Quotes of the market: small and medium-sized investors turn around and cause treading

Market solution: small and medium investors turn more empty, causing stamped market

Analysts believe that the total market value of digital currency fell from 355.2 billion US dollars to 313.8 billion US dollars, a decline of 11.6%. After the elimination of BTC, the total market value dropped from 124.3 billion US dollars to 108.6 billion US dollars, a decrease of 12.6%.

Summarizing the culprit of this price drop, the short-term and short-term short-selling of small and medium-sized investors may be the most important factor for the price decline.

According to the performance analysis of the number of BTC active addresses, the number of active addresses in the near future has dropped from over 1 million in the previous period to 790,000 yesterday. In the short-term, although the indicator is lower, the frequency of investor transactions is still high.

At the same time, from the change in volume, BTC's 24-hour volume reached 33.5 billion US dollars. In other words, the volume of BTC is still very high, indicating that investors are trading at a high frequency. It can be seen that the decline of BTC can be attributed to the fact that a small number of investors with large capital strength sold BTC, and small and medium investors turned more empty, which caused a stampede market.

The conclusion is that investors are currently lacking confidence in holding money, especially after the currency price has risen sharply, and there is a strong willingness to cash in. At the same time, in the process of high price shocks, investors in short-term trading have limited profits, and they are eager to flee after price fluctuations. In this way, short-term price fluctuations will not stop. At the same time, large-capital currencies other than BTC have seen large gains and continue to rise.

Insufficient motivation, further confirmed the weak performance after the fall.

BTC's support points can focus on $11515, $9542 and lower $7,101.

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