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With the approach of the World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen, most of the blockchain industry people have been gearing up, calling friends and waiting for participation in this event. In the activities of many sub-conference venues, Keep MOVing, a special event for the original chain, provides a good place for blockchain technology enthusiasts.

As one of the three major public chains in China, it has been more frequent than the original chain in the past six months. In June, the Bystack white paper of the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform was released, marking a step closer to the commercial application than the original chain. The second Global Developers Conference was held in San Francisco in August and received enthusiastic responses from developers around the world. The MOV Decentralized Cross-Chain Agreement White Paper was released in September to provide a credible infrastructure for the free flow of digital assets. In October, a management team that was newer than the original chain and updated and upgraded was released.

The technology-oriented ratio of the original chain also uses technology and applications as the focus of this special event. Compared with the original chain CEO, he will give a speech first, introducing the past work results and future development plans, and then the original chain CTO James will explain the deployment of the MOV future chain oracle, and will release the MOV test data for the first time. Compared with the original chain CFO, Li Zongcheng will introduce the cross-chain mechanism of the cross-chain agreement MOV and the recruitment plan for the federal node. Tom Liu, the senior researcher of the original chain, will explain the design philosophy of the MOV cross-chain eco-finance system and release the MOV ecology on site. In the mysterious project, Aben, the head of the original chain UED, will also announce the brand design strategy and system upgrade of the Bystack series.

In the furnace dialogue on the commercial application of blockchain, Ma Qianli, the director of the original chain operation, invited the application of ecological partners and digital economic experts to discuss how the blockchain can enhance the credit for the digital society. In addition, from the wallet, nodes, transactions, hosting and other parties will also gather together to talk about the ecological construction of MOV and the interaction of digital assets.

This time, the original special event also prepared a red envelope with a total amount of 10000BTM for the audience. Not only did the audience present the BTM reward, but also the 500BTM award.

From 8:30 – 17:30 on November 8th, the rain reading hall of Wuzhen Internet International Convention and Exhibition Center is more than the original!

Keep MOVing than the original chain event

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