People's Daily Overseas Edition: Blockchain application helps epidemic prevention and control

Source of this article: Overseas version of People's Daily , original title "Blockchain Application Helps Prevent and Control Epidemic (Online China)"

Author: Liu steep

Benefiting from the technical characteristics of decentralization, openness and transparency, and traceability of information, the blockchain has played an important role in charitable donations, material circulation, and epidemic prevention and control in the anti-epidemic activities in various places.

Let donations run "in the sun"

A few days ago, a number of companies led by China's Xiong'an Group Digital City Company and FunChain Technology Company jointly launched a charity donation platform based on blockchain technology. The platform makes use of the alliance's blockchain network to make the entire donation process public on the chain, tamper-proof, traceable, and accept public supervision. According to statistics from the charity donation management traceability platform, the platform has a total of more than 740 million donations and more than 500 donations.

According to reports, this charity donation management traceability platform is mainly aimed at the three major problems of charity donation and fighting the epidemic: “difficulty in demand, donation in place, and hard to believe by the masses”. Donation docking-issuing donations-logistics tracking-donation confirmation "to ensure that donations run in the sun.

How does blockchain technology work? The reporter found on the platform that, for each completed donation and pending donation project, the platform "distributed" the corresponding block information, block height, unique identification of the deposit certificate and the time of on-chain, and clearly identified The project "has been deposited in the FunChain blockchain".

Experts said that the distributed, hard-to-tamper, and traceable features of blockchain technology can effectively solve the problems of complex processes and black box operations in traditional charitable public welfare projects. Each donated circulation data is stored and solidified. Facilitate regulatory agencies to trace and supervise.

In addition, Alipay also launched an anti-epidemic materials information service platform recently, using ant blockchain technology to review and link the information on the demand, supply, and transportation of materials and store the certificate on the chain. Every confirmation of is displayed on the chain.

Make community epidemic prevention more accurate and efficient

In Jing'an District, Shanghai, community workers can automatically generate registration information forms for returnees with just a click of a mouse. Through the "Lin Primary Two" system developed by Tongji University based on blockchain technology, the complicated work of community workers has become orderly. More than 20 communities, 688 merchants, and mask appointments of more than 20,000 visits, registration to Shanghai, health check-in, visitor registration, community care services, etc. can be completed through this system.

In Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, the epidemic prevention and control collaboration system aggregated the epidemic situation data, resource scheduling, and key personnel, etc., through the epidemic prevention and control command center, epidemic prevention material management, enterprise resumption management, and epidemic prevention information reporting modules. , To achieve visual management, so that key information such as supplies, beds, transportation, corporate economy can quickly support decision-making.

In the process of epidemic prevention and control, blockchain technology plays an important role in tracking the flow of information and community governance. According to reports, after the blockchain technology uploads data to the epidemic prevention and control collaborative system, it can realize secure encryption, improve the efficiency and security of data acquisition, and make the data immutable and enhance the credibility of the data. The data in the system can be traced throughout the process, providing credible data support for epidemic prevention and control, and providing decision-making assistance for government departments to make accurate policies.

In this regard, experts said that the implementation of community prevention and control must be accurate and efficient, and blockchain technology has its natural advantages in these two aspects. The "traceable and immutable" nature of the blockchain helps to improve the effectiveness of community prevention and control.

Reduce "worry" for return to work

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice to deploy the use of next-generation information technology to support epidemic prevention and control, and enterprise resumption of work and production. Among them, the blockchain has also played a certain role in helping enterprises resume work and production.

The prerequisite for resumption of work is the effective management of personnel, the most critical of which is the "penetrating" real-time data management capability, and one of the important functions of the blockchain is to help achieve penetrating supervision and refined governance.

A few days ago, China Unicom Research Institute, Jiangxi Unicom, and Jiangxi Industrial Internet Branch developed the nation's first "blockchain-based enterprise resumption and resumption filing platform", which is based on the advantages of blockchain technology such as tamper resistance and multi-node synchronization. It addresses issues such as remote online filing, rapid synchronization across regions, cities, and departments, and the safety and credibility of filing data, avoiding the gathering of on-site personnel, improving filing efficiency, and worrying about the government's resumption of work and production.

It is understood that this filing platform fully utilizes the non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, and all the filing information and approval information of the enterprise are stored on the chain, and multiple nodes such as enterprises, prevention and control headquarters, business competent departments, and regulatory departments can simultaneously query On-chain records to ensure fairness, justice, and openness. Through the platform, enterprises can achieve record filing with one click, and one-click approval by competent authorities, and supervisory departments can check the statistics of various resumed and resumed production data of the province at any time, and grasp the progress in real time to meet the needs of rapid resumed work.

At the same time, the financial support needs of resumption enterprises can also be realized through the blockchain. The implementation of blockchain financial application scenarios helps alleviate the financing problems of small and micro enterprises.

On February 7, Haidian District, Beijing, launched a blockchain-based SME supply chain financial service platform, and gave companies with a 50% discount on the benchmark interest rate for businesses that carry out rights financing. On February 14th, the platform completed the first confirmation and loan after the launch of the platform, helping a company that supports the new crown pneumonia epidemic and protects school distance education to obtain a loan of 720,000 yuan and obtain a first loan of 440,000 yuan.

At a recent press conference of the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Xuan Changneng, deputy director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, stated that it is necessary to use technical means to facilitate cross-border trade investment and financing and foreign exchange settlement for small and medium-sized enterprises. Strengthen the construction of cross-border financial blockchain service platform to alleviate the financing difficulties and expensive financing problems of SMEs. In January of this year, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange included Hubei in the pilot scope of the cross-border financial blockchain service platform. Foreign-related enterprises in Hubei, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, will also enjoy more preferential facilities in financial credit support such as export trade financing. condition.

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