On June 23, the market analysis continued to touch the bitcoin, and the heavy pressure zone on the top was difficult!

[70th issue]


Today is still a word, the spot is taken, the contract pays attention to the callback, and the mouth is broken, so it is no longer emphasized.

1. Russian Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moyev said on Friday that although MinFin has not yet made a final decision, cryptocurrency transactions may be allowed in the forthcoming Russian cryptocurrency bill.

2. Deng Jianpeng, a professor of law at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview that the FATF guidelines are a clear judgment on “virtual assets” and that Chinese regulatory authorities should refer to the nature of their property.


Bitcoin reminded us that the closer to the 11500 mark, the idea gradually changed into an airdrop idea, and responded to the risk of callbacks that may occur at any time. The overall market today also reflected this point. After 11168, it fell back to the 10800 mark and oscillated slightly, with a slight decline. Analysis on the daily chart, the price effectively broke through the 10,000 mark and continued to increase the amount of attack, near the 1200 shrinkage, the upside is weak, can not continue to test the high point, fall back, the average system and MACD are long positions, but the moving average If the gap between the two is increased, the level of technical indicators needs to be corrected. The volume of the short-selling volume will start to increase, and then the market will continue to fluctuate at a high level. At the same time, the weekly level will also show a certain amount of shrinkage, which indicates There will be a wave of corrections in the market, and the size of the callback will focus on whether the key position of the day can be held at the 10,000 mark! The spot side continues to hold, the high position can be profited out first, the bottom position does not move, and the callback position is fixed. The contract will be cautiously made today, and the overall thinking will change towards airdrops and deal with the risk of market correction!

Ethereum yesterday rushed from the lowest point of 284 to the highest point around 314, closing at 307. It opened higher today and broke through the high point again. It touched the high 319 and then fell back. The current round around the 314 mark concussed, then this round of ether Before the change of the market, the market was weak and led the way to take the lead. On the one hand, it was correcting the increase in the previous stagflation market. On the other hand, the Ethereum’s off-market was positive, but now, at the daily chart level, Ethereum It is already very obvious that the top signal has appeared. The position of 321 is also halfway up the mountain last year. The amount of capacity can be increased by one touch, and the amount of airdrops can also be increased year by year. So now, this level is fierce. Whether it can effectively break the position will determine whether Ethereum is a callback or continue to rise! In terms of operation, the spot continues to hold unchanged, and no positions are added. Contracts can try to reach the light warehouse empty list near 320! Or choose more than one single rebound when oversold.


Ruibo directly rushed to 0.5094 yesterday, an increase of more than 20%. Yesterday, it also suggested that the low position can go in more than one. It doesn't need to be considered too much, but it needs to start to change its thinking today. The market is on the upswing yesterday and the price is up 20%. Did not break through the position of 0.51 in the last year's downtrend, indicating that the pressure on the top is huge, so now we will focus on whether the 0.51 can break the position today, and then consider whether the multiple orders are leaving or not. The spot can then be taken!

In the round of the hot bar, the six parents who did not recognize the other currencies did not appear to have too much volatility. They maintained a small level of shock and attack on the two days. The overall situation is weak correction in terms of quantity and other aspects. Quotes. Then the focus of this day remains unchanged, continue to pay attention to whether the upper high point 150 can effectively break the position and attack, otherwise it will be conducted according to the range volatility according to the light warehouse idea, and need to avoid certain callback risks. In terms of spot, it is not in the position of holding the position, the bottom position continues to hold, the contract is concerned about 125 and 150 up and down in the trend to enter! Try 150 small warehouses near the empty list!

The prince yesterday reminded the attention that the pie does not fall rapidly. The Prince can enter the market with a light warehouse and pay attention to the previous round of highs! The spot holding remains unchanged. Then yesterday, successfully broke through the new high touch of 515.49 in the year, then quickly fell back to 468 and then pulled up again, currently oscillating around the 490-500 mark, then for the situation where the Prince has been pulled too high, we need to be cautious at present, the spot can Continue to hold. Contracts can enter the market with a short position near 500, stop loss 505, the market breaks through 510, more than one can follow!

The citron spot continues to hold the same, and the position below 6 US knives has been held. On the one hand, the contract continues to refer to the daily chart. The K line finally stands on the 7th line, forming a short-term profit-making benefit, attractive chips, and many indicators have finally presented a long position, the volume can also be heavy. Breakthrough, in addition, the only one of all the mainstream coins has a lot of space from the new high in the year, so there are more lows and more singles, with a long-term idea.
Summary of the market: This round of market pies finally shows signs of flameout. It is actually a good thing to turn off the pancakes. This round of the Mavericks is different from 17 years. There are no chips above 17 years, and there is no pressure on the plate. It is not a good thing for the future disk to be able to consolidate the chips above the disk. It is not a good thing for the future disk. The overall upward trend has not changed. It has not yet reached the level of clearing up, and the spot continues to hold!

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