New Zealand blockchain organization calls on the government to develop a blockchain development strategy as soon as possible

New Zealand blockchain organization calls on the government to develop a blockchain development strategy as soon as possible

New Zealand-based blockchain organization NZ announced that it will propose a national blockchain strategy to the government next Thursday.

Mark Pascall, executive director of blockchain NZ, will speak at the New Zealand Science Innovation Council on the potential economic advantages of implementing blockchain technology solutions in the country.

According to reports, the speech will be used as a seminar for blockchain, bitcoin, smart contracts, tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations.

Mark Pascall said that the blockchain NZ hopes that industry experts and the government will work together to develop this strategy and highlight the blockchain's financial scope for 2019:

“We want the government to take blockchain technology seriously and develop a viable development strategy. We will do our best to help them do this so that we can “act in the unpredictable future” and “actual action”. Weigh the pros and cons to achieve huge potential economic benefits for the country."

The Blockchain NZ was established in 2016 and brings together a group of blockchain-oriented companies, organizations and experts. In 2018, the organization officially joined the non-profit New Zealand Technology Alliance.

At present, countries have either implemented or are implementing blockchain technology or have implemented a national blockchain strategy.

In April 2018, UAE Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid launched the “Emirates Blockchain 2021 Strategy”. Among other benefits, the plan is said to have reduced the amount of documentation for the government.

In February of this year, the German government announced that it will develop a blockchain development strategy by mid-2019. Some members of the German Bundestag (Bundestag) said the strategy should also include a cryptocurrency trading framework.

In March of this year, Australia announced the national block link map and provided financial support for the development of this technology. The new program aims to make Australia a leader in the blockchain industry. (Scoight chain)

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