Tang Xialing: How Many Blockchains Can Be Used As Many Trust Loss Scenarios

In 2020, what are the most important things the blockchain industry should pay attention to? why? How to do it?

In order to answer your questions, the Babbitt Industry Welcome Class is officially launched. With lecture 7, you will see the latest trends in the blockchain industry.

Today, Tang Xialing, Vice President of Babbitt and Editor-in-Chief of Babbitt opened the first lecture. She shared the theme of "Finding Your Blockchain Opportunity-Big Cycle and Small Logic of Blockchain". The knowledge points of this lesson include:


The following extracts 8 points from the course. It is a live broadcast of 30% of the highlights. For more dry goods, please watch the course.

"I. Quick Entry: Why are you saying that blockchain is a vent? 》

1. What kind of business cycle are we in?


First of all, we must recognize the background and historical context of our times. The world has evolved from the era of farming and industry to the digital era. Today's topics are blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, 5G, new energy and so on. concept. At the inflection point of the macro cycle, technology will become mainstream, and scientists will become the next generation to lead the world.

2. What is the future business prospect of blockchain?


After talking about the macro cycle, let's look at the small cycle of the blockchain. Where is it now? The Gartner curve shows that it surpassed the peak of the bubble in 2018 and is about to fall into a trough period. If it passes through the trough period, it will usher in a huge explosion. Technology development needs to go through three stages, from heuristic solutions, complete solutions, to enhanced solutions. By 2030, the commercial value of blockchain technology will reach $ 3 trillion.

3. How do people with different mentalities affect the technology development curve?


The trend of technological value is related to the proportion of the three roles of value investor, blind follower and contrarian arbitrage. The proportion of value investors determines the trend of the technology curve. The more value investors there are, the more stable the curve is, and the overall trend is towards a low-frequency and long-cycle development trend. The more speculators, the higher the fluctuation frequency and the greater the amplitude. In other words, if all of them are hindering, the curve will not rise and repeat at a low level. Introspection, are you a hindrance? γ201 represents the impact of senior practitioners on potential users and is the value chassis of new technologies. Are you γ201 today?

4. What scenarios are suitable for blockchain?


In order to become a qualified value investor, it is necessary to understand the blockchain technology and its technical characteristics. For example, the three words that everyone has blurted out are distributed, decentralized, and self-organizing. Therefore, it is suitable for scenarios where there is a lack of trust, complex processes, and a large number of collaborative subjects. It can be said that the blockchain is the most ideal technical solution to solve the "trust problem". There are as many types of blockchains as possible where there are many scenarios where trust is missing in life.

Taking the epidemic as an example, the blockchain is late. This is caused by its development stage. So what can the blockchain do? (1) Optimizing the realization of public trust: How to track the funds? (2) Efficient multi-party collaboration: How do hospitals, governments, and people cooperate? (3) Effective incentive mechanism: how to motivate voluntary service? (4) Reliable privacy protection: How to balance personal privacy and public safety?

5. What do you think about the layout of blockchain in big factories?


When it comes to application scenarios, many people care more about how big companies lead the way. In general, the three steps of the layout of the major factories can be summarized as: low-level protocols, BaaS, and applications. According to our statistics, the number of blockchain teams in these companies is between 80-200, of which 90% are technical staff, usually explored by 2-3 teams. Starting from the stock capacity, there are different ways of landing applications. As shown in the figure, it is a representative project of several typical large factories, such as Tencent's blockchain electronic invoice, which has accumulated over 10 million invoices, a total price and tax of 7 billion, more than 7,600 registered enterprises, and covering 110 industries. good grade.

6. How is the upstream and downstream supervision of the blockchain?


The development of technology is inseparable from the opening up of supervision and the support of policies. From the object of supervision, it is divided into exchanges, mining machines, public chains, applications, etc. For example, mining machines are applicable to the "Product Quality Law". The public chain (Bitcoin) may not find the main body, so it can only be collected. Tax; from the perspective of the subject of supervision, different countries have their own characteristics. In general, Singapore has the most positive mentality, Japan has the first legislation, the United States has the strictest supervision, and Switzerland has the most friendly environment. The three most noteworthy aspects of policy are data, sandbox, and photography.

7. What is the status quo of the blockchain industry?


In general, the status quo of the blockchain industry is: the industry is small, but the prospects are large; the amount of financing is small, and the growth space is large; the global layout has begun; listed companies have begun to appear. According to the recruitment data of Lipin.com and Zhilian, blockchain companies with a size of less than 500 accounted for 72%, and the scale of investment and financing of the global blockchain for ten years was only US $ 10.369 billion, which is equivalent to the investment and financing of traditional Internet in a quarter.

8.5 suggestions to help you find "your blockchain opportunity"

Many people say that big opportunities and trends may understand, but how can it be your chance? Tang Xialing suggested: Look at the big cycle of the world and find your own little logic. And gave 5 specific suggestions:

(1) Maintain an open and sensitive mindset: From a longer-term perspective, a lot of our cognition now is naive. Instead of looking at new things with old eyes, be curious, sensitive, and open to new things;

(2) To clarify the basic concepts: There are many new things in the blockchain field. Don't be carried away by the new concepts. It is most important to return to the value of things;

(3) Establish a complete understanding of the blockchain: Do your best to figure out the logical relationship and interest relationship behind things. People with systematic cognition will pull up a grade, instead of just repeating at a low level;

(4) Based on your own industry situation, find a key focus: Don't block the blockchain for the sake of the blockchain. It is most important to find the junction between your industry and the blockchain. In terms of personal ability and energy, find a direction to focus on and deepen the roots;

(5) Find the right entrance, and find the same good friends: there are no authoritative experts in the field of blockchain, and there is no undisputed definition. Everyone is an adventurer in the unknown world. Adventure is a lonely thing. Finding a soul mate that resonates with you at the same frequency can help you progress faster. Look at the big cycle and find the little logic. This is the harvest that Babbitt Industry Welcome Class hopes to bring to you. Tomorrow, the excitement continues. The teacher of the second lecture is Ma Shitao, the chief solution architect of Ant Blockchain. He will tell you:

(1) From the perspective of service entities, look at the technological innovations of the blockchain and the industry's dilemmas;

(2) Features and case interpretation of the Ant Blockchain BaaS platform and large-scale landing scenarios;

(3) In 2020, the 3 most promising technical or commercial scene directions of the ant blockchain. The above is the highlight of 30% of the live broadcast. For more dry goods content, please watch:

"Second, Big Factory Practice: Heavy Fund Layout, Blockchain Technology Innovation and Exploration"

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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