In the 1 year of Babbitt, I rejected 2000 submissions.

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You hate the glamour of spring, but everyone loves it. And I joined Babbitt on a sunny day a year ago.

I rejected 2000 submissions during the year.

My work type is called "media operation". Like the blockchain, it belongs to a type of shu (gan) type. The Jianghu people call the teacher and call themselves Xiaobian. The most important piece is the operation and maintenance of Babbit authors and contributors.

A rough count, in the year after taking over, I replied more than 400 email rejections, managed the background Trash 1600+ articles, added 3,000 friends, WeChat said 480 times sorry. Counting the duty of the weekend holiday, the magic cycle of “receiving—reading—rejecting—re-receiving” is repeated every day.

One of the questions I was asked most was "Why can't I send it?"

Yes, for! What! What! Do not! can! hair? !

If the exclamation mark can kill, I estimate that I have received countless times of lunch in the Tencent universe.

Because exaggeration, because old news, because one-sided, because PR, because the point of view is too radical, because the view is too pessimistic, because the picture is watermarked, because "sensitive" because "pseudo blockchain", because the article is not well translated Ambiguity, because the article is well written, but we don’t pay much for this project. Thank you for your understanding…

? ? ?

If someone invites me to write an article about Zen and Blockchain Rejection Art, I am afraid that I will only be able to do it.

Send or not, this is a problem.

Like the pseudonym of Teacher Luo Jinhai, I am also a journalism science student. Taking rationality as the ruler and sensibility as the pen, editing is inevitable, and the planning is slightly rough, and the media is not pleasing.

The traditional thinking of the Chinese has a deep dichotomy. I can't escape this curse, but when I hit it, I will remember the steps of each level of stairs, tangled my left foot or my right foot, and step on the foot, and the last step in the work, one Hey, a trip.

After doing so many ways, I can’t help but reflect:

If the problem lies with the platform, is Barbit's access criteria too strict?

If the problem lies with me, is the judgment of a single person or a minority too subjective?

If the problem lies in the environment, then the masses of 99% of the masses lack rational awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency, while the media that is barbaric growth brings noise of information overload. What do readers need and what can we do?

(Author's Note: The above is a question.)

This is perhaps the most lonely career in the world.

The blockchain is the most difficult thing in the world. After a year, when the old friend asked "What is the blockchain?", I still have a hard time explaining clearly and concisely. It may be like a labyrinth that shatters the cognitive structure of many people. When you think you are coming to the end, you may just step into the next logical vortex.

Also said the circle.

This circle is like a gunpowder barrel, and the wind is blowing, and it is just a little bit. This circle is like a pond abyss, and the sinking stones fall into the water. Perhaps like Faye Wong sang, it is because there is a "coin" that will become noisy.

This is perhaps the most lonely profession in the world. The media is especially good. There are seconds of sudden news, thousands of information messages, followed by Changchun and Lao Wang (author note: Ba Lei Information CEO Wang Lei, admirable old media workers, referred to as "Pharaoh" ) With a 40-meter knife, a kind-hearted smile. Not to mention… (Author's Note: In order to take care of the reader's emotions, a number of descriptions of the 18-year market have been deleted here).

Stress is a good thing. Under pressure, you are screaming and biting your teeth, so that your teeth are bitten, and blood is swallowed into your stomach. Then you stand up and wave to the front barrier. "The armor is still there! "A punch."

The media does not have 996. In front of the news, the distance between you and the reader is called time. If you have to add a time limit to this time, the hope of the leader is — infinity.

Mavericks is one of the two coworkers who made me fascinated. He studied the speed of white papers and professional papers, and he was almost as fast as Zhang Wuji. He contributed a few million words of professional translation on Babbitt, a good man who is hard and fast. And knowing everything, from "how to get a real random number" to "when will the bull market come" "Bitcoin can still return 10,000?" He endured the endless ruin of my same table. Ask questions.

There is also the chief Yan value officer Meng Meng, the magic editor Tang teacher, "daytime does not understand the night of the black" Joie, naughty Wendy, Beijing a sister Helen, the news of a brother K God, mining a brother Wang Jiajian, a male A god, serious The Xiangyu brother, the romantic big plum, and the "I am doing things you can rest assured" are all unhappy, and everything is hard.

The words are far away.

My teacher taught me thatism should be cautious, and thatism is used to fight, not to talk. But I am deeply impressed by the fact that the genes of professionalism may have been deeply imprinted in the early years of QQagent (Wu Jihan's pseudonym) version of "Bitcoin White Paper" to Changchun's "Impossible Triangle: Safety, Environmental Protection, Decentralization " Babbitt’s pirate flag. It’s just that the flag-raiser has become us.

