Nakamoto is coming again, this time he has blonde hair and 250,000 bitcoins.

Last week, a video shot at the Las Vegas event fired, and Jörg Molt, who called the "Bitcoin co-founder", became the focus of attention, saying he had 250,000 bitcoins.


Some people call him a liar, although the taunting behavior on Twitter may be interesting, but Molt's story shows that this very common behavior in this circle (ie posing as Satoshi Satoshi) deserves our high vigilance. Before buying Molt's Nakamoto School course or Bitcoin brand champagne, be sure to understand the true story behind this man with a delicate hairstyle.

Bitcoin's "co-founder"

Although Molt has been repeatedly accused of planning multiple scams, has used countless pseudonyms, and has been a DJ in Germany, it is limited to guessing and limited information on the Internet, but one thing can be confirmed, that is, he is acting. Still exaggerated.

Molt promotes himself (and sells his courses and BTC Champagne) with "Bitcoin co-founder" and "one of the few experts in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency." He also created a website called Nakamoto School, which reads:

“Zhongben Cong School is the only school in the world that specializes in bitcoin and bitcoin blockchain technology. The co-founder Jörg Molt founded this school in 2016, he was from 1995. I have been working on global digital cash projects since I started."

There is a video of Molt's interview on Youtube, in which he explains the true meaning of "co-founder." "The magic is that people from all over the world have the same idea at this time," Molt said in the video, those who are only committed to creating digital currency, are "co-founders."

Molt is accused of being a liar

Of course, most people don't believe Molt's vagueness and high-profile statement with 250,000 bitcoins. At the recent Las Vegas blockchain event, Twitter user Kenneth Bosak took a video of Molt and pointed out:

"This person is not Nakamoto. He told everyone that he is Nakamoto. He doesn't belong here, he is leaving."


Bosak said that "Nakamolto" (ie Molt) told the participants that he was Satoshi, but this has not been confirmed. Molt's reaction to this was to attack the opponent's verbal attack and then secretly take off Bosak's hat. This kind of communication is naive, but it is the level that people expect when they seek the sensation of the network. This incident and the attendant attention have clearly led to Molt disappearing on Twitter, and his account has been limited.


A series of celebrities including the Bitcoin evangelist Andreas stood up and commented on the matter. Apparently, Molt claimed to be a good friend of Andreas, but the latter has been publicly denied on Twitter and said that they did not know each other. Pomp, the founder of the cryptocurrency fund Morgan Creek, said that don't believe anyone who claims to be Nakamoto.

True and false Nakamoto Sakae continues

The last time someone was exposed was that Nakamoto was in August and quickly caught people's attention, just like Molt, CSW (Craig Wright), and many others in the field who are looking for attention.

Some people say that Bitcoin has somehow lost its way and is corrupted by greed. However, people who are exposed to Nakamoto are hardly providing evidence, and they are getting resentful criticism. After all, if no one believes in you, what does it mean to be a real-life role-player?

For Xiaobai, this industry is too dazzling. Understanding the basic principles has become a challenge because of a long list of terms like blockchains and deliberately ambiguous language. No one wants to miss the paradise of Bitcoin, and the plot of a savior will greatly help the story. As for Molt, the authenticity of his co-founder’s identity statement and how many people will eventually become his supporters remain to be seen.

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