Market Analysis: Bitcoin broke through the $8,000 mark, and the market sent out again

The Litecoin currency has turned back after breaking through the $140 mark, and the overall risk appetite of the market has begun to decline. As the leader of this rebound, it is the current market vane.

The market wants to continue to pull up and needs the switch of the leader. However, there is no leader in the market that can take the lead in pulling up. Therefore, the market sentiment is beginning to be conservative, and the callback is reasonable.

As an investor, what we have to do is to pay close attention to the trend of the mainstream currency. If there is a new leader to follow up in time, if it does not appear, then look for opportunities to short.

Judging from the long-short position ratio, the long position on OKEX has begun to exceed the short position, indicating that the market is still in a strong stage in the short term. Coupled with the continued turmoil in the international situation, the expectations of countries raising interest rates can be foreseen and the market may strengthen again.

In addition, it is worth noting that the wallet on the market may be concentrated in thunder. After all, the wallet that guarantees high returns is generally borrowed from the old and new. Once there is no new capital injection, the scam will begin to collapse.

Therefore, advise everyone not to take the risk test, promised behind high returns, there may be a huge pit waiting for you. Especially in the centralized wallet, 90% of the money is a scam.

Whether it is to do quantitative or financial management, the currency must be in your own hands, the private key must be preserved, remember not to carelessly, once there is a problem, there is no place to cry when you want to cry.

The current market conditions, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Platform currency: BNB, HT, OKB have all hit a new high, and the leader is BNB. From the trend point of view, BNB is in a bullish trend and may hit a new high, and the contract trade will go online and may continue. Stir a wave. Both HT and OKB are close to a new high, which is worth looking forward to.

Platform coins are often the vane of the market. Whether this will drive the market turning and play a key role can be focused.

2. Bitcoin: The trend of Bitcoin determines the next big trend of the market. At present, it is oscillating around 8,000 USD. Looking at the trend, it is normal to shake up and accumulate after breaking the pressure. Once there is a breakthrough, you can chase it up. On the contrary, if the callback, it is necessary to leave in time.

3. ETC, once the ETC starts, the market may continue to be suppressed. Therefore, we must pay attention to its movements and pay attention to prevent risks.

The following analysis of the market with indicators:

BTC shrinkage adjustment, the price is below the middle of the Bollinger Band, it will take time to continue to pull up. The 5-day line is around $7,900. Stepping back is a chance to increase the position. The MACD's DIF is flat, the red column is shortened, and the subsequent secondary gold fork may be formed above the 0 axis, which is the opportunity to increase the position. Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

RSI is around 50, the strength of both buyers and sellers is quite strong, KDJ is starting to rise, but at a high level, it may face adjustment needs in the short term.

On the whole, Bitcoin adjustment is a normal behavior. If the price can return to $7,900, it is a time to increase the position. If the medium-term trend changes, it may rise. It is recommended that the low placement, $8,700 may be the second highest position.

The trend of ETH is as strong as yesterday’s emphasis. The main reason is that the adjustment is more adequate and sufficient. On the trend, ETH has already stood on the end of Brin, and the MACD trend has started to move upwards. The bullish trend is more obvious. RSI fluctuated around 60, the buyer's power began to overwhelm the seller, and KDJ also began to rise, which is relatively strong.

The probability of ETH going up is high, and it may be laid out. It is more suitable near 252 US dollars. It is a little risk to chase high, but the risk is not big.

EOS began to strengthen, but in the early stage, a large number of sets were on the top, and it took time to digest. In the short term, it may be limited, and it is likely to oscillate between 6.3 and 6.8 US dollars. Many investors are worried about EOS. In fact, the more likely this is, the more likely it is to break out. You can focus on it.

From the indicator point of view, EOS fell from a high level, and the adjustment was more sufficient. It rose for two consecutive days. The DIF of MACD stabilized at the 0-axis, and the red column began to shorten and began to strengthen. Near the RSI disaster 0, the long and short is in the game stage, but the medium-term trend is upward, KDJ also began to go up, and the short-term trend is strong.

Taken together, EOS can be laid down if it falls below $6.3, waiting to be pulled up.

The market is still in the game period, the market is very limited, still follow the grid operation method I have talked about, earning a few points every day, during the shock period, finding the right investment method is crucial

Source: QKL123

Pay attention to the public number: the big devil in the currency circle, get more investment advice.

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