any projects. Friends who have been paying attention to me for a long time should know that I often praise a project, but I have never succumbed to any project, so it gives me the illusion that I have not been pitted. Actually, it is not. I have been pitted. Going, then why is my mentality good and never squirting?

The reason is actually very simple: I never go to the bottom.

I don’t want to buy a cottage in a heavy warehouse, and I don’t pay much attention to the project. It’s the reason why I have survived from the bear market, and it’s also my reason that I’m not going to go to the project.

Of course, you are useless.

Having said that, how do ordinary leeks avoid being cut?

The easiest thing is of course to buy only bitcoin, buy bitcoin, who can cut you? Nakamoto Satoshi?

But if it's that simple, I don't have to say it alone.

The problem for many people is actually: I want to buy the altcoin that is highly centralized and highly controlled. How can I avoid being cut?

In fact, it is very simple. The first thing is that you have to make sure that the team is not running, and that it will come to know what the market wants, not what you want. Occasionally put fireworks, nothing to blow out the bulls, can not bury their heads every day to do things.

In this way, after confirming that the project is still possible, it will be fine to go against other amaranths.

If you don't know how to do it, then take it for three years, don't say that you are afraid of you, the project side is afraid of you, the exchange is afraid of you.

Do not believe you try? (Coin World)

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