May 6 madman market analysis: trump or re-launched against BTC to take the upper US dollar?

Analysis of the madman market on May 6: trump or counter-attacks BTC took advantage of the upper US dollar?

Market analysis

The Punch Trump this punch mainly affects two points. The first is the global capital market, and the second is the US dollar index. From the perspective of market performance, Trump has pushed the dollar to a state of high and low. Usdt's ups and downs are directly linked to Bitcoin. Now it is the ups and downs of usd that are directly linked to the stock market. If usd rises, the stock market will fall. Otherwise, the stock market will rebound. So tomorrow's stock market will have a big rebound and rebound. Is it very interesting? Things?

Today, USDT seems to have risen, but it is actually caused by the strength of the US dollar. Therefore, the overall impact on Bitcoin is not large. After the decline of Bitcoin, USDT did not cause a substantial increase, indicating that the fund-raising funds are still insufficient, and the market is still the market for stock funds. Therefore, we continue to avoid risks as a whole.

In the short term, the market is still at a high level, but we can clearly feel that the market has no money-making effect. This is also the reason why the investor's sentiment is gradually declining. In addition to Bitcoin, whether it is mainstream currency, platform currency or small currency, There is no good money-making effect, so in the case of weaker market sentiment, the funding will be weakened, and the final decline will be a high probability event.


Today, the small volume is falling, and the overall relative resistance is falling, but the general trend is irreversible, and it should be avoided. A good news has just emerged, saying that regulators are preparing to approve Ethereum futures, but all the uncertainties are too strong, so the impact on the currency price will not be too large for the time being.


The low position continues to be weak and does not participate.


The old leading coins have led the market today, and once again, there are signs of stepping back on the 60-day line. As the volume can be gradually enlarged, the probability of the market's continued decline is also increasing. Leading the leading currency is the leading indicator of the market and should be given some attention.


Today, the same heavy volume fell, we can see that the former four King Kong (LTC, ADA, EOS, BCH) today led the market, which is also a signal of market weakness, and then rest.


Today, it has taken the lead in breaking the 60-day line. Beware of the risk of the big Yinxian, reduce the position and not participate.


It also fell below the 60-day line, and the downtrend is not to be bargain-hunting. It is better to wait for the opportunity.

The basics of the small currency pull are mainly air coins. They are all guys with small trading volume. They play with themselves and are easy to be cheated. In addition, the recent circles are still very active, and there are many coins that continue to rise. If you want to play, you should set your own stop loss. The madman doesn't recommend those, because people in the currency circle should do things in the currency circle. If you don't understand, don't touch it easily.

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