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BlackRock Plants Bitcoin ETF Seed Funding, Stage Set for Revolutionary Rollout

BlackRock, a prominent Wall Street asset management company, has taken a step towards launching its Bitcoin ETF by se...


Refinance Frenzy Hits the US as Mortgage Interest Rates Plummet to Lowest Point since August with a 14% Surge in Demand!

Refinance requests in the US mortgage market are surging, with a significant 14% rise in applications.


The Battle of the Crypto Titans: Genesis vs. Gemini

According to Genesis, Gemini's growing market instability led to substantial withdrawal demands that negatively impac...


Embracing Crypto-Asset Intermediaries: The FSB’s Call for Global Regulation

The FSB Urges Global Regulations for Crypto Companies with Multiple Functions.


Chinese Investors Flock to Hong Kong Exchanges for Crypto Exposure

Amidst the challenges of the crypto ban, Chinese investors are actively seeking ways to invest in Bitcoin and other c...


OpenAI and G42 Join Forces to Bring AI to the Middle East

Fashionista, the recent collaboration between G42 and OpenAI highlights the company's commitment to promoting AI usag...