Meng Yan: Digital assets are the core of the digital economy upgrade. Its eight advantages promote the digital economy upgrade and flourish.

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Digital assets are closely related to the development of the blockchain. In order to strengthen the research in the field of blockchain and promote the development of blockchain academic, technology and applications, the China Investment Association and the Digital Asset Research Institute jointly established the "China Investment Association Digital Asset center". On December 22, 2019, the Digital Asset and Blockchain Annual Conference 2019 and the China Investment Association Digital Asset Research Center Establishment Conference was held in Beijing.


Meng Yan, the deputy academic director of the Digital Asset Research Institute, gave a keynote speech entitled "Digital Assets Are the Core of Digital Economy Upgrade".

He pointed out that the problem of upgrading the digital economy is not just China, but many people of insight in the world and many important countries are considering it. Major countries in the world have all proposed their own digital economy upgrade strategies, so the upgrade of the digital economy is a new global competition. In the last round of digital economy competition, China was the biggest winner and beneficiary, and China's success also set an example globally, making more countries aware of the important role of the digital economy for future development.

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has made a very important assertion that data should be used as a new factor of production. Later, Vice Premier Liu He published an article "Insistence and Improvement of the Basic Socialist Economic System" in the "People's Daily". This article explained the data as a new production factor in a very detailed way. Production efficiency has a multiplier effect. It is also mentioned that in the future we will establish and improve data ownership, open and share trading rules.

The resolutions of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee and the interpretation of Vice Premier Liu He actually conveyed an important message to us, that is, to use data as a factor of production and data as assets, and as a key to the transformation and upgrading of our digital economy Or core.

If data can become a new factor of production, it means that the logic of our economic growth may change fundamentally, because data is inexhaustible and inexhaustible, it is added to the factor of production as a resource It will have an important impact on our entire economic growth logic and business development logic. It can be imagined that in the next 20 or 30 years, our entire economic growth pattern will undergo major changes.

Meng Yan also introduced several advantages of digital assets in the application.

The first is flexibility. Digital assets can tokenize everything and digital assets.

The second is certainty, digital assets can be guaranteed to be executed by the blockchain's algorithmic contracts.

Third, digital assets are transparent. It is delivered point-to-point. If the central government sets up an algorithm contract and signs an algorithm contract with the ordinary people, the central government can pass digital assets or incentives to individuals in one step. The middle-level bureaucracy acts as an agent, avoiding many problems.

Fourth, the accuracy of digital assets is very high. We have already experienced similar headlines or today ’s headlines. Every repost, every comment, and every browse can be measured and the corresponding digital assets can be obtained.

Fifth, digital assets can be transferred in real time.

Sixth, it is the innovative nature of digital assets. We believe that in this era, there will be a large number of new types of contracts and tokens that have never been thought of before. If there is a new type of contract, a new type of digital asset will appear. If there is a new type of digital asset, the certificate corresponding to this digital asset will appear. We call it a token.

The seventh is the transparency of digital assets. Its traceability and supervision are very convenient. Although it brings some challenges to supervision today, in the long run, it is a major benefit for supervision. Supervision will be traced back in the future. All the data on the chain is very clear.

Finally, the ecological nature of digital assets, we must pay attention to the built-in ecology of the blockchain. Once a high-quality blockchain project is developed, it can directly build an ecological and self-organized ecological development worldwide.

In the foreseeable future 10 or 20 years, we will witness the vigorous development of this set of digital assets represented by the blockchain, and the value of the blockchain is not only here. Digital assets are a new civilization of the entire Internet, or we can say that we are in the wild era of digital civilization. In this new era, everyone grows savagely in their own way. The winner is the king. Whoever has the hardest fist and who has the big territory is the boss. In the future, blockchain will legislate for the Internet and bring native values, systems and facts, thus opening a new chapter in digital civilization.

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