Under multiple pressures, can BTC still stage a miracle day?

BTC has a new high, BNB has been consolidating near the historical high point. Other two-line targets such as BCH, LTC and EOS have a certain distance from the high point of this round of rebound. From a time-sharing perspective, BTC will be created again. A new high, 1 hour level of macd is also diverging, the entire market is still closely following the trend of BTC, and now BTC is facing multiple pressures, before the volume has not been effectively amplified, we believe that the two leading indicators are mainly based on shock or decline adjustment.

We believe that during the BTC and BNB shock consolidation period, the BCH, LTC, EOS and other two-line targets will withstand the pressure of the market to return to the high point of this round of rebound, and then everyone in a selection direction, assuming that these two-line targets are directly broken down. Then, both BTC and BNB are difficult to form a real breakthrough. Everyone collects firewood with high flames. Only when the market as a whole changes, the breakthrough is truly effective and reliable.


BTC ushered in a counter-insurance market after experiencing the hour-level slasher, but we saw that the round of the round was not hitting a new high, and the 1-hour level of the macd indicator deviated, and the volume was shrinking. There is still a certain gap with the gradual increase in volume that we hope for. Next, the target may return to the support of $5,700. If the position cannot be effectively supported, it will fall below $5,600. The pressure on the top will be strong, and the rebound will not happen overnight. Pay attention to the rhythm. .


The trend of ETH has not been strong, and has not yet stood on the downward pressure line. Such a large-scale rebound, the target is once again absent, indicating that the target is not the protagonist of this round. When the market is pulled up, only a small amount of funds will flow into the target, and the pressure line will not To do more, we still recommend to wait and see for the target. We will break through the pressure line and we will change our attitude towards the target. Otherwise, we do not recommend participation.


At a time when the market rebounded sharply, XRP is stable as a dog. It is recommended to continue to wait and see. At present, we have not seen any signs that the main fund has done much on the target. We will return to 0.32USDT and we will see more trends. If we hit new lows, the downside will open. .


BCH is taking a very standard structure of the flag-like structure. We believe that if the BTC does not fall quickly, but adopts a consolidation trend, the target is very promising to test the high point of $346.5 again. The direction of the flag is subject to the amount of the flag, currently there is a support of 285 US dollars below, once again below that point will return to the lower track of the channel.


LTC is taking the form of a head and shoulders. At present, the volume on the right shoulder is still acceptable. In the short term, it may return to the support of $75 again. We think the target will be in the range of $75-85. After a period of shock, a break below $75 will result in a double dip. If the volume breaks above $85, it will be bullish to $98.


EOS pulled up to the top of the locked area began to appear a callback, 4.8 US dollars is a strong support, is expected to stop at this point to stabilize, and then wait for an opportunity to rebound, below the 4.8 US dollars will be a double bottom.


BNB is now doing a triangle sorting. The rebound of this round is not strong. The funds have signs of fleeing. The daily-level macd indicator is running downwards. 20USDT is the strong and weak boundary. If it falls below, it will usher in a big decline.


The TRX went down again and failed to stabilize. The long-term defense of the bulls was around 0.0217. The tendency to break through the point was not, and it would test the low of $0.017.

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