Looking at the gold content of blockchain stocks through the annual report: None of the business revenues disclosed, nearly 50% stayed in the study

At the end of April, more and more blockchain concept stocks disclosed the annual report, and how the blockchain gold content is emerging.

At the end of March, the National Network Information Office released the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing number. A number of media reports, this is a good news to promote the development of the industry. Immediately, a large number of blockchain concept stocks went up. Among them, the easy-to-see shares and the Anne shares, which are involved in the filing list, are daily limit for several consecutive trading days.

But as there are hot spots, there is no shortage of people who are busy, and there is no shortage of companies in the market. The so-called blockchain concept stocks, how many are actually applying the development blockchain? What did they do in the blockchain field? The annual reports of listed companies often give relatively true answers.

The inter-chain pulse combs the annual report of a total of 70 well-known blockchain concept companies, and statistics and research. It has been found that companies have more research than applications, and as of now, no company has announced business revenues for blockchain.

No more than there are: concept stocks are also relatively "conceptualized"

It is reported that the legal time for the disclosure of the listed company's annual report is from January 1 to April 30 of each year. Mutual Chain Pulse reported the release of the annual report of 70 blockchain concept companies on April 25, of which 27 have not yet published annual reports (38%), and 32 of the remaining 43 have mentioned blocks in the annual report. Chain and blockchain business (46%), there are 11 companies in the annual report about the blockchain content, accounting for 16%.

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However, the inter-chain pulse observed that companies that did not cover the blockchain content in the annual report did not fully explore and develop the blockchain business. For example, the blockchain development project team of First Venture Securities explored the interbank quotation blockchain application in 2018, hoping to simulate the actual business process through the blockchain programming, so that the interbank quotation business has A better way to achieve it. However, the project did not mention the project and blockchain technology, indicating that the blockchain has not yet become an important business of the company.

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Excluding companies that have not published annual reports and published but have no blockchain content, the chain of links to the final 32 companies, from the company type, company listing, annual report, the content of the "blockchain" business, blockchain business The types and other aspects have been comprehensively sorted out. (End of the article with full picture) 32 companies' annual reports were mostly released in the middle and late April, especially on April 25, a total of 7 companies published annual reports.

Among them, the main types of companies are relatively concentrated. There are 11 companies in the fields of financial technology and financial services such as Hang Seng Electronics and Otto Electronics. There are 8 companies in the software and information services such as Xinchen Technology and Feitian Integrity. It accounts for nearly 60% of the total. There are two Internet companies: 2, 3, 3, 3, 60, and the blockchain business mentioned in both annual reports is the blockchain research field. There are two companies related to the communication business: Xuanya International and Digital Technology. In addition, there are Suning Tesco, which is mainly based on e-commerce business; Zhongyuan, which is mainly engaged in smart grid and medical health; and Guangyi Technology, which is mainly based on copyright cloud business.

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At the same time, the mutual chain pulse observation of the company's listed market is mostly the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 23 companies listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, accounting for 72%.

Research is greater than application: blockchains of companies are still in the early stages of development

The inter-chain pulse combs the contents of the blockchain in the 32 annual reports of the company, and there are 9 companies that mention the application of the landing application, accounting for only about a quarter of the total (28%). Of the remaining 23, 15 mentioned that they have opened blockchain laboratories, conducted blockchain-related research, and accelerated the blockchain research process. The remaining eight only covered the word “blockchain” in the report. The relevant business content has not been introduced in depth.

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Among the companies mentioned in the application are: Suning Tesco, Aerospace Information, Xinchen Technology, Runhe Software, Hailian Jinhui, Huasoft Technology, Feitian Integrity, Kelan Software, Julong Shares.

The annual report of Suning Tesco shows that Suning Finance has landed blockchain blacklist, on-line blockchain and IoT movable property pledge system in the application of financial technology; the self-developed blockchain commodity traceability system has been “618” e-commerce last year. The festival was fully launched at the Suning Tesco store.

The annual report of Aerospace Information revealed that after the legislation on vehicle purchase tax, the technical plan of “blockchain + car purchase tax” was completed and accepted. The company’s integrated management system was put into trial operation in 7 provinces and cities; non-tax bill business was in Zhejiang Province. The medical industry was fully implemented; the blockchain electronic invoicing system was piloted in five regions. The company participated in the preparation of the blockchain technology white paper, participated in the formulation of blockchain technology national standards, and the relevant blockchain technology application program was also piloted.

Mutual chain pulse observation, in April 2019, aerospace information was also selected in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pilot demonstration project "blockchain-based electronic invoicing system."

Xinchen Technology not only announced the relevant content of the company's blockchain application, but also released the relevant content of blockchain technology. The company independently developed the blockchain BaaS platform; and developed trade finance products and solutions based on blockchain technology.

Hailian Jinhui’s annual report also released information on blockchain blockchain research and blockchain applications. By the end of 2018, the company had obtained three blockchain software copyrights. The company's self-developed blockchain bottom layer framework excellent chain system passed the China Information and Communication Research Institute trusted blockchain standard test. Based on the excellent chain system, the “Excellent Chain Cloud Depository Platform” and the “Blockchain-based Cross-border Factoring Financing Credit Management Platform” have all been put into operation. Following the completion of the study of electronic contract deposit and digital currency in 2017, the company undertook and completed the key topic of “Application Research of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Network Lending Supervision”.

If the business types of the above-mentioned companies that promote the application are further subdivided, it can be seen that the main application directions are in the financial and financing fields, and the rest involve deposit certificates, electronic bills, Internet of Things, digital wallets and other fields.

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The companies that mentioned blockchain research include: Donggang, Hang Seng Electronics, Alto Electronics, Zhongyuan, Xuanya International, 2345, 360, Kodak, Zhongke Jincai, Jinzheng, Aikang Technology, Digital Technology, Zhejiang University New Network, Hengbao Shares, wins when winning.

The major events in the Xuanya International Annual Report indicate that the company disclosed the “Notice on the Proposed Establishment of Blockchain Laboratories” on May 24, 2018; on June 25, 2018, the “Block Chain Lab” was disclosed. The Announcement of the Establishment; on July 13, 2018, the “Announcement on the Launch of the First Product by the Blockchain Laboratory” was disclosed, indicating that Xuan Yaguo has established a blockchain laboratory and promoted relevant research.

The annual report of Alto Electronics and Zhongyuan Co., Ltd. disclosed that the company obtained the software copyright related to the blockchain. In the second and fourth quarters, Kodak shares in the annual report that they promoted the research and disclosed the situation of their respective blockchain subsidiaries. The annual report of Aikang Technology shows that the company's main research and development focus is on the flexible automatic production line of photovoltaic cell frame and the research and development and innovation of products such as brackets, components and blockchains. The total investment in research and development costs is 41,186,600 yuan, accounting for 0.87% of operating income.

The above-mentioned company's blockchain research type is also subdivided, only 60% of the research is promoted. In addition, the key research direction is financial management. Similar to companies that promote applications, deposit certificates and electronic bills are also the focus areas of concern.

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In summary, the inter-chain pulse found that companies currently have more research than applications, and no company has announced revenue from blockchain business in its annual report. The blockchain business of each blockchain concept company is still in the early stages of development.

At the end of April, all the blockchain concept listed companies will publish the annual report, the interlink pulse will update the data, and will supplement the non-blockchain concept stocks, but the companies participating in the blockchain will restore the A-share listed companies to participate in the blockchain. The whole picture.

The 32 blockchain concept company's 2018 annual report refers to the “blockchain” business statistics table:

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