Opera will add native support for the TRON blockchain in its browser

Opera will add native support for the TRON blockchain in its browser

In addition, the new integration can also use TRON-driven dapps and tokens locally in the browser. Opera will also add support for TRON TRX and other TRC standard tokens in its built-in desktop and mobile cryptocurrency wallets (both available for iOS and Android).

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“We are very pleased that Opera, a mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users, will now seamlessly support TRX and other TRON tokens,” said TRON CEO Justin Sun. “Soon, Opera users will be able to use dapps on the TRON blockchain.”

This move will make TRON the second blockchain protocol to enter Opera. So far, the browser only uses the Ethereum blockchain – and a bunch of tags based on Ethereum.

When asked if they needed to introduce TRON into their browser, an Opera representative told Hard Fork, "TRON is one of the fastest growing blockchains with a lot of daps, so this is a logical step because Our goal is to increase the use of dapps and the ecosystem."

The decision to add TRON to your browser is a bit strange. Although TRON was recently named one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems, the analysis shows that most of its activities come from gambling and “high risk” applications. It has also recently suffered a debilitating error that could break the entire blockchain – although this vulnerability has been fixed.

The browser has more than 300 million users worldwide. Once TRON arrives at Opera, it is likely that we will see more gambling activities on its blockchain. But hey: Adoption is adoption, am I right?

Opera has not specified when to launch TRON integration in its browser. "At this point, we can't reveal any specific details about usability," Opera told Hard Fork.

Interestingly, Opera also promised to “increase support for multiple blockchains over the next 12 months.” Unfortunately, it did not disclose the top competitors it is considering. Considering the recent increase in activity, my guess is that EOS may be the next one.

Norwegian browser developers have made great strides in positioning themselves as browsers for distributed networks in the past year. In addition to releasing a set of cryptocurrency and blockchain capabilities for its browser, Opera also partnered with HTC to build seamless wallet integration for Exodus 1. (fast information)

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