The unicorn became a unicorn because it is good enough and unique enough.

If the blockchain is a book

My worker Bing Yu (author's note: the coin is called Master Lu) once showed me a spinach game. The theme of the game is "Guess how much it can rise." Very simple, you only need to enter a magnification at the beginning, bet a certain amount of coins and wait for the opening. On the left side, there will be a ghost beating index showing the increase of the "project", we will stare at it to creep into the first quadrant, then the bubble will break at a certain moment, the game is over. As long as the bubble breaks up, the increase is greater than or equal to your bet value, that is, the game wins, and returns according to the rate. Bing Biao is a bloody boy with a rude appearance and a delicate inner heart. I recommend you see the official in his column in Babbitt. "When we talk about the blockchain, what are we talking about?" 》 . Bing Yan also has his shortcomings. Because of the thousands of unread messages, the response is sometimes slow.

Maybe life is good, business is worth it. There is such an escape curve. When your intelligence, physical strength, vitality, and ability can't get out of this curve, as the time axis goes on, it will eventually go to the mediocrity of zeroing.

I still remember that when I was 18, the teacher asked each of us to talk about the wishes of life. I said that I hope to be a good-tempered middle-aged fat man, but I will stand up and only finish 1/2, or the latter half.

The words are far away.

Why did I reject 2000 submissions a year? Why did Babbitt grow into a unique (quasi) unicorn for 8 years? Two words, rigorous.

Strict, it is strict. Respecting the mind and admiring the punctuation. Strictly to people, more severely to yourself.

I am careful. Keep in mind the lesson, be careful. On the route to the New World, you must bravely sail and avoid the reefs at your feet.

Babbitt’s old ship, Long Yan, wrote: “If there is anything worth mentioning in my entrepreneurship in the past few years, that is, I have always followed the initial choice: to do blockchain knowledge dissemination in the early stages of the blockchain. With technology popularization, more developers and entrepreneurs are involved in this Internet-level innovation."

Fortunately, we are seeing more and more authors, media, researchers and institutions regaining the spirit of respect and specialization, alongside us on the road of blockchain knowledge dissemination and technology popularization.

Behind the 2,000 rejections is more recognition and consensus.

In 2018, 327 authors wrote in Babbitt, and 8043 articles were published in Babbitt. A total of 217.14 million people stopped to read here. (Click on the link in WeChat to review the "Babbit column 2018 text impact list" )

Ok. One word is remembered: hard. The two words are: hard and long.

Quoting the metaphor of a piece of orange book leon "…the whole is more like a thick book, but every time the reader opens the website, he sees the latest page of the book. In this way, many readers I don't understand it, because we have assumed that the reader has read the latest page from the first page. I have not read it and need to re-read it from the front, but this requirement is almost impossible for the user."

If the blockchain is a book, if you are curious as if you want to touch the hard-core blockchain culture, if you look good if you want to open the first page of it today, then it must be — WeChat picture_20190425152605

Blockchain Ten Years!

This is the “year of turmoil” of the era recorders. Babbitt gathers the top 12 people in the blockchain field and traces back the road of entrepreneurial research for 10 years. Different authors shared their different views on the most representative events of the decade from multiple perspectives, showing readers the most realistic ecological panorama of the blockchain. There is no standard answer in the field of blockchain, the freedom of thought expression, the courageous exploration, and the infinite future, we have unlimited possibilities.

This book is now on the shelves of all major shopping malls, Jingdong Dangdang is available for sale, Xiongzi here thank you for your support!

Below the article, please like and leave a message, I will send you a number of paper books for you, only the GG and MM look good.


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2. Viking is the new open media platform launched by Babbitt. It is more free and more decentralized. More than 800 new authors have joined the online calendar. More authors are welcome to join. More details can be read by Babbitt. The media open platform Viking is officially launched: let us change the tide, not just the headline"

3. Subsequent writes may be made to some soft readings related to the blockchain. Any ideas and suggestions are also welcome to WeChat (id:archie2).

the above.

Note: In the pirated website, the name of this article may be changed to "My 365 days in Bitba", the author name may be changed to "Xiaoxiong" or "Little Bear", please pay attention to the reader.

This article notes and extends reading:

1. We went to Hangzhou "DAY ONE"

2. Dialogue "block chain Years" book author: Body in history, we are the people who write the story

3. For ten years, why should we write a blockchain book?

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